Democrats 66

Because it would take far too much time, as well as space, and require too much time to list here all of the reasons I would never want to be a Democrat, I’m not even going to try.  However, I will say that chief among those reasons is how Democrats seem almost driven in their effort to make everyone around them as sad and as miserable as they are.  Case in point would be as many states slowly begin to reopen their economies following the ‘China virus’ shutdowns, it’s Democrats who seem to be  far more likely to say they are worried and less likely to say they are happy.

And so, at least according to what was a recent Gallup poll, it was 66 percent of Democrats who told pollsters they experienced happiness during a lot of the previous day.  Meanwhile, it was 77 percent of Republicans who reported being happy.  Also, it was 58 percent of Democrats who said they were worried, compared with 38 percent of Republicans.  Democrats were also substantially more likely to say they were lonely.  It was 28 percent who said that they had experienced loneliness during the previous day, compared with just 19 percent of Republicans who said the same.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty much impossible to be both a Democrat and to be happy.  All Democrats have to cling to is their envy and their greed and they see no way to improve their lot by themselves without the significant handouts that they continue to vote for. Only the Democrat leaders are happy because they own everything and get to dole out all manner of freebies to their many miserable minions to keep them hopeless and therefore addicted to government.  Any American who votes for any Democrat does not deserve to be living in the single greatest country in the World.

Despite their persistence in claiming otherwise, it’s Democrats who, quite literally, hate everybody, but particularly themselves.  If they weren’t miserable, they wouldn’t be Democrats.  They are members of a party founded on the principle that everybody is a victim of one injustice or another and therefore should hate and envy everybody else. The message is clear: “You are a loser.  And the only way not to be a loser is to blame others for your problems.”  No wonder they’re worried, lonely and unhappy.  It’s the entire basis of their political party for God’s sake.  Hate and Envy.

I suppose one way to sum it up would be to say: Conservatives bet on themselves and their ability to be successful by their own talents and determination.  Liberals, i.e. Democrats, bet against themselves and are convinced that they don’t have the talents and determination to be successful on their own.  Republicans are far happier because they believe they are in charge of their destiny while Democrats sit helplessly waiting for the government to solve all of their problems.  And yet their miserable existence is always to be blamed on those who have played no part in creating it.

So, who are the haters?  Well, for starters it’s Democrat governors who saw a way to get rid of expensive old folks by seeding nursing homes with the ‘Chinese virus.’ Then there are those people who say if you don’t support their desire to kill their own children you must hate women.   And it’s those who hate the children who survive pregnancy and want to teach them self-loathing and all manner of sexual perversion to ensure they are confused and cannot develop normal healthy relationships.  Oh, and then there are those who want billions of other people to die to save the planet.

Democrats demand that all of our constitutional rights, those granted to us by our God, be taken away and be ceded to sleazy, corrupt politicians to then be doled out as they alone see fit.  And for the life of me I cannot figure out why, even a nutjob Democrat, would want some sleazebag politician to possess what would essentially be complete and total control over how it is that they are ‘ALLOWED’ to live out their life.  And yet, that seems to be exactly what the majority of Democrats want to see happen, thus their rationale for voting for those like ‘BO’ or any other Democrat.

Your average devoted member of the Democrat Party is constantly changing who it is that they wish to be or what they want to be, and who they want to be with.  They do not have any plans for life other than what they can get in exchange for expending the least amount of effort. They tend to never be satisfied and have nothing but contempt for those willing to work. They all worry about “me” and only “me,” which is why happiness, for them, remains so elusive.  They kill babies, try to destroy the meaning of family, and they are alone, confused, and angry because of it.

So, it’s somehow supposed to be surprising to find out that an entire political demographic, the same one that relentlessly and obsessively complains about all that is supposedly wrong with our Republic, or that place where people are independent and encouraged to think for themselves, who make choices and decisions based on what’s best for themselves and their families, and accept responsibility for those choices, are the same ones now the most unhappy compared to those who are able to find satisfaction in life. Go figger.  All in all, pretty typical Democrat behavior.

So at the end of the day, with everything said and done, it should be painfully clear that in order to actually admit to being a Democrat one must first be an individual who is morally, socially and mentally deficient to a pretty serious degree.  I suppose the one luxury of being a Democrat is that you never have to be responsible for any of your own mistakes or bad decisions.  Because, you see, it’s such things that are always to be seen as being someone else’s fault.  There is always someone who can be blamed for you making those bad choices and even worse decisions.



