At least for me the most worthless individual in all of Congress would be none other than Mitch McConnell. But that’s not to say that there are not others vying for that title. And he proves as much in his own words. He’s a man who has been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party and as such is traitor to his own country. He doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he favors bankrupting America! You see, it was McConnell who said on Monday how “delighted” he was to hear Congress passed the $1.2 Trillion ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill, granting *president ‘Creepy Joe’ a significant legislative victory.  

It was during an event in home state of Kentucky that McConnell said, “I was delighted to hear that the House finally found a way to pass the infrastructure bill last week.” McConnell, you may recall, was also one of the 19 Senate RINOs to vote for the bill so of course he’s happy. Why shouldn’t he be, the U.S. becomes more dependent on Communist China and he gets to further enrich himself at our expense. In any other times McConnell, and his kind would be considered traitors. McConnell noted Kentucky will receive roughly $4.6 Billion in infrastructure funding from this ‘bipartisan’ bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

As you’ve probably heard, ‘Nasty Nancy’ Pelosi was able to get the bill passed Friday night after 13 House RINOs chose to abandon the American people and handed to the Democrats the votes necessary to allow this disaster to get to the desk of ‘Creepy Joe.’ There’s no real reason to list the names of those traitors here since they’re easy enough to find. And thanks to these RINOs the Democrats had enough votes for the bill to pass and to give members of the progressive “Squad” enough space not to vote for the bill. And remember, it was 19 RINOs in the Senate, including McConnell himself, who also voted for this bill.

What makes these RINOs so insidious is the fact that at least the Democrats are upfront about who and what they are. And these RINOs are not. McConnell seems quite comfortable NOT to be in power and he’ll gladly pass a poisonous bill to ensure we never again are made to suffer a SANE nationalist, populist leader like the evil Donald Trump. McConnell never got this excited about passing any of President Trump’s legislation. In fact, more often than not he worked with the Democrats to establish all manner of roadblocks to the agenda that got Donald Trump elected. Republicans are pros at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And I find it more than a little amazing that at some point over the last several decades not once were the people of Kentucky able to locate a suitable Republican that they could win with, other than McConnell. And to be honest, the sooner McConnell meets up with ‘The Maverick’ the better off America will be. McConnell has always been a bottom feeder. He has busy betraying America for over four decades. Personally, I’m ‘delighted’ that McConnell is almost 80 years old and, God willing, will no longer be in the Senate after his current term expires. I am, however, not delighted that he was just re-elected in 2020.

And how is it that Republicans always end up with these RINOs in leadership positions. Losers like Boehner, Ryan, Frist and McConnell? Pelosi and Schumer are pure evil and do hate this country, but they never give the finger to their own party as these RINOs so often do. As usual RINOs are the worst traitors, hiding in plain sight. But it’s those who continue to select this guy as their leader who are essentially accomplices in everything that McConnell does. They, and they alone, can remove him from his leadership position, any yet they do not. They are nothing less than enablers who allow him to put personal profit above the country.

McConnell was the obedient minority leader for years. Discreet, but still a player. He makes lots of promises about defending America and wanting to make Americans more prosperous. But rarely does he ever keep those promises. He should be telling the TRUTH about America’s energy situation. If he were truly working for what’s best for America, he would be. But the Congress is on its own side, protecting its power while abdicating its responsibilities. What is the last law passed that actually benefitted the American People? And ask yourself, when was the last time it was said of Congress that it’s members actually did the people’s business?

And does it really matter whether or not Republicans win in 2022? If Republicans want to seen as being serious about pushing back against the Democrats, then it’s both McConnell and McCarthy who have got to go. They need to stop merely telling us what we want to hear to gain our votes before then trotting their happy assess off to Washington and do whatever it is they please. That vicious little cycle must be brought to an end in 2022. The claim that any Republican is always better than any Democrat is what landed us here. I for one refuse to continue to give these RINOs legitimacy by choosing to no longer vote for them.

Our current Republican ‘leadership’ is comprised of elitist Establishment RINOs. It’s the job of McConnell and McCarthy, to lead in the direction that is best for America! IF the Republicans do take back the Senate in 2022, the first order of business must be to dispose of McConnell. As well, should Republicans take back the House, it’s McCarthy who needs to be replaced with an ‘America First’ supporter. McConnell did much to sabotage the Trump agenda when the Republicans controlled the House, Senate and the White House. It’s past time for these RINOs to be removed from leadership positions as they remain so out of touch with real Americans.

It’s just all business as usual for the RINO crowd as this sock puppet administration flagrantly flouts the law, the Constitution and ignores oaths of office in order to invite and facilitate the invasion of America. Those who comprise our cadre of RINOs want only to throw up their hands and say, “But what can we do?” Here’s what they can to! They can resist, obstruct and throw sand in the gears of everything that’s now being attempted. Except of course, RINOs want open borders as well. They just want to complain about it without lifting a finger. So, it’s kumbaya and patty cake from the RINO crowd as America is overrun in plain sight.

Clearly, McConnell doesn’t understand, or simply refuses to admit, exactly what it was that just happened! RINOs just chose to side with the Democrats to further bury our country under an ever-increasing mountain of debt. And yet this jackass claims to be delighted about it? I guess I didn’t realize that bankrupting the country was something to be considered delightful? This clueless toad needs to be GONE! And why is it that no one is doing a story about how much Mitch has made from his wife’s Chinese connections? But President Trump was colluding with Russia, not China, because that was turf reserved for McConnell and ‘Creepy Joe!’

I think it fair to say that McConnell has now used up whatever good will it was that he might have been owed for his successful management of President Trump’s judicial appointments and keeping that Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court. Now he’s ignoring the grass-roots message of Tuesday’s elections as much as is any Democrat, probably because it reminds him of the Tea Party he backstabbed. He professes himself to be “delighted” at saving ‘Creepy Joe’s disastrous, sham presidency and giving his own full approval to this latest RINO betrayal instead of instilling some basic party discipline ahead of the 2022 mid-terms.

McConnell, like ‘Creepy Joe’ and so many others, is nothing but a professional politician. Were he not a politician, I doubt very seriously that he could perform any job that would bring the amount of wealth that being a politician has. The regime of ‘Creepy Joe’ only exists because our nutless RINOs keep bailing out the Democrats. Our future as a free and sovereign nation is very much in danger. The Democrats have been allowed to make great strides in their effort to destroy America because there has been little or no resistance from Republicans. If America is to be saved the American people will have to matters into their own hands.


  1. Here’s why this piece of shit has been in office as long as he has been. And if you look at everything the 13 Republicans are going to get for their state by signing the bill, therefore siding with the “Anti-America-Party, you will see why they did. It’s in the multi-billions of dollars 💵 💸 💵 💸 I have been hearing my entire voting life these words,

    “TIME TO VOTE OUT ALL RINO’S!!” now I laugh at this because it’s not going to happen. Oh 1 or 2 will get picked off. More will always announce their retirement then the ones that get “VOTED-OUT.”

    Mitch McConnell should have been voted out, 3 terms ago. But he always brings home the bacon 🥓 for the ones that vote for him. Don’t blame him. Blame the “Voting-Bloc-Kentuckians.”

    And, I can assure you that the vast majority of the people that vote for Mitch McConnell also denounce his ass and they also voted for President Trump.

    (Just go look up the numbers = data of the votes that voted for Mitch & Trump. Research Research Research.)

    Talk about two-faced-scum. I am so glad that I have always, Always had a reputation for being the opposite, Of a hypocrite.


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