The more the Democrats, along with their many allies in both the ‘fake news’ media and the Republican Party, try to convince us that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden actually did win the 2020 presidential election both fairly and squarely, the more I am sure that President Trump won the election and by a wide margin. And that would be for the very simple reason that, their actions speak far louder than do their words. I mean if they are so confident that their guy won then why all panic over the audits? And it’s the latest attempt to convince me that Trump’s victory simply a pipedream comes from yet another fat-old-cow-of-a-former-senator, and a Democrat, Claire McCaskill.

Friday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘The ReidOut,’ hosted by racist homophobe Joy Reid, McCaskill, who is now, believe it or not, an NBC News ‘contributor,’ claimed that most of the Republicans in the Senate were privately embarrassed at President Trump’s “big lie” that he won the 2020 presidential election. McCaskill said, “Most of the Republicans in the Senate are privately embarrassed at the big lie and the fact that all of them are too timid to take on what is now, without any doubt the controlling base of their party.” She continued, “I think everyone gets what is going on. I think there is frustration because we have such an evenly divided Senate.”

She went on to say, “We have an evenly divided Senate and have a majority because we have a couple of people elected that frankly, especially those in states that Trump won by more than 20 points. I mean, they are Democrats, but they are there because they have always campaigned as somebody who was more moderate than the Democratic Party. So we have this horrible conflict of trying to get to 51 on things or trying to reform the filibuster to get at this.” And it was then that she said, “That’s why it’s so important, and by the way, even doing this stuff in Washington doesn’t necessarily take care of the state and local level.” What a moron she is!

Anyway, she went on to add, “So take a chill here and real lead if we did away with the filibuster, that doesn’t fix this problem. You got to fix the problem at the local level so start paying attention to who your local recorder is, who the county clerk is, who your secretary of state is, get involved in those elections.” So I can’t help but wonder which Republican senators it might be that are talking to the fat, ugly, pro-abortion Ms. McCaskill. But I’m quite sure it’s those like Willard, Cassidy, Collins or Sasse, to name a few, who would be willing to say such things, but they’re not actual Republicans, they’re all Democrats operating under the guise of being Republicans.

Even if you take this pathetic old cow at her word, I would argue that any Republican in the House or the Senate who is actually embarrassed by President Trump should be among the first to be put out to pasture and at the earliest possible time, just as McCaskill was. But sadly, many likely won’t be, they rarely ever are. The elections are bought and paid for and it’s most Republicans who would never let their dear RINO lose to a Socialist, so they vote for them every single time. And all that ends up being done is perpetuating the problem instead of trying to fix the problem. We need to let them lose so someone else can then be run the next time. Get rid of these traitors.

The ONLY ‘Big Lie’ is the ‘Big Lie’ that ‘Creepy Joe’ won. And this cow, McCaskill, talks as if the base controlling the party is actually a bad thing. But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be. For a has-been, she’s pretty arrogant. And it’s more than likely that “most of the Republicans in the Senate” that she’s supposedly been speaking with aren’t really embarrassed at all. What they are, is scared sh!tless because they were in on the steal and now don’t want their applecart to be upset. Throughout his entire time in office it was extremely difficult to determine just who it was that hated President Trump more, those in his own party or, the Democrats.

McCaskill too is a bit of an embarrassment. Instead of berating President Trump, perhaps she should be supporting him and demanding investigations in every state. A fraudulent election isn’t about Donald Trump, his time will pass. Our precious rights are supposed to be forever. It’s about protecting every American’s right to vote, it’s about protecting our civil and constitutional rights. It is about freedom verses tyranny. In a way she speaks the truth, the RINOs in will do whatever they can to make sure President Trump is not elected again. It’s not close enough to the election for them to make their move yet, but mark my words they’re planning something.

And it’s those who we elected as our leaders that concocted what was a cost/benefit analysis of sorts, and they decided liquor stores and strip joints were essential services and we were encouraged to line up and keep the numbers of infected down while shopping for our booze. And yet we couldn’t line up to vote, giving everyone confidence that the vital act of participation in the life of our nation was as safe and free of corruption as possible? Only someone intent on disrupting the process for political gain supports mass mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and especially the ability to print a ballot at your home. This invites the eventual dissolution of our country.

The sad truth here is that most Republicans are really Democrats. Yet there are no Democrats who are Republicans. Very few, if any, Republicans are in politics to do much more than what the Democrats are in it for, and that’s to make themselves, their friends and their families rich. All while exempting themselves from any and all of the laws that they create for we, the unwashed masses. Convention of States and Term Limits for all of them. We already have term limits for the president, what makes these jackasses so special! People, the power is in our hands, but for some reason you seem very timid and cowardly in going about using it. Why is that?

It’s most of America, I think, that is embarrassed by the Democrats and their ‘Big Lie’ about the election, their Russia Hoax, their bogus impeachments, their constant bowing to Communist China, the irresponsible scheme that has thus far been used quite successfully, to elect a senile old man as *president , and many, many, many other things. So Ms. McCaskill can go screw herself. At the rate ‘Creepy Joe’ is busily destroying our country, Democrats may want to get on the bandwagon that ‘Creepy Joe’ stole the election. The alternative is to go down in history as supporters of the most incompetent *president and so called world leader in the history of the world.

And so we’re to believe that there are Republicans embarrassed by the ‘big lie?’ How quaint. Meanwhile ‘Creepy Joe’ lies like a rug, breaks everything he touches and blames everyone else for the damage that he has caused, and continues to cause. The country is in turmoil. People claim not to know if they are male or female and we dare not say the words, man or woman. And these snowflakes of the Republican Party are said to be embarrassed? They certainly should be. They are embarrassing. Who do they think that they are helping by creating this spurious narrative of embarrassment? How many might now be under the employ of the Chinese Communist Party?

And finally, the bottom line here is that the Republican Party so hated Donald Trump that it willingly assisted the Democrats with what was the greatest act of blatant election theft in this nation’s history. Anything to derail the populist agenda so they could then get back to work selling out the American people. And it’s the Republican Party that must now be made to face the direst of consequences. It’s going to be left to the people to not only convince President Trump that he must run in 2024 but to turn out in numbers so large that it will virtually guarantee that he wins, and wins big. Barring that taking place, this country will certainly be lost, and lost forever!

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