Welcome to “Who’s Lie Is It anyway?”, where it’s all made up, all the time and facts just don’t matter!  And, here’s your host, the DNC, with guest appearances by Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi, and Charlie Schumer.   But let’s face it, it’s been this same little game that the Democrats have now been playing for over three years now, and there seems to be no end in sight.  In fact, it’s just the opposite that’s likely true as there is a very good chance that things are likely to get ramped upsignificantly as much of what the Democrats want to keep hidden gets revealed.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports,” a representative of the DNC, Xochitl Hinojosa, was asked to react to the reports that 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had requested the unmaking of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  Hinojosa said, “First of all, this is a distraction. All you’re having Republicans do right now is distract from the fact that they’ve continued to politicize the Justice Department. I’m someone who worked there, and I understand the independence of the Justice Department.”

She went on to add that unmasking “is nothing that is scandalous in any way. But frankly, this is going to backfire on Republicans. Because it just showed how serious Flynn was in his conversations with the Russians. So, Republicans can try to use this to play political football. But, in reality, this is going to backfire with them.”  Now to me it sounds that what she’s really saying is that she could care less about the facts and that it all boils down to politicization. Republicans have but months, days, hours… This is not an exaggeration. They should go at this with everything they got.

Everything about this continuing Democrat inspired saga was meant to delegitimize President Trump.  I think we’re all able to very easily recognize that the sole purpose of it was one of sabotage and to orchestrate a coup resulting in him being forced from office.  And remember, we haven’t yet seen everything that has been discovered.  This was, and remains, a purposely executed plan to do away with our Constitution and replace it with progressive totalitarianism.  Just look at anywhere where you have Democrats in charge and the mess they have made of things is pretty easy to spot.

Look, how many times have we seen this very same scenario playout?  Some representative of the DNC or some loudmouth self-described Democrat ‘operative’ accepting an invitation to come on Fox News for an interview only to, once on air, simply grab the microphone and spew the talking point of the day louder and louder, drowning out everyone else and refusing to stop talking.  As is usually the case this bimbo didn’t even attempt to answer Bill Hemmer’s questions.  She was there only to bash Donald Trump and Bill Barr, the definition of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’

Obviously she doesn’t possess even a basic understanding of our Constitution, but then, after all, she is a Democrat so why should she?  The Constitution does not say that the President is employed in the Executive Branch. It says the President ‘IS’ the Executive Branch.  All appointed and career employees of the Executive Branch serve the President. They and their departments have no independence from the President.  Due to corruption, many people like this bimbo, Xochitl Hinojosa, seem to think their departments are somehow independent of the President, but they’re wrong.

And by the way who was it that thought it was a good idea to weaponize the IRS, CIA, DOJ the FBI and other government agencies?  Was it Donald Trump?  Nope.  It was ‘BO’ and his band of power-hungry henchmen.  It’s pretty obvious, or at least it should be, that it was ‘BO’ who was behind this government grab for unbridled power. The left will without a doubt try to protect ‘BO’ at all costs.  There is no lie they will not tell, no accusation they will not make in their effort to defend he who played the most prominent role in the coup attempt made against the American people.

Obviously Michael Flynn was a sizable thorn in ‘BO’s side, he knew what Flynn could do to him.  President Trump was going to use Flynn to clear out the National Security apparatus, getting rid of the communists who had been placed in key positions of power and to restructure it in order to essentially pave a new road right around the road blocks that they had put into place.  That was something Flynn was uniquely positioned to do and eager to do.  That’s why they took him down, that’s why the effort to make an example of him.  And it’s why they refuse to let it go.

The DNC’s position is that unmasking is “nothing that is scandalous in any way.”  We are talking about the civil rights of citizens, and the Democrat Party has no problem taking them away for purely political reasons.  Scary stuff America!  These people must never gain power or the America we’ve all come to love will no longer exist.   And if Hitlery had won none of what we’re just beginning to find out would have ever seen the light of day.  All of the participating scum would have gone on with business as usual and none of us, including Donald Trump would have ever been the wiser.

