If one wasn’t already calling into question the mental fitness of our selected *president, it would seem that his most recent remarks would certainly have them now doing so. Now of course, we could simply chalk up those same remarks as being just another example of what seems to be his near constant state of total confusion. Or the fact that Democrats do tend to define economic success far differently than do those of us who are actually out working in the economy. Apparently ‘Creepy Joe’ would have us all believe that the economy that his policies have brought about is far better than the one made possible by the policies of President Trump.

The remarks in question would, of course, be those coming from *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden when he so very boldly declared, just this past Wednesday, that despite record inflation and a record trade deficit, he has the “strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years.” You see, it was then that ‘Creepy Joe,’ or someone claiming to be him, tweeted, “We’re ending 2021 with what one analyst described as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years,” adding, “Let’s keep the progress going.” It’s in looking back over the last 11 months that I see very little forward progress having been made.

Now keep in mind, that it was on the very same day that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ tweeted his bold claim that the Commerce Department released a rather dismal trade deficit report showing that the gap between the cost of imported goods exceeded the value of exported at a record high and would likely continue for the duration of the ‘Chinese virus’ plandemic. One economist said the report showed that the U.S. economy “has never been weaker.” So I guess I would only ask, who is it that we are to believe when it comes to the current state of economy. Some delusional, and quite demented, old fool, or those in charge of tracking such indicators of our economy?

And in another bizarre tweet, also on Wednesday, it was ‘Creepy Joe’ who proceeded to tout himself as a hero of the working class, citing his passage of the infrastructure bill while ignoring the implosion of his Build Back Better agenda. But it was a guy by the name of Chris Wimer, who just so happens to be the co-director of the Center on Poverty & Social Policy at Columbia University, who said, “They’re essentially looking to stretch a dollar most days.” And he went on to say, “It’s going to lead to difficult choices between putting gas in the car or paying for your kids’ childcare or putting food on the table.” So again, who are we to believe here. I know who ‘I’ believe!

All that ‘Creepy Joe’ has accomplished is nothing more than an increase in the cost of, and a decrease in the distribution of, all manner of goods resulting in nothing more than an economic train wreck. I am a middle-class guy and President Trump’s economy was the best I’ve experienced in years, perhaps even decades. It came within a year of his presidency, and we prospered after having limped along under the last few years of G.W. Bush and then the eight long years of ‘BO’. This economy, on the other hand, is one of the worst. There are lots of things I no longer put in the cart because the price is simply too high and my wages are not able to keep up!

But then consider the source; it’s his handlers who are running the government, not ‘Creepy Joe. He just does what’s he told. They wouldn’t dare allow him to think for himself. It’s these people who are actually running the country that are feeding him these lies. This is elder abuse. The man is mentally a vegetable and just babbles out whatever he’s told, having no idea what he’s saying. And keep in mind that it’s most Alzheimer’s patients who suffer from hallucinations, suffer from impaired reasoning and judgment, have difficulty with language and a loss of bowel and bladder control and turn frequent breaks from reality into fantasy worlds of their own making.

What this really shows us is just how stupid the Democrats think those of us who don’t support them really are. We all know, or should know, that it wasn’t ‘Creepy Joe’ who put out these tweets, someone else did. Shut down the economy, then claim the best economy in 50 years because people are finally starting to go back to work. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been nothing more than a pathological liar for his entire political career, and this is no different. This is the worst economy we’ve seen in this country since the 1970s, and is on track to get far worse. According to the fraud in the Oval Office, we should trust what he says, and not our skyrocketing bills. What a buffoon!

So despite inheriting the best economy since WWII, ‘Creepy Joe’ has, and in near record time, ruined our economy through the halting of drilling for oil, closing down pipelines, getting millions of Americans fired because of his vaccine mandates (and spineless employers), and cozy deals favoring the Chinese Communist Party over the American people. Is it now any wonder that ‘Creepy Joe’s approval sits at just 31 percent approval in the most recent polls? It’s strange, don’t you think, how it is that Democrats endlessly accused President Trump of being a liar, and yet are silent on ‘Creepy Joe’s propaganda. Democrat voters are every bit as mentally impaired as he is.


