You know, I’ve kind of lost track of just how many times those of us who continue to support the president have been referred to, by Democrats, and more than a few RINOs, as being nothing short of absolute morons.  And yet, these are the very same people who seem unable to connect the dots when it comes to their calls for abolishing and/or defunding the polices and their continuing attacks on police who are only doing their job, and the fact that crime in our cities is very much on the rise.  

There’s an old adage that says, ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ which is quite fitting when it comes to the boobs who comprise the Minneapolis city council, who first unanimously supported a pledge to abolish the police and are now asking, “Where are the police?”  This should cause most intelligent people to call into question how it was that these same people managed to get themselves elected in the first place.  Because, after all, just what was it that these imbeciles expected to have happen? 

It was Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) which recently reported that the city council met with Minneapolis’ head of police on Tuesday: “Just months after leading an effort that would have defunded the police department, City Council members at Tuesday’s work session pushed Chief Medaria Arradondo to tell them how the department is responding to the violence.”  Now had I been Chief Arradondo I’m pretty sure I would have responded by asking these very same dopes, “How do think we’re responding?”

And apparently it was newly elected member Jamal Osman who said, “Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police?’”  This same moron, Osman, added, “That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen.”  Council President Lisa Bender suggested police are intentionally not arresting people.  And she actually had the gonads to claim, “This is not new, but it is very concerning in the current context.”  Seriously?

Chief Arradondo did inform the boobs on the council that over 100 officers have left the department just this past year, including those who have taken leave, and MPR noted that is “more than double the usual number of officers who either step down from the department or who are inactive each year.”  Which should come as virtually no surprise to any of these geniuses on this ‘council.’  Again, what was it, exactly, that these morons expected to have happen?   Were cops just supposed to take it?     

And it was one member of this stellar little group, Fourth Ward council member Phillipe Cunningham, who expressed surprise that council members, who had so recently supported doing away with the police department, were now calling on the police to be doing more.  And it was his suggestion to focus, instead, on using money taken from the police budget to hire “violence interrupters” and put them in place to prevent crime in the first place.  What an absolutely ‘brilliant’ idea.  Not!!!

And just to remind everyone, it was back on June 12 that it was reported this same Minneapolis city council had unanimously voted to support a pledge to abolish the police.  These people are stupid, but then so must be the people who put them into office.  And you know it’s like what’s going on in so many of our major, Democrat controlled cities, those who live there are getting exactly what they themselves voted for, so excuse me if I don’t have much sympathy.  You voted vote for these people!

So this idiotic suggestion to go out and hire “violence interrupters,” what the Hell is that all about?  So, instead of us who support the president being the ones who are so stupid, it would seem to me that it’s those who continue to vote for anti-police Democrats who are the ones proving themselves to be more than a little mentally deficient.  And make no mistake, it’s anyone who continues to vote for ANY Democrat that is just as much an enemy of freedom as those Democrats that they vote for.

Here’s the thing, once the police know, for an absolute fact, that they are going to have their lives completely destroyed for simply doing their jobs, they will do as little as possible from then on.  Guaranteed, every time, everywhere.  And who can blame them?  But with said, if one feels that one is unable to do the job as one thinks it should be done, one really should at least consider, looking for another line of work.  To do anything other than that makes you no better than your basic Democrat.

This City Council approved the restraint methods used in the Floyd case and required officers to be trained on them.  And the City’s own Medical Examiner stated Floyd died of a heart attack brought on by a massive Fentanyl overdose.  Meanwhile, the officers involved and who showed zero animosity, much less racial animosity, toward the victim are charged with 2nd degree murder, which requires proof of intent, for doing precisely as they were trained to do, and which played no part in Floyd’s death.

Charges were filed even BEFORE any of the facts were known, and when the facts did come out they buried them and kept the charges.  So, where are the police?  Where in the Hell do these people think they are?  They’re trying not to have their lives ruined by the mob by on-line lynch mobs, and the blatantly corrupt Democrats politicians who are in charge of running this hellhole of a city.  They’re doing the best they can to keep their heads down and trying not to get involved in any situations at all.

Democrats, more often than not, are the source of some pretty nasty “unintended consequences”.  This is just like California screaming about ‘climate change,’ and the horrors of burning fossil fuels. They insist on “saving the forests” by ignoring them. They refuse to manage old, dead wood and thick growth allowing forests to become tinderboxs. Now they’re polluting the entire country while they watch their idea of conservation burn to ashes, taking their precious protected species with them.

While you most definitely can’t fix stupid, what you most certainly can do is to vote it out of office, or just save yourself a lot of grief by never voting it into office in the first place. Democrats have sown the seeds of which they are now reaping the natural result.  But as usual, they’re never responsible. Defund the mayor and the city council!  Enact laws that allow for their prosecution and removal of their immunity because they are the corrupt politicians that allowed their city to become a shithole.

And what point is there for the police to be arresting criminals when there’s no bail and when leftist District Attorneys, who have bought and paid for by George Soros, have no intention, whatsoever, of bringing any charges.  Even the mentally impaired Minneapolis City Council should be able to understand that.  Now get on with your defunding and shut down the police department and continue to crow about how you got rid of the racist pigs and improved the quality of life in this City of Morons.

And to be honest, if this doesn’t make the point, better than anything else ever could, that liberalism truly is a mental disorder, then there is nothing that ever will.  This city council is the net result of lazy voters.  So the fact that they chose not to stand by their police, but are now complaining that they’re not doing their job speaks volumes, or should!  The voters in this city, like every other Democrat controlled city, need to at least consider making some pretty drastic changes in who they vote for.  

Citizens have a right to know how it is that these so-called ‘violence interrupters’ (social workers) are going to be able to stop riots, bank robberies, carjackings, gang shootouts, speeders and the million other things that we rely on our police officers to deal with every single day.  Sure, in a perfect world we could defund the police, but the last time checked the world that we currently live in is far from perfect.  This will only lead to more killing and crime. And it will minorities who will suffer the most.

The American people have been patient long enough!  The time has come to show the power-hungry Democrats what we think of them and their platform of ‘social justice.’ We must vote like our lives depend on it!  We have a president who has the heart of a lion, he roars loudly and bigly and he stands proudly for liberty and freedom for all of us.  The message we choose to send this November must be sent loud and clear. And that message is, “We’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

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