Democrats are in panic mode.  They know the more we uncover about this scam investigation, the more screwed they are.  Now they’re trying their hardest to protect the people involved with this attempt at entrapment and the long list of lying, email doctoring, and hiding exculpatory evidence to get the FISA court to let them push their hyper-partisan investigation into a case they knew was crap.  Democrats and their propaganda arm can spin it all they want, but as documents are declassified, instead of backfiring, Democrats will be indicted, charged with many found guilty.


Democrats 104

While I truly have no interest in offending anyone, it would seem that we have now gotten to a point in our history where we at least need to consider some new words to describe just how corrupt and disgusting the Democrat Party, as well as those who support it, really are!  Again, meaning no offense, these people have made it quite clear, time and time again, that they are totally incapable of telling the truth, no matter what their lies may end up costing those who tend not share their rather twisted philosophy.  They spew their lies knowing full well that we know they’re lying, but they don’t care. They might as well be flipping us off while they talk.

And it was another perfect example of this type of behavior that was again on full display as recently as this past weekend, on Sunday, when on ABC’s “This Week,” Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez actually compared the sexual assault allegations made by former U.S. Senate staffer Tara Reade against presumptive Democrat nominee ‘Creepy Joe Biden’’ to Hitlery using a private server to store her emails during her tenure as secretary of state, under ex-president ‘BO.’  Now from where I’m sitting, on the outside looking in, that’s not really making much sense to me, but then I’m not the guy trying to salvage the candidacy of ‘Creepy Joe.’

And it is a partial transcript of the bizarre conversation that follows:

ABC: OK. Thank you very much for joining us. So, let’s bring in Tom Perez, and I want to start with Joe Biden did have days to prepare for his interview about Tara Reade. He denied the allegations and urged the national archives to release any alleged complaints from Tara Reade. The archives said they are not responsible for records like that. Biden now says in a formal letter that he was mistaken, that it was at the archives, and asked the secretary of the Senate for help.

PEREZ: Joe Biden has been very clear, (Martha), that this did not happen. He was forceful in that, and he’s been equally clear that when women come forward with complaints of this nature, they should be taken seriously, their complaints should investigate, they should be treated with dignity, and he’s done exactly that. He called for the Senate to release any documents they have, she indicated that she filed a complaint. Joe Biden wants that complaint released. He is an open book. He understands that it’s important for the information to get out. He would like for that information (inaudible) media.

ABC: But Mr. Perez, I want to – I want to stop you right there – Biden also says he will not release documents from his years in the Senate, now the University of Delaware because they don’t contain personnel matter, and could have brushed aside suggestions that a search be done of just Tara Reade’s name in those documents. The New York Times editorial board called for the DNC to convene an unbiased, apolitical panel to review portions of Biden’s papers saying his word is insufficient to dispel the cloud. Your communications director has called that idea, “absurd.” Why?

PEREZ: Well, listen. There’s been so many investigations of the vice-president. The most – the most comprehensive investigation of the vice-president was when he was vetted by Barack Obama in 2008. I’m very familiar with vice-presidential vetting process. They look at everything about you. They looked at the entire history of Joe Biden, his entire career. And I’ll tell you, if Barack Obama had any indication that there was an issue, Barack Obama would not have had him as his vice-president. Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden. I trust Joe Biden. And those investigations have been done.

Now let’s talk about Delaware for a moment. The University of Delaware and any university that takes somebody’s documents, they’re taking their policy documents, they’re taking their speeches. They’re not taking their personnel records and, in fact …

ABC: But why not just search Tara Reade in those documents?

PEREZ: This is like the Hillary emails. Because, there was nothing there and the reason is, if I’m going – I work on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee in 1995, the ranking member was Joe Biden. I was working for Joe Biden. I was working for Senator Kennedy. If you want to see my personnel records, you don’t go to the Kennedy Institute. That’s not where they go, and so, when you ask the University of Delaware to take a look at something, you’re asking them to look for something that doesn’t exist, and the fact of the matter is that the president of the United States, the former president, Barack Obama, conducted an exhaustive search. Joe Biden was an open book.

So what we seem to have here is the head of the very same corrupt DNC that attempted to rig the last election against Donald Trump, that actually succeeded in rigging it against Bernie Sanders, and who now wants we the American people to simply trust him because ‘BO’, the most corrupt, racist and incompetent president in all of American history, did some super-secret investigation of ‘Creepy Joe’ some 14 years ago?  Really?  Yea ok Mr. Perez, your voting base may be that stupid and callous toward women but normal people most definitely are not.  And what is it that Democrats are working so hard to keep so well hidden anyway?  It peaks my curiosity.