  1. Yes, he does suck. To the point that Liberal writer and blog owner, now ex liberal and most definitely center right, Howard Kunstler is saying this about this piece of garbage today that he released in his 2022 forecast. / prediction.

    “ His perseverance and resilience in the face of all that, was remarkable. But in the end, his enemies engineered an election marinated in various flavors of fraud, and managed to get rid of the Golden Golem of Greatness. How “Joe Biden,” the empty husk of a grifting, ward-heeling pol, came to be nominated by the Democratic Party is one of the abiding mysteries of modern times.

    His victory in the Super Tuesday primary, which cinched the nomination for him, was surely rigged by the DNC. His campaign, from start to finish, was a sham of hiding from the public.

    If the voters had been allowed to see the material on his son, Hunter, and the slime-trail of bribes recorded in hundreds of emails, contracts, and other documents on the “laptop from Hell,” “Joe Biden” would be in federal prison rather than the White House. But Facebook, Twitter, and Google conspired to censor all mention of that, and the people never got the news. So, now what?

    Well, moving into the early winter of 2022, Americans are discovering just how badly they have been played on Covid-19, and how badly “Joe Biden” & Co. have handled economic matters and other things, like the daily invasion across the Mexican border, and how poorly “JB” & Co. have managed our foreign relations —

    the Afghan withdrawal fiasco, etc — and generally what a pathetic figure “JB” presents to the world… and all this is looking like the ghost dance of the Democratic Party. Let’s predict the party will not survive the 2022 midterm elections intact as a coherent political faction.

    “I’ll give 70 / 30 odds that “Joe Biden” steps aside “for health reasons” well before the midterm election. He’s falling apart before our eyes. He can barely utter a comprehensible sentence.

    He embarrasses himself and the country every day. His poll numbers are in the sub-basement…. So, okay, he basically takes a dive and retires from the scene. Kamala Harris is sworn in. President Harris nominates Barack Obama as vice-president. Say, what.”

    I have been reading Howard Kunstler’s writings for over, well over 20 years. Including his infamous book titled, “THE LONG EMERGENCY.” Which we are definitely in now. No, I don’t always agree with him on everything he publishes. Little alone says in his 2 times a week blog.

    Comes out on every Monday & Friday. But, here in the last 5 years I have agreed with him more and more than I ever did. And it’s all because of what his party of his entire voting life, did to President Trump.

    He was seeing what all they conjured up out of thin-air back when it started. And now he despises his ex-party. He was born and raised in New York State and his parents voted Democrat just like many many Boomer’s parents did. And grandparents did. My parents & grandparents did also.

    On both sides of my grandparents did. All of them used to be registered, card-carrying members. And I knew my grandparents extremely well and if they were still alive today they would have run like hell from that evil Anti-American-Party Anti-Patriotic-Party. Anti-Traditional-American-Values-Party.



    (I forgot to enclose the link to Howard Kunstler’s website & 2022 forecast. no I don’t agree with his entire 2022 forecast. But, I do agree with some of it. Nor do I agree with every single thing he says, or agree with every word that he uses. Or ever uses.

    But, unlike a-lot of folks today, regardless of what political stripe they are, left, right, Conservative, Leftist, Liberal, etc etc.

    (And, this is a word that doesn’t even mean today what it used to mean. I highly recommend many of my fellow conservatives read up on what being a liberal, used to mean.)

    But unlike so many today, I respect other people‘s points of view. Even if I fully disagree with them. In the way you do that is not denounce them by writing them down and calling them names like a petulant incorrigibly belligerent, spoiled brat teenager. And this is easy to do by simply keeping one’s mouth shut if you’re not able to control your own emotions.

    And it’s time we admitted, conservatives can be just as bad as people on the left at name calling, lampooning, lambasting others, and in general, acting like a horses ass. No matter what somebody ever says to me online I don’t jump-back at them.

    Because if I do, I just let that person take control of my emotions. Furthermore why would I care what someone online has to say about me that doesn’t know me on a personal basis over quite a number of years?



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