So it would seem that that dynamic duo, whose ONLY claim to fame is still that which was the turning of a third rate burglary into some sort of a national scandal more than 45 years ago, may again be working to bring about a sequel, of sorts, as they busily go about making yet another attempt to relive their long ago glory days.  It’s one half of the imbecilic team of Woodward and Bernstein who has again proven that he’s as much of a fraud as the other half of this hapless duo.  Bernstein recently accused President Trump of being “homicidal” for holding indoor campaign rallies during the coronavirus pandemic, on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

It was then Cooper who started things off by saying, “You hear the president’s comments to Woodward and see the June indoor rally in Tulsa and Henderson and roundtable in Phoenix — it looks like an indoor rally. He’s knowingly putting people’s lives at stake.”  To which the loony Mr. Bernstein responded, “Let’s be clear what we are looking at here, we are witnessing a homicidal president convening purposely with a homicidal assembly to help him get re-elected as president of the United States, instead of protecting the health and welfare of the United States, including supporters whose lives he’s willing to sacrifice.”  What an idiotic thing to claim. 

And from there Bernstein then went on to say, “Here is this president, who staked part of his presidency on the right to life, particularly of the unborn, and every day he’s sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans because he is unwilling to deal honestly, forthrightly meaningfully with the greatest domestic crisis in our post-war history in this country. He’s abdicated responsibility, and the result is the most grievous felony committed by any president in history, probably. And now we see him in front of us tonight, this homicidal assembly that the president of the United States called supporters to be sacrificial lambs. It’s astonishing.”  Yup, simply astonishing!

It’s rather interesting, I think, that back then, a burglary to discover the other side’s campaign plans was seen as such an outrage.  And yet today we have Hitlery selling our uranium, operating her unprotected server, her deleted emails, and yet she’s still able to run around free as if none of these things ever occurred.  We also have ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s family enriching themselves with no experience in any of their chosen arenas, plus four years of investigation and impeachment of our duly elected President for no other reason than because those in the opposition party refuse to accept an election result.  Yes, the times have changed, and rather dramatically so.

And I must say that judging by what I’ve seen of Bernstein’s more recent work, as well as that of Woodward, it really does cause me to call into question much of what these two reported on back during those supposed dark days of Watergate, right down to the eventual outcome.  I mean we see a level of fiction that continues to be created by these supposed ‘journalists’ in what appears to be an effort to take down yet another Republican president, so how much of what we were told back then was, like much of we’re being told today by these very same men, was simply concocted?  So what was it that was the true scandal that actually occurred back in 1972?   

And it’s interesting how so many on the left continue to make all Trump-supporters into sacrificial lambs, useful idiots, deplorable and irredeemable.  As their demonization continues to escalate how much longer before they simply proclaim all those who dare to disagree with them as being fair game, to be taken out at the earliest possible opportunity and by any means necessary?  The rate at which things seem to be coming apart at the seams, with much encouragement now coming from one of our two primary political parties, how much longer before open season is declared on those of who dare to openly admit that they support our president?     

And so, comparatively speaking, it would seem that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is proving to be even more deadly than is the wimpy ‘Chinese virus.’  And call me naïve if you wish, but I had no idea that there were so many crazies in both our entertainment business and our ‘news’ media until President Trump was elected.  And it’s together that both Bernstein, and his former cohort Woodward, are a couple of the biggest frauds that you will ever find anywhere on the planet.  Old Carl complains of “lives at risk,” at President Trump’s rallies, yet how many insurgent gatherings had no masks and declared violence to be their right, with law breaking en masse?

Free will is that sneaking suspicion you have that this entire “scamdemic” has been significantly overblown and lied about.  The lockdown was to be for “two weeks, to flatten the curve.”  It reminds me of the movie “The Money Pit,” and how every time Tom Hanks asked a contractor how long the project was going to take, they responded “two weeks,” and then started laughing hysterically.  The Democrats are all so concerned about President Trump’s rallies and yet seem totally unconcerned when it comes to all of the rioting currently taking place all across the country.  So once again the blatant hypocrisy of the left is right there for all to very plainly see.    

Personally, regarding President Trump’s rallies, I feel people can go, or not go, as they themselves may decide.  They can wear masks, or not, or distance themselves from one another, or not, as well.  In other words, they are free people doing what free people choose to do, knowing the risks and not victims of a homicidal maniac. They are Americans of the type that made this country great once and who believe they can do it again.  It’s only leftists like Cooper and Bernstein who think that all people are compelled to do whatever it is that they are told to do by their ‘leaders.’ They are good little leftists, you know, and they will do whatever they are told too. 

Look, if these perpetuators of the leftwing narrative really did believe that President Trump was in any way placing at risk those supporters who attend his rallies, instead of complaining about it what they would likely be doing instead is to encourage far more people to attend, salivating over the prospects of just how many more of the president’s supporters might die of the virus and then taking of the opportunity to feature the gruesome deaths caused by the evil ‘Orange Man.’ These shills really do depend on the ignorant and gullible among us.  But what they’re doing seems to be the complete opposite, to try to prevent people from attending these rallies.

It’s anyone who votes ‘BLUE, that’s Homicidal!  Vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ and you’ll end up with the ‘Ho’ as your President, with guaranteed higher taxes, no gas, no oil, no fracking, government run health care, government funded abortions, all qualifying for a free education, but there being no jobs because all the businesses will be in bankruptcy because of all the regulations and taxes.  Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world, but Democrats are determined to force America to crumble. Vote ‘RED’ for your grandchildren, or you can tell them how you remember the good old days when the economy boomed and everyone owned a house and had a job.

It’s true that in the final stages of the affliction the heads of those individuals afflicted with TDS swell slowly while at the same time making a stretching noise similar to that of a balloon being slowly over-inflated until just before they explode with what tends to be an ear-splitting BOOM followed by the flinging about of the enclosed feces and rocks over what can be some tremendous distances.  And I feel quite confident in saying that should the president be successful in his attempt to get reelected the rate of infection, regarding TDS, will likely increase exponentially, with the chances of meaningful recovery diminishing at pretty much the very same rate.  

I think the question that we need to being asking ourselves should be, at what point can we move on with our lives and again accept the risks that we have faced every single day since the day of our birth. Unless we live in a bubble, we place ourselves at risk of contracting any contagious illness the moment we step outside or find ourselves around others. Why is it seen as being selfish when one is wanting to return to normalcy by once again making their own decisions and taking responsibility for one’s own life and safety.  We can no longer afford to listen to those who seek only to control us by trying to make us fearful of coming together in opposition to them.


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