If I remember correctly, when I was younger, there was an old saying that went something like: “Even a crazy person will run out if a burning building.” Which, of course, brings me to that faux journalist, and crazy leftwing kook, none other than ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. You see it was this past Friday, during an appearance on Fox News Radio’s “The Guy Benson Show,” that ‘Commie Chris’ actually admitted that it was time to build a border wall while reacting to the flood of Haitian migrants.” He said, “I was hearing the clip of the president. He was talking about. This is embarrassing. It’s wrong. And it sends the wrong signal to the world.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to say, “I was thinking he really should be saying that about our immigration policy and the fact that 15,000 people came across this dam into Del Rio, and they were had to spend days more than a week in squalor under this bridge. I mean, to me, that is the real shame here is our immigration policy and that it allows people to come over and doesn’t, just stop them. And that’s what I think the real focus ought to be on. Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second.” So I guess I’m just not understand exactly why it is that that might be bad.

He said, “And I understand that’s one of the allegations. And there doesn’t seem to be true. And the president shouldn’t have talked about strapping as he did because that’s another word for whipping. I don’t think that that the Border Patrol, they ought to be able to find a way to keep people from coming across the border. Build a fence.” Benson said, “A wall, maybe?” To which ‘Commie Chris responded by saying, “Yeah, I was going to say build a fence, build a wall, have some kind of a gate so they can’t walk across that dam over the Rio Grande into Del Rio. I don’t know that.” Yes, for sure we must have a gate, Chris, and likely a very big gate!!!

And he finished up by saying, “I think the idea of guys on horseback stopping migrants from coming by, rushing out the bull, rushing them with the horses. Forget whether there were whips or not. I don’t think that’s right. And either I find that I find that offensive.” Adults like ‘Commie Chris’ have the emotional maturity of small children. Their hatred of President Trump has so clouded what they know to be right, that a nation needs borders and immigration laws have to be enforced, otherwise it simply ceases to be a nation. Which, I can only assume, would be just fine him. ‘Commie Chris’ has zero credibility. It’d obvious that he’s nothing but a shill for the DNC.

‘Commie Chris’ is a boob. And it wasn’t all that long ago that he was busying himself by condemning any sort of a wall being built. Now he’s in favor of one being built, as long as it has a gate?  He’s a nutcase. He just can’t bring himself to say that President Trump was right about ‘the wall’ and had the right policies to deal with illegal immigration. Go figure. Talk about having real estate in one’s head, President Trump owns this dweeb. ‘Commie Chris’ can go to hell. He asked President Trump to denounce white supremacy at the debate with ‘Creepy Joe,’ but did he also ask ‘Creepy Joe,’ the segregationist, to denounce white supremacy? Of course not.

I suppose it’s always a good idea when one finally comes around, sort of, to spew something other than, “Orange man bad.” I mean, how many more times does President Trump need to be proven right before fools like ‘Commie Chris’ decide to go after ‘Creepy Joe’ with even a fraction of the intensity with which they went after President Trump just for being right? We haven’t even gotten to a year after the election, much less a year after ‘Creepy Joe’ was inaugurated, and he’s done more harm to this country than Jimmy Carter who he makes look like a genius by comparison. Fools like Chris are part of the problem not part of the solution.

So ‘Commie Chris’ finds horses offensive? Well, I find ‘him’ offensive. What’s more offensive, someone illegally breaking into your country to take advantage of hardworking law-abiding people, or blocking them with a horse? Chris says the border agents on horses were mean to the illegals trying to hop into the country, even if they didn’t use whips. ‘Commie Chris’ is an unequivocal hack. He and the other leftist propagandists, who have been operating under an umbrella of “fair and balanced,” must be having quite a time coming to terms especially after having helped to get this senile loon ‘elected.’ They should be very proud of themselves! NOT!!!

Promising to build the wall is what got Donald Trump elected in the first place. And it was the Democrats, and their RINO allies, that did everything possible to stop his efforts. The Democrats primary objectives are open borders and gun control, all so our society is overrun. They are liars, traitors and insurgents who want us neutered so they can then more easily destroy us. This only shows how dumb ‘Commie Chris’ and those like him really are. They have allowed their hatred of President Trump to cloud what little good judgement they may have once possessed. And it’s that hatred that is responsible for the precarious position in which we now find the country.

