Just what is it that would be sufficient to cause anyone of even average intelligence to finally stop paying any amount of attention to those whom we commonly refer to as RINO’s or those otherwise known as being the ‘Dark Side’ of the Republican Party. And also, at what point are enough people finally going to realize that these very same RINOs are nothing more than a bunch of bottom-feeding, self-serving hypocrites who clearly don’t give a squat about our country or her people? And will people ever realize that it’s also these individuals who pose a far greater threat to the survival of our country than do even those who are members of the Democrat Party?

Which brings to none other than John Kasich. You see, it was Kasich who recently took it upon himself to issue a warning to Republicans. It was just this past Monday during an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room” hosted by Wolf Blitzer. It was then that he made the idiotic claim that those who downplay what happened during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol are living in a “dystopian world.” Discussing how to enforce the House Select Committee’s subpoenas, it was Blitzer who asked, “You know, Governor Kasich, what’s your message to some of the members of your own Republican Party who are actually happy to let these witnesses off the hook?”

Kasich responded by saying, “Wolf, unfortunately, that ship has sailed, and it’s like they live in some dystopian world here. There have been members of Congress who have said these were just some unruly visitors to the Capitol. I suppose if you can make things up and keep repeating the same lie over and over again, somehow, you know, people come to believe it. But this is the problem we have in America with people being trapped in the same silo, and they just keep telling each other exactly what they want to hear, and they ignore any of the facts or evidence.” Just what are the actual “facts of evidence” that this lying fraud may be referring to?

Anyway, it was Kasich who then went on to say, “So it’s a sad day, Wolf. Those of us who believe we have to get to the bottom of it, we just have to keep speaking up.” Kasich is another of those who Americans should be glad never got the presidential nomination. And, in light of more recent events, it’s today that I very much regret ever supporting McCain and Romney. For good, or ill, Donald Trump stirred the pot like a centrifuge. It separated the bad actors for all to see. And it’s the Establishment RINOs and NeverTrumpers who think they’re entitled to take back the Republican Party and hand it over to their donor-class buddies who “live in a dystopian world.”

Kasich is the lowest of the low having now been relegated to spending his free time as nothing more than a CNN contributor. How insignificant a role, for a former state governor. Kasich holds no elected office and could not get more than one percent in any Republican primary. He’s now forced to make a living being paid to go on left wing propaganda shows to trash Republicans and President Trump. He should give it up and switch parties; go home to the Democrats. He fits right in with their bizarre world, where right is wrong, wrong is right, fantasy it real, and reality is fantasy and where Democrats look you directly in the eye and lie, expecting you to believe it.

This idiot, Kasich, just doesn’t seem to get it, no one really cares what he thinks. And I’m not going to sit still and allow a lying political hack like Kasich to blow smoke up my butt. ‘Nasty Nancy’ and her herd of Democrat sycophants and the Democrat Party ‘Propaganda Ministry’ at CNN and MSDNC, can peddle that crap somewhere else, but not to me. Did people trespass? Yes. Trespassing is a misdemeanor, not an insurrection. Were there fights with police? Yes. That shouldn’t have happened, and those individuals should be punished for resisting arrest, but that’s not an insurrection. Was there Property destruction? Perhaps, but it was relatively minor.

In short, it was a protest that got out of hand. The FBI noted that there was no evidence of a planned insurrection. And yet, Democrats, and RINOs alike, saw nothing wrong with allowing leftist groups to protest, riot, burn cities, destroy small businesses, and even murder innocent people during most of 2020 and ever since. Somewhere along the way these degenerates have made a disconnect from reality. A mostly peaceful protest, without the fires, without the shootings, without the larceny, without the shoplifting, and the wholesale destruction of property, all reminiscent of what were the Democrat riots during the entire summer of 2020.

Kasich is merely throwing a temper tantrum because he thought he was the anointed one for the Republican nomination back in 2016. Yes, people are living in a dystopian world, a world created by the liberal, socialist/communist, RINO traitors to the United States. President Trump, and other patriots, exposed them for what they truly are. And it’s with a great deal of luck that the voters will again show them in 2022 that we will not be forced into submitting to tyranny. And it’s funny, don’t you think, how these out of work RINOs always seem to show up on CNN to spew their crazy conspiracies in hope that someone at CNN and the Democrats will like them.

Democrats and RINO’s are trying to amplify the events of that day and tie them to President Trump in an effort to damage him to the point where he is unable to run in 2024. It was wrong for these Republicans to fight back against the police or to destroy and vandalize the Capital building. This has been done before by Democrats who have entered our Senate, Supreme Court, and House to riot or commit mayhem, in fact liberals bombed the Senate twice. The Democrats would gain some credibility in this situation if they were fair, or if they held their rioters, who have been looting and burning Federal buildings and cities to these same standards.

Finally, you have to wonder what kind of man it is that can so casually turn his back on his country and to then join forces with those who are so desperate to destroy it. And not only that, but to expend so much of one’s time and effort attacking a man like Donald Trump, a man whose only crime is that genuinely loves this country and who, as president, sought only to make it possible for every American to succeed and prosper, makes clear just how pathetic of an individual Kasich truly is. And what does it say about those RINO’s who refused to take advantage of the Trump presidency when many of the things they had long run on could have so easily been passed?

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