Democrats 66

Because it would take far too much time, as well as space, and require too much time to list here all of the reasons I would never want to be a Democrat, I’m not even going to try.  However, I will say that chief among those reasons is how Democrats seem almost driven in their effort to make everyone around them as sad and as miserable as they are.  Case in point would be as many states slowly begin to reopen their economies following the ‘China virus’ shutdowns, it’s Democrats who seem to be  far more likely to say they are worried and less likely to say they are happy.

And so, at least according to what was a recent Gallup poll, it was 66 percent of Democrats who told pollsters they experienced happiness during a lot of the previous day.  Meanwhile, it was 77 percent of Republicans who reported being happy.  Also, it was 58 percent of Democrats who said they were worried, compared with 38 percent of Republicans.  Democrats were also substantially more likely to say they were lonely.  It was 28 percent who said that they had experienced loneliness during the previous day, compared with just 19 percent of Republicans who said the same.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty much impossible to be both a Democrat and to be happy.  All Democrats have to cling to is their envy and their greed and they see no way to improve their lot by themselves without the significant handouts that they continue to vote for. Only the Democrat leaders are happy because they own everything and get to dole out all manner of freebies to their many miserable minions to keep them hopeless and therefore addicted to government.  Any American who votes for any Democrat does not deserve to be living in the single greatest country in the World.

Despite their persistence in claiming otherwise, it’s Democrats who, quite literally, hate everybody, but particularly themselves.  If they weren’t miserable, they wouldn’t be Democrats.  They are members of a party founded on the principle that everybody is a victim of one injustice or another and therefore should hate and envy everybody else. The message is clear: “You are a loser.  And the only way not to be a loser is to blame others for your problems.”  No wonder they’re worried, lonely and unhappy.  It’s the entire basis of their political party for God’s sake.  Hate and Envy.

I suppose one way to sum it up would be to say: Conservatives bet on themselves and their ability to be successful by their own talents and determination.  Liberals, i.e. Democrats, bet against themselves and are convinced that they don’t have the talents and determination to be successful on their own.  Republicans are far happier because they believe they are in charge of their destiny while Democrats sit helplessly waiting for the government to solve all of their problems.  And yet their miserable existence is always to be blamed on those who have played no part in creating it.

So, who are the haters?  Well, for starters it’s Democrat governors who saw a way to get rid of expensive old folks by seeding nursing homes with the ‘Chinese virus.’ Then there are those people who say if you don’t support their desire to kill their own children you must hate women.   And it’s those who hate the children who survive pregnancy and want to teach them self-loathing and all manner of sexual perversion to ensure they are confused and cannot develop normal healthy relationships.  Oh, and then there are those who want billions of other people to die to save the planet.

Democrats demand that all of our constitutional rights, those granted to us by our God, be taken away and be ceded to sleazy, corrupt politicians to then be doled out as they alone see fit.  And for the life of me I cannot figure out why, even a nutjob Democrat, would want some sleazebag politician to possess what would essentially be complete and total control over how it is that they are ‘ALLOWED’ to live out their life.  And yet, that seems to be exactly what the majority of Democrats want to see happen, thus their rationale for voting for those like ‘BO’ or any other Democrat.

Your average devoted member of the Democrat Party is constantly changing who it is that they wish to be or what they want to be, and who they want to be with.  They do not have any plans for life other than what they can get in exchange for expending the least amount of effort. They tend to never be satisfied and have nothing but contempt for those willing to work. They all worry about “me” and only “me,” which is why happiness, for them, remains so elusive.  They kill babies, try to destroy the meaning of family, and they are alone, confused, and angry because of it.

So, it’s somehow supposed to be surprising to find out that an entire political demographic, the same one that relentlessly and obsessively complains about all that is supposedly wrong with our Republic, or that place where people are independent and encouraged to think for themselves, who make choices and decisions based on what’s best for themselves and their families, and accept responsibility for those choices, are the same ones now the most unhappy compared to those who are able to find satisfaction in life. Go figger.  All in all, pretty typical Democrat behavior.

So at the end of the day, with everything said and done, it should be painfully clear that in order to actually admit to being a Democrat one must first be an individual who is morally, socially and mentally deficient to a pretty serious degree.  I suppose the one luxury of being a Democrat is that you never have to be responsible for any of your own mistakes or bad decisions.  Because, you see, it’s such things that are always to be seen as being someone else’s fault.  There is always someone who can be blamed for you making those bad choices and even worse decisions.

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