Personally, I don’t give a flying fart what ‘Commie Chris’ says. He can’t spend five years trashing Donald Trump, spreading misinformation about President Trump while covering up for the DNC/Biden disasters during the last election and now ask the senile clown in the White House to build the wall that President Trump had well under construction and that the ‘fake news’ media, including ‘Commie Chris,’ called him a racist for building. So shut up Chris, you are a day late and a dollar short. Nothing you say is relevant. Might ‘Commie Chris’s ratings headed in the wrong direction and he’s trying to prop them up? Does he think people trust him? Sorry Chris, too late for that.

And as far as I’m concerned, it’s too late for any sort of a change of heart, if that’s what this really is. America is being destroyed by ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats. They are Hellbent on destroying our national identity and our sovereignty and all for political gain and while feeding the greed of multinational companies. This is nothing less than suicidal for our nation. This is dereliction of their ‘oath of office’ and the American people have every reason to rebel and to insist that our Constitution be upheld and to remove from office those who refuse. And it’s Chris and his many colleagues in the ‘fake news’ biz who are at least partially to blame.


  1. Here is why we are seeing “an unrelenting stream of immigration.” The other day I should say the other night Tucker Carlson played this short video of Joe Biden happily bragging about her what I just put in parentheses. And in the video he says how this will bring about the end of the white race domination in America.

    And, Biden means it. It not only chilled me to the bone, it scares me to no end. This video did, and it always will. I posted it on Fascistbook and it racked up over 200 thousand looks / likes etc, in less then 48 hours. And each comment is full on negative against Biden.

    But, what we are witnessing is not going to stop. Because now they have a way to change America forever like Tucker says. And by the time the 4 years is over for this Administration, America will be changed, forever and forever. I hate to say it, The only place white people have left to go? Poland 🇵🇱 and Hungary 🇭🇺.

    Not even Australia anymore. The government down under has flat out lost its fucking mind. I keep up with what’s going on down Under on a daily basis because I’ve been there several times and I have family there.

    And what they are doing come October 11 to the unvaccinated is flat out insane. Come October 11th, they cannot come out of there homes. Not until they agree to leave and go get vaccinated, Immediately. Proceed to a place that will be set up to shoot you in the arm. This is flat-out-NAZIISM. Naziism.


  2. I forgot to include the link of the video from Tuckers show with the short clip of Biden back in 2015. Talking about how “an unrelenting stream of immigration” will end our white race. I’ve been to many of the places that these things come from that this administration is letting into our country.

    They are filthy, so nasty and very dangerous. Thank about what our cities are going to look like a year from now. Our neighborhoods, Suburbs. Our schools our hospitals.

    We are going to be a far more dangerous nasty country. Like I said I’ve been to many of the countries that these things come from and you cannot bring their standards up they will bring our standards down.

    So don’t think this administration is going to knuckle under and stop what’s happening. They are not about to do that and they don’t care if they lose the next election by a landslide. They will have fully achieved their objectives. This video proves it.

    https://youtu.be/Z_0iFBJPWoY Watch Biden. Listen to him. Watch him as he talks about the demise, of the white race. Tucker Carlson is so correct.

    “No man who talks like this should be president.” Everything he says in this video, is a full indictment that the Republican Party should and could use to impeach his sorry-ass. How can anyone call for the destruction of their own race. How? How? IT’S FLAT OUT INSANE. It is. Insane. I will close with this. The two main reason that Tommy Robinson moved him and his family to Russia is because,

    A. The sheer amount of Muslims that has been let in to the United Kingdom has already set it up for the demise of the white race because of the leviathan amount of kids Islamic families have. White folks no longer average 5 to 8 kids.

    B. His life was directly in danger by his own government. He knew that his government was never going to let up on him on getting him behind bars. And they almost killed him the first time because he had to not eat hardly anything. Because his food that was brought to him daily had everything in it from people spitting in it to hair, toe nails finger nails etc.

    This is things he could see. Think about what he couldn’t see. And, word had been passed to him from someone high up in the Parliament that the government was going to kill him by letting him get killed from Muslims on the street. Or kill his wife and kids by Muslims. In Russia, they don’t play with Muslims. Nor do they let them in.

    Also, my garden-variety American has been so brainwashed against Russia and against Putin. He is pro Family. Pro Church. Pro western values. I can keep going. I know because I’ve been to Russia. Before and after, I got married. And my wife said many many things after her 1st trip. 1 was,

    “Myyyyy God, we have been so lied to by our own government and by our own news media. So lied to over and over and over. We been brainwashed honey! Russia should and could be our biggest ally!!” I simply said, told ya so. Been telling you even before we got married and you thought all along I was bullshitting you.


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