Clearly, RINOs are nothing more than Democrats who have successfully infiltrated the Republican Party under the guise of being advocates for freedom and staunch defenders of our Constitution when, in reality, they clearly represent a clear and present danger to not only the survivability of the party but, worse still, the survivability of our country. This insidious group of individuals, the names of whom we all know very well, always seem able to worm their way into the good graces of the naïve and then, through what is nothing more than pure political deception, into public office where, far too often, they are able to remain for far too long.

And it’s these very same people who, now more than ever, represent the most serious threat that this country has ever been made to face. More so even than those in our increasingly ‘fake’ news media and more even than the radicals who today comprise a rabidly leftwing Democrat Party. These RINOs are as adept as the Democrats at accusing those who disagree with them of being guilty of what they themselves are guilty of. Take for instance ‘The Maverick’s’ 2008 presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt. This guy is a real piece of work. To the point where one has to wonder just how long he’s been on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

You see, it was during a recent appearance, just this past Thursday, where else but on MSDNC, during the network’s broadcast of ‘Deadline,’ hosted by one of the network’s many resident dim bulbs, Nicolle Wallace, that this genius, Schmidt, made the blatantly idiotic, and patently false, claim that the overwhelming majority of those in the Republican Party had “capitulated to a cult of personality,” which he went on to described as being “hostile to American democracy.” And I suppose the most remarkable thing about his making such a comment, was the fact that he was able to make it all the way through without so much as cracking a smile.

Schmidt said, “The overwhelming majority of the country wants to live in a democracy, though I would argue the intensity seems to be on the Trump side and the autocratic side of the movement. I don’t think it’s about this moment so much as it is about the country we’re going to live in ten years, 15 years, 20 years from now, and that moment requires us to understand it’s not some Republicans. It’s the overwhelming majority of one political party that has capitulated to a cult of personality that is hostile to American democracy and is filled and teeming with extremists and making more and more intimations towards violence every day that you choose to examine.”

And this ignorant dolt then continued, “What we have to understand is that despite whatever excesses you may see within it, we have one political party, the democratic party, that believes in democracy in the country, and there’s going to have to be the maintenance of an alliance that includes those disaffected Republicans, Independents, Moderates, all the way to Progressives that can stand for agreement on a compact that has always united the country on the question of how do we decide who’s in charge. The way we decide that is temporarily granting authority to people through an election where the majority gets to decide who the winner is.”

Schmidt added, “That is what they have broken, what they have shattered with their lies, with their rhetoric, that has poisoned faith and belief in democracy. That led up to an actual violent assault aimed to stop the counting of electoral votes that is now celebrated, and those insurrectionists are called political prisoners, including by some of the highest elected officials in the country, including a former president of the United States. So, the country’s in a lot of trouble. The reason the country’s in a lot of trouble is that we’re not looking clearly, and we can’t seem to understand that the Republican Party which existed in this state a year ago is even worse today.”

While we all know that the United States is a republic and not a democracy, this boob is 100 present spot on then he says, “It’s the overwhelming majority of one political party has capitulated to a cult of personality that is hostile to American democracy and is filled and teeming with extremists and making more and more intimations towards violence every day that you choose to examine.” But he’s 100 percent out to lunch when he claims that it’s those in the Republican Party. And he makes very clear just how truly delusional he is when he says that “we have one political party, the democratic party, that believes in democracy in the country.”

And how is it, exactly, that the Republicans are, in any way, hostile to American democracy? Which party demands that members of the other party lose their jobs or be shunned by family and friends? Which party demands members of the opposing party NOT be barred from social media and to be silenced? Which party demands members of the opposing party be assaulted, harassed and intimidated? Which party demands its members abide by all party agenda positions or else will be targeted by friends and family, silenced in public unless, of course, they retract their position? Which party runs ‘interventions’ to corral members back into compliance?

Schmidt is, of course, unable to provide any of those ‘authoritarian’ acts committed during the previous four years, so he doesn’t even try. But, hey, vaccine passports and need for permission to travel to another state are supported by the party that believes in democracy. Everything this idiot said about Republicans, is actually exactly what the Democrats, through thoroughly politicized intelligence agencies, their ministry of propaganda legacy media, Big Tech, Antifa and BLM, have been doing since before Donald Trump first came down the escalator. And what’s truly sad about all of this is how many sheeple buy into the BS spread by tools like this ass, Schmidt.

As a Republican, I’m hostile to America?? I was born here, like my Dad before me. I played Little League. I went to church and did pretty well in school and then I joined the Navy. And yet I’m the one hostile to America because I support the man who was the greatest president in my lifetime? Unbelievable. Hostile to America? Because I want our Constitution to be strictly adhered to? Schmidt is a McCain RINO and never was a real conservative. Prostitutes have more ethics than does this angry little man who can’t find work as a campaign consultant because he sucks at it. So he’s left with being forced to appear with the ‘fake news’ skanks like those on MSDNC.

It’s absolutely amazing how 180 out this RINO truly is. President Trump was transparent, ‘Creepy Joe’ obfuscated. President Trump cooperated with every court decision, even as he fought back. ‘Creepy Joe’ ignores everyone, even the Constitution, and yet demands to be obeyed. President Trump pushed for less federal control, ‘Creepy Joe’ pushes for massive federal authoritarian control. President Trump’s Executive Orders freed citizens, and protected them. ‘Creepy Joe’s dictate rules and victimizes citizens. President Trump loves the citizens of this country, ‘Creepy Joe,’ and the Democrats, think the government and they ARE the country.

It’s kind of funny, really, hearing Democrats accuse someone other than themselves of being a cult when they literally have an entire base of people that will form small masses, take a knee in front of standing BLM activists, and verbally declare their white privilege and their desire to be anti-racist with their heads bowed. Democrats are corrupt, incompetent, authoritarians abhorrent of democracy. Republicans treasure liberty and individual freedom, and love democracy. Political prisoners used to be something you only heard about in Russia, Communist China or Third world countries, but no more. Here in 2021 America, we now have some of our own.

Who are the ones hostile to America? The baby killers? The ones who want to lock up those who won’t take the vaccine? Those promoting open or no borders? Those who want to let non-citizens and dead people vote? Conservatives are very fond of this country, we love what we’ve built. Now the do-nothings want to give away all of our hard work to more do-nothings. I have no problem with the progressives being generous to strangers, just do it with their own money, not mine. I’ll decide who does and doesn’t receive my assistance. Charity begins at home. It should also be administered from the same location. Most people, including myself just want to be left alone to live their lives without government interference and intrusion.

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