I have often wondered aloud regarding the fact if Juan Williams is truly the moron he appears to be, or if he only chooses to play one on television.  Well, it was earlier this week, on Tuesday to be exact, that those tuned into Fox News’ ‘The Five,’ were provided with the long awaited answer to that very question.  And the answer is a resounding yes, Williams truly is a moron.  And not just your run of the mill kind of moron, but a moron who likely has never had an original thought in his entire life and one who is able to do nothing more than to regurgitate Democrat talking points

Now oddly enough, where most folks would view, as being rather impressive, President Trump’s ongoing effort to bring some level of peace and stability to, what has been for decades, the most volatile region on the entire planet, it was Williams who said, on Tuesday, that President Trump was doing nothing more than to “stir up a proxy war” by brokering deals between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.  Now, I would argue that in making such a statement Williams left virtually no doubt that yes, he truly is a moron and does not merely play one on television.

And what should also come as absolutely no surprise is how during the same segment of “The Five” Williams then proceeded to strenuously defend ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi’s idiotic claim that the recent deals normalizing relations between Israel and the two Middle Eastern nations should be seen as being nothing more than a “distraction,” rather than any kind of an accomplishment.  And it was ‘Cohost’ Greg Gutfeld who then weighed in on the deals, saying that they were a clear reflection of President Trump’s two favorite mottos: “I like to make deals” and “let’s see what happens.”

And it was Gutfeld who also went on to argue that President Trump was not being held back by past failures or ideology because he didn’t really subscribe to either one.  Gutfeld said, “It’s a big contrast with Joe Biden. Biden will never impress you with like great, great, greatness. He’s the master of the little move. You know, he’s the expression of warmth, looking good in aviator sunglasses and the bomber jacket, the effortless smile. But he will never pull this off. Only somebody that is able to jump off a cliff on an idea can make this happen.”  And on that he’s exactly right!

And it was Jesse Watters who then added that removing the United States from the Iran deal had also played a part, forcing other players in the region to reassess their alliances.  And Katie Pavlich then put the question to Williams, asking why he thought Pelosi had referred to the deal as “a distraction.”  Williams said, “Because it is. You know, this is a moment that you can look at the situation and say the real trouble here is between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that situation has not been helped.”  There can no longer be any doubt that this guy truly is a complete moron.

Williams said, “It opens the door to some possibilities. But the real action here is in the United States giving arms, giving serious arms to UAE, potentially to go after the Iranians. So what we’re doing is stirring up a proxy war.”  And he went on to say, “That doesn’t diminish the chance of war or disruption in the Middle East. It accelerates it. So I think we have to just look honestly at this, we have to note that it’s taking place in the midst of an intense American election and that what’s going on at the White House. Nobody is fooled by it.” Nope, nobody’s fooled.  What a moron!

And then this moron went on to add, “There’s certainly reason for hope, but let’s not fool ourselves.”  At which point Pavlich added, “You’d hope the normalization of Arab countries against the Israeli state that they wanted to annihilate previously would be a good thing.”  Well, I guess it’s considered a good thing unless it’s President Trump who is making it happen.  It’s in that situation that it becomes something not to be lauded, but instead to be seen as being nothing more than some sort of political ploy or “distraction.”  These Democrat scumbags make me want to puke.

So apparently, if I have this right, it’s in Williams’ world that any attempt at peace actually ends up being a recipe for war?  Now, I’m quite sure that had it been his bro ‘BO’ who had masterminded this latest peace deal I have no doubt that old Juan would be singing its praises from the rooftops.  But since it came about on President Trump’s watch it must be shunned most strenuously.  Only in the mind of someone like Williams is a peace deal, a bad deal, unless, of course, it involve pallets of unmarked bills, then it’s an act of pure genius.  Just ask John Kerry-Heinz, or ‘BO’.  

President Trump used the same strategy that he used with Canada in the USMCA deal. He looked around. Found willing partners (Mexico), made the deal which forced Canada to come to the table.  In this case, President Trump is brokering relationships with all the nations around Israel and the PLO.  Eventually the PLO and all of their terror groups will have to come to the table. They will be out of allies.  The strategy is fresh, logical, and bold. It demonstrates President Trump’s ability to see the larger picture, which is something that very few, if any Democrats, are ever able to do.

The supposed foreign policy ‘experts’ should have thought of this years ago.  But they are far too limited and petty to have recognized that a different strategy was called for.  So of course, we have yet another reason for ‘The Establishment’ to hate President Trump. The outsider was able to come up with a strategy that seems to have evaded the experts, so therefore the president must be hated for achieving yet another success.  And it’s one of their more reliable water-carriers, Williams, who will volunteer to throw the bucket at the deal, a pathetically transparent move.

Maybe for once if Williams had actually listened to the speeches after the signing ceremony he would have learned what this was truly all about.  I believe it was the Bahrain signee who stated that Israel and the PLO still had to come to a deal on how to live together as two separate states. Williams might also have noted that all of the signing states have been supporting the PLO with dollars throughout the years and that this one signing might just might urge the PLO to actually sit down and negotiate in a TRUE sense of the word not just lob rockets and verbs at the Israelis.

He likely does little more than read from a teleprompter and has no idea what he’s saying.  Five Arab nations have just stated the main issue is not the Palestinians anymore and many more are going to follow by signing accords.  President Trump got this deal by sidelining the Palestinians. They are the drunk uncle stumbling about wrecking a wedding party. Not a single thing they have done in the past fifty years shows a desire for peace, certainly no ability to govern themselves.  Now they are on the outside looking in, maybe they will get serious about this peace/prosperity thing.

Williams provides us all with what would be a whole new meaning to the term, ‘useful idiot.’  He rarely has any idea what it is that he may be taking about, and even less so when it’s regarding events the Middle East.  Basically all nations coming together and finding an alliance with Israel will help isolate the extremist regime of Iran.  Iran will then have to think twice before starting wars with their neighbors by default. Nothing has ever been achieved like this before between nation states like these. It bodes well for a new direction and possibly further possibility for peace in the region.

Williams is delusional and really doesn’t possess anywhere near the necessary intelligence to be on any network.  What an idiotic way of looking at what’s now going on in the Middle East. Peace is about to become a reality for so many people in that region of the world and he’s portraying the action as an accelerant to war?  He does not know how to say anything positive about this administration. The other participants on ‘The Five’ at least attempt to point out the good and bad of both sides of politics. I seldom watch because I can longer stand to watch this boob.

Establishment types are upset that President Trump doesn’t accept the premise that the central defining requirement for Middle East peace has to be satisfying the ‘Palestinians.’ The Palestinians are not the most important issue for these countries and have been used by the Arabs as a asymmetric weapon-proxy to attack Israel after failed conventional wars.  Now they realize the greatest threat to their countries are the Islamists whose obsession is the destruction of Israel and theocratic domination at the expense of the economic and political modernization of the Arab world.

Democrats and ‘The Establishment’ types want to empower Iran, and therefore are not in favor of having an Israel that is at peace with the Arab world. Their preference, of course, is to have an Israel that is constantly under siege by the Arab world, and Iran, as well as being constantly harassed by the ‘Palestinians.’ They want to have the same anarchy taking place in the Middle East that they are trying to create here.  But is just so happens that President Trump is busy blowing up all of their plans and in so doing is providing them with the incentive to make sure he is defeated by any means!

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