Those in the business of providing us with ‘fake news’ love to tell us how there is no bias on their part when it comes to how they present the ‘news.’ But then there’s that pesky old saying that talks about “actions being louder than words.’ And after the blatant theft of an election that we all witnessed last November, that resulted in the ‘selection’ of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as *president, it has been clear to anyone with 20/20 vision that they have been doing everything they can to provide as much cover as they can to the guy who has absolutely no business being in the Oval Office.

And now, nearly 10 months after this fraud was inaugurated, and while still claiming to be unbiased and objective in how they cover *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ nothing proves just how disingenuous they truly are than their increasing level of concern regarding the Democrats and the next election. Frankly, nothing demonstrates better just how firmly in the tank they are for ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats than how they appear to be panicking over just how grim things are beginning to appear for their favored party. Granted, the election is still a ways off, and a lot can happen.  

But with all that being said, it was that ‘legendary journalist’ Chuck Todd who seemed to predict just this past Sunday, during his opening commentary on “Meet the Press,” that Democrats are in “grave danger of losing the House majority in the 2022 midterm election. Todd said, “What happened to Democrats on Tuesday goes far beyond the defeat of Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, or Governor Phil Murphy’s narrow escape in New Jersey. If you look at it from coast-to-coast, it was a warning to the Democrats that their Congressional majorities are in grave danger.”

And he went on to say, “Terry McAuliffe fell a net 12.5 points off Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory in that state. Even in victory, Governor Phil Murphy’s net loss in New Jersey compared to what Biden got in 2020 was roughly 13 points. Kind of familiar. So what happened?” He continued, “Was the standoff between progressives and moderates partly to blame? Probably. Did President Biden misread his mandate? Many Democrats think he did.” And then asked, “Was the public’s sense that the country was on the wrong track a factor?” What mandate was there for ‘Creepy Joe’ to misread?

He said, “Clearly, that said, on Friday, Mr. Biden followed up the Democratic drubbing with one of the best days he’s had in office yet. A strong October employment report with over a half-million jobs added in a month, best showing since July, and the House passage, finally, of the long-delayed trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, which, of course, is one of the pillars of the president’s agenda. Chuck added, “Democrats are sounding alarm bells, worried a toxic national environment could cost them control of Congress in midterm elections next year.”

I love how these ‘impartial’ journalists have such fear in their voices at the mere thought of the Democrats losing control of Congress. Chuck speaks of ‘Creepy Joe’s mandate, when there was no mandate. Democrats actually lost seats in the House, the Senate went 50-50 and ‘Creepy Joe’ ‘won’ the Electoral College by a mere 70,000 votes in key states. Evidence of election irregularities was overwhelming. Over half the country supported the guy who ‘lost.’ And yet it’s a supposedly unbiased ‘journalist’ who describes that as a mandate. But that’s only a mandate for a fool.

Frankly, I’m still not all that sure that the Democrats really have all that much to worry about as long as the Republican Party continues to be infested with RINOs who appear quite willing to sabotage their own party and to vote for whatever it is that the Democrats want. Case in point would of course be the recent infrastructure bill that wasn’t, and the fact that 32 RINOs, 19 in the Senate and 13 in House, who voted to pass this fraudulent piece of legislation and in so doing to once again stab the American people in the back, and show absolutely no remorse for having done so.

And let’s just say, come November 2022, that Republicans do take back control of Congress and are running the legislative process as of January 2023. Should we look forward to that with excitement or with a certain amount of dread. After all, what was it that the Republicans did, other than to squander it completely, that entire period of time where they not only had complete control of Congress, but also had a Republican in the White House who would have signed just about anything they sent him? At this point, who cares if these nutless wonders ever take control again?

I’m more than a bit frustrated with these people, can you tell? Now I will admit that there does appear to be a hint of panic in the air on the part of the Democrats. I mean, they do seem to be in a bit of a rush to ram through Congress and to ‘Creepy Joe’ everything they can, as fast as they can. But does that really mean anything? And again, if Republicans do assume control of Congress, with sizable majorities, what can we honestly expect from them? I mean. there’s no way to know that you’ve actually elected a RINO until it’s too late. It’s not like they wear a sign around their neck.   

So might this be nothing more than an attempt, on Chuck’s part, to rally the troops? Which is not normally viewed as being the job of journalists. Is he, by claiming that the Democrat’s ability to maintain their slim congressional majorities could now be in “grave danger,” merely attempting to set alarm bells going off in the heads of his fellow leftists and to rally the troops? Do we need any better example of just how broken and blatant corrupt ‘mainstream’ news media now is in America? Do you see how America’s propaganda machine supports the Democrat Party and no one else?

History has shown us that Democrats seem able to control the agenda even when they are not the majority. RINO’s may be in office, but they are never in power. Think of all the good that could have been done for this county had McConnell and Ryan spent as much time and effort supporting President Trump as they spent in undermining and setting up roadblocks for his ‘America First’ agenda. What President Trump was able to get done were things that was able to do alone. Which is really pretty sad, and it say much about the character and the values of our RINO congressional ‘leadership.’

But then the Democrats have been blessed with an ally that the Republicans have not. Imagine, for just a second, what our country had a ‘news’ media that was unbiased and truly objective in their approach to politics. And imagine if those in our supposed ‘mainstream media’ challenged those who are our political leaders equally, regardless of party, unlike how they approach things now by not allowing Democrats to go completely unchallenged but often spew that which is pure propaganda in an effort to bolster the Democrat position regardless of the issue. They are not to be trusted!!!

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