But I must say, though, perhaps Perez just might be right when comparing the release of the ‘Creepy Joe’s’ University of Delaware documents to Hitlery emails. For instance, 1) After receiving a subpoena, Hitlery destroyed over 30,000 emails and was never charged with destroying evidence, 2) The emails that have been disclosed have shown felonious violations of national security laws, 3) They also show a pattern of other illegal activity, and 4) All of the above was ignored and glossed over by the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, the Justice Department, Congress, and, of course, the vast majority of those involved in the creation and dissemination of ‘fake news.’

We should all be glad Perez brought up Hitlery. Hitlery’s butt boy, political strategist, activist, and author Peter Daou, has actually admitted that ‘Creepy Joe’ has a history of “years of violating the physical boundaries of women and girls on camera.”  The credibility of every Democrat who has endorsed ‘Creepy Joe’ has now got to be called into question, because we know that they have all long known what a creepy pervert ‘Creepy Joe’ is, even as they were all so very enthusiastically endorsing him.  Hell, Hitlery said she was actually “thrilled” to do so.  Democrats now seem to be telling women that they are ONLY to be ‘seen and heard’ when it’s convenient to the party.

Meanwhile Hitery wait’s ever so patiently in the wings for just the right time to make her ‘illustrious’ return.  Now I’m not wanting to sound like some random conspiracy nut, but who’s to say that she isn’t the one behind the whole Reade thing, like she was the whole Trump ‘thing?’  Reade, will of course, be found dead somewhere from what we will be told was ‘likely” a self-inflicted gunshot, shooting herself three times with a large caliber rifle in the back of her head, with no fingerprints of hers on the weapon.  Nobody in law enforcement will question it at all, just like Epstein who was on suicide watch, with the camera system that somehow down during the incident.

And perhaps ‘Creepy Joe’ would actually be doing himself a bit of a favor if he were to come out and demand that he be investigated with the same rabid intensity that President Trump has continued to be investigated, and that 12 Democrat hating Republican prosecutors be hired, who hate him and have a personal bias against him just like the 12 vicious Republican hating Democrat prosecutors were hired for the Mueller investigation who both hated and had a bias against Donald Trump.  If he has nothing to hide, then any and all material pertaining to his life in politics should be considered as fair game.   But don’t hold your breath waiting for something like that.

Perez, the rabid communist who ‘BO’ made his secretary of Labor, says, “This is like the Hillary emails, because there was nothing there.”  Well, most Americans don’t really trust Hitlery and therefore would very much liked to have seen those 30,000 emails, just to make sure there wasn’t anything in them that shouldn’t have been.  Instead Hitlery erased and smashed hard drives, used ‘bleach bit’ to further remove any other possible bits of incriminating evidence and handed over subpoenaed phone devices minus their sim cards.  So, we’re left wondering if those emails were about wedding plans or if they contained further proof of Hitlery’s career long crime spree?

Finally, the Democrats’ sham call to believe ALL women brave enough to come forward has been proven to be just that.  They believed Roy Moore’s accusers, they believed Herman Cain’s accusers, Hell they even believed Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser.  And all decades after the ‘alleged’ incidents supposedly took place and all with virtually ZERO corroboration.  All of the accusers of these men were active Democrats with some pretty radical, so there was clearly an ulterior motive for bringing forth these allegations.  Reade on the other hand was and is a dedicated Democrat and no doubt worshiped ‘Creepy Joe’ as all young Democrat cult members tend to do.  Oops!


Democrats 100

Look, if this ‘Chinese virus’ has made anything crystal clear, or at least it should have, it’s the absolute foolishness for continuing to elect Democrats. ANY DEMOCRAT!  For instance, it is every Democrat governor, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE one, who has demonstrated that they possess neither the aptitude nor the necessary skillset for carrying out the duties for which they have been ‘elected.’   These governors prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Democrat Party has now come completely out of their straightjackets and the masks have all been removed. If voters continue to support these little petty tyrants, they deserve the nightmare they get in return.

So, while a good many of our states are now finally on the way to reopening, after never really needing to be closed in the first place because of this ‘supposed’ pandemic, it’s most of those states stupid enough to have elected the Democrat currently at the helm who are NOT, and may not be opening for some time.  And it’s Democrat-led Oregon that is just one of them.  Oregon, a state with 4.14 million residents did not reopen on Friday.  In fact, the very, VERY, liberal state is not reopening anytime soon.  Apparently far left Oregon Governor Kate Brown feels the need to extend the state’s lockdown until JULY 6th!  TWO MORE MONTHS!

What a shock right?  Another blue state communist doing her very best to turn her state into yet another Democrat cesspool!  But then Brown is really no different than any other of her fellow Democrat.  But consider how in 1969 we had the Hong Kong flu pandemic and lost 100K Americans and yet nothing was shut down, not even Woodstock!  Likely most of these same fascists wouldn’t be alive today had someone seen the wisdom and wiping out that farm back then.  Americans were then dying on foreign soil, while it was the real enemy who was walking among us. They even flew Communist flags on American soil back in the day, so even then they hated America!

What politicians, like Brown and others, have come to rely on is the fact that people will soon forget what it is that they have done.  And sadly, for the most part that’s exactly what far too many people tend to do.  What Brown has done is unconscionable considering the relatively low number of deaths that her state has actually suffered.  And that she effectively shut down her state should tell us everything about how this is truly far beyond being only about this virus.  Brown’s disregard for human beings is so stunning.  She’s giving us all a preview of what’s to come if we are actually foolish enough not only to not reelect Donald Trump but to elect ANY Democrat.

These states with Democrat Governors: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (female), Michigan (female), Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico (female), New York, North Carolina, Oregon (female), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (female), Virginia and, Wisconsin.  And they are purposely extending their stay-at-home state and further destroying the state economies.  Let’s see how their states fare economically, with their extended lockdowns.  And there are some who are now essentially demanding that the other states, those governed by Republicans, ‘bail their sorry asses out.

The absolute WORST thing about this ‘shut down’ is that it now established a very dangerous precedent.  Because now, any president or any governor can take away our FREEDOM by merely claiming that some supposed pandemic presents a threat that requires them to take total control and eliminate our freedoms.  Who’s to say that this was nothing but a dry run with a rather mild virus to see how quickly the sheeple in the U.S. will cede all freedoms. Turns out pretty quickly.  And yet, these are the very same Democrats who celebrate over half a million abortions annually, defend murderous street gangs and provide sanctuary to illegal alien rapists. Weird, huh.

The point that has to be hammered home is that the Democrats were the ones who went on an authoritarian rampage during this ‘Chinese virus’ public health kabuki. The governors who are most guilty of violating people’s constitutional rights are all Democrats.  The states were supposed to be laboratories of freedom, however many states have been turned into testbeds for communism, of which Oregon and California have become, to name what are just a couple.  These people aren’t going to stop until they have driven their state economies into the dirt so far that it drags the whole country down.  It will be up to their citizens to take matters into their own hands.



Let me make myself perfectly clear, anyone who is able to look at that shriveled up old POS that is Nancy Pelosi and not see in her someone who so very clearly represents a clear and present danger to our Republic and a threat to the freedoms that we all enjoy by fact that we live in America, is either blind, a complete moron or is, like Pelosi, someone who truly does hate the country in which they live.  She is patently dishonest, and she is a liar.  And she is someone who should have long ago been banished from public office, and the fact that she remains is not a good sign.

And it was on Thursday of this week that Pelosi announced a new ‘bipartisan’ select committee the purpose of which is to ‘investigate’ the Trump administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.  Pelosi, who handed out millions of dollars to Democrat lobbyists and special interest groups, said she now wants to ensure that the $2 Trillion is spent ‘wisely and efficiently.’  It’s unclear how many Democrat and Republican lawmakers would serve on the committee but we do know who will chair that committee, none other than Trump-hater, ‘Jimmy’ Clyburn.

It was during a conference call with ‘reporters’ that Pelosi said, “The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus, and to assure that the taxpayer dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief and benefit our economy.”  She said, “The panel will root out waste, fraud, and abuse; it will protect against price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism. We need transparency and accountability.” And then in speaking like a true Democrat she added, “Where there’s money there’s also frequently mischief.”

Pelosi’s announcement on Thursday comes as Democrats are busying themselves plotting yet another ‘relief package’ that has much less to do with providing any measure of actual relief than it has to do with a national vote-by-mail requirement, which is a massive voter fraud scam.  Pelosi faced criticism in March after stalling the then-proposed stimulus bill in favor of her own version, which included increased fuel emissions standards for airlines, an expansion of wind and solar credits, and vote-by-mail provisions. The president, and rightly so, called the Democrat proposal “crazy!”

And I did think it rather ironic that Pelosi claimed one of the purposes of this ‘panel’ would be to “root out waste, fraud, and abuse; it will protect against price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism.”  Especially since it was she who inserted $350 Billion into the bill to be spent on those in this country illegally, and after a remark made by fellow Trump-hater, Jimmy Clyburn, that the pandemic gives Democrats “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  And now it’s that very same Jimmy Clyburn who will head up this NEW ‘panel?’  Seriously??

And it was ‘Little Jimmy’ himself who said in a statement regarding his brand new appointment, “The importance of this committee’s work cannot be overstated.”  And this idiotic little statement went on to say, “Just as the Truman Commission in the 1940s investigated waste, corruption, and fraud during World War II at the Defense Department, this select committee is tasked with oversight of how the federal government spends the taxpayer-funded $2 trillion allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19 crisis.”  What a bunch of unmitigated political bullshit!

And all of this comes after Adam Schiff has announced he will introduce legislation to create a “nonpartisan” commission to examine the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.  You’ll remember Schiff as the one who led the blatantly bogus impeachment effort as the outbreak first started to spread. It was Schiff who tweeted out on Wednesday, “After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes.  Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic.”

I have said before that it is becoming increasingly obvious that Democrats seem determined to make sure this virus lasts as long as possible, and they seem to care not at all about whether it can eventually brought to an end.  Democrats have cared about nothing more than ensuring that it continues.  And it’s as we speak that the Democrats are now said to be conjuring up a bill the purpose of which would be to rescind President Trump’s China travel ban.  The Democrats have consistently downplayed the dangers of the virus instead of chastising China for unleashing it!

The fact is that the American people must snap out of whatever trance it is that they now find themselves and realize the Democrats are working in concert with their communist brethren in China, be it in the spreading of the virus, the suppression of information about Hong Kong by the ‘fake news’ media, fighting against travel bans, demanding Open Borders or in trying to destroy the Trump Presidency. It is a reality,  a true conspiracy, simply connect the dots.  We must vote against Communism in November and send the Democrats back under the rocks from whence they came.

The reason the propaganda machine tries to avoid covering President Trump’s daily briefings is because they don’t want the people to see President Trump in command and demonstrating strong leadership.  After all, they have spent the last three years telling anyone who will listen that he is inept, reckless and is destroying the country. The more people who see him in command of the situation, the more people will likely begin to question the motives of both the Democrats as well as the ‘fake news’ media behind their constant and never-ending attacks made against the president.

And too, more people will see the attacks coming from the Democrats, and the ‘fakes news’ media, as being based on nothing other than politics.  They will view the actions that the president has taken in response to this virus as being reasonable and wonder why it is that the Democrats seem so adamantly opposed to them.  And hopefully it will come to dawn on more and more people that it does seem like the Democrats do want this virus to get worse and for no other reason than politics, and an effort to use it as a way of gaining for themselves greater political power.

While I am certainly no expert on such matters, I can’t help but wonder if there might have been a much better, and perhaps a bit less extreme, way of going at this Chinese virus.  Because I fear by throwing all of this money around we’re allowing the Democrats to gain an advantage that they otherwise might not have been able to gain.  I do not trust these people, they hate the country I love and seek nothing more than to gain power regardless of the collateral damage that results from their actions.  Collateral damage that they themselves will not be forced to contend with.

Finally, if our country is going to survive it’s going to be because of the actions taken by the American people.  The Republicans have demonstrated time and again that they possess neither the necessary courage nor the requisite spine to prevent the Democrats from acting nearly at will in their continuing attempts to systematically dismantle our Republic.  President Trump is not going to be able to do this on his own, and he’s gotten little help, over the course of his presidency from those who are supposed to be on the same team as he.  These truly are very scary times.


Obama 16

So riddle me this:  How much of a lying piece of sh!t MUST one be, and how desperate for proof that one really wasn’t an incompetent, self-serving ideologue as president, than to try to take credit for something that one had virtually nothing whatsoever to do with?  Now of course he of whom I am speaking is none other than