Those who used to listen to Rush should be quite familiar with the nickname he had for Harry Reid, ‘Dingy Harry.’ And you’ll have to forgive me for choosing to celebrate the death of this ‘dingy’ politician! I hope it was quite painful and properly prepared him for the flames that awaited him! He lived his political life as a hate promoting bully. Through his power and influence, he was insufferably arrogant, proud of the lies he told and the dirty tricks he played. He abused his power and influence in order to crush those he opposed, and the world will surely be a better place without him.

‘Dingy Harry’ personified all that is wrong with American politics. He was a hypocrite and a political prostitute who sold out everything he believed in when he was younger, for the power to lead the Democrats in the Senate for a few years. Example: he was once the biggest opponent of mass immigration in Congress, only to become an open borders amnesty fanatic with power. ‘Dingy Harry’ took public corruption to a new level. He could have lived to be a thousand years old and still wouldn’t have had enough time to spend all of the money he fleeced from American taxpayers.

Now I don’t normally dance on anyone’s grave, but this man was pure evil. Few people, in the last 25 years, have damaged America more than he. ‘Dingy Harry’ was a vile and corrupt career politician. I would rank Harry, Ted and Byrd, along with many other members of Congress, in the same category as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. They may not have been mass murderers, but they certainly used their positions to enrich themselves, while making the lives of regular folks more difficult! He will not be missed by any true patriot. No one cares when a Democrat finally passes!

And so, ‘Dingy Harry’ has finally descended into the darkest recesses of Hell, where I’m quite sure that he’ll meet up with Ted Kennedy who has likely been keeping a seat warm for him. ‘Dingy Harry’ was truly an evil man and a pathological liar. And I have no doubt that the world will be a far better place now that he is dead. I wonder if he spent any amount of time reflecting on his evil deeds during his four-year battle with cancer. Probably not, as evil people rarely waste their time on self-reflection. ‘Dingy Harry’ was one of the most unscrupulous people to ever walk this Earth.

‘Dingy Harry’ was the perfect example of a career, corrupt, politician who used his influence to become very wealthy, always making himself the top priority over the American people. He was one of the most corrupt American politicians in this country’s history. He was born into poverty and had dirt floors as a kid and NEVER had any kind of a career in the private sector. He was only able to acquire wealth after entering into the public sector, retiring from Congress worth tens of millions of dollars. He was so crooked they will likely have to screw him into the ground.

‘Dingy Harry’ defied our Constitution with every breath he took and, along with this Democrat Party cohorts, worked to diminish what the Constitution made possible to a citizenry through the actions he (and his cohorts) took. ‘Dingy Harry’ did everything in his power to circumvent and destroy all that the Constitution was meant to guarantee. So how is it that anyone can now honestly defend such a man? Or defend such a political party that appears to be hell bent on destroying that which was meant to be a most perfect means of ensuring freedom for a nation and its people?

‘Dingy Harry’ was nothing but a lying, conniving snake of a man. And it was he who, nearly singlehandedly, brought down all manner of decency in elected office. If such a man could be so proud of getting away with his own lies, how could there be single truth in anything he thought, did, or acted on? How much graft was he in on? And will we ever know to what degree he was able to sell out his state, his voters, and his country? To be proud of a single lie is to admit to so many, to be proud of lies is to deny any truths; to bask in his own lies is to be ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid.

‘Dingy Harry’ was a very divisive and contentious person. He was not a leader by anyone’s definition. He was a man who created an environment of dissension in Congress, ignoring the great and enduring detrimental cost to the emotional stability of this nation. ‘Dingy Harry’ continued to incite bitterness and encourage divisiveness right up to the very end of his life. That is his only legacy. And he should be remembered for his line, “It’s not the truth of the allegations, it’s the seriousness of the charge.” Of course, he said that when he was caught lying about someone.

And finally, ‘Dingy Harry’ was all about “the ends justifying the means.” He wanted people to underestimate him, that was sort of his schtick. He was nothing more than an unethical and despicable creep.  And again, you’re going to have excuse me for hoping that his end was accompanied by nothing but excruciating pain, because that’s all that he truly deserved as he left this world and moved on to the next. I love my country and hate what it was that this corrupt scumbag succeeded in doing to it. And it is my hope that he spends all of eternity being slow roasted over an open fire.


  1. What pisses me off about all of this is the Republican party. Not one of them will come out and speak in a manner that tells the truth about this truly evil vile piece of pure shit. Oh one of them or maybe two will make some tongue in cheek remark about he did this or that, and finish it up with something along these lines.

    “ but I guess overall Harry wasn’t, wasn’t such a bad guy.” bullshit. He was without a doubt, a lying conning, conniving, manipulative, evil piece of shit. It was a good day that he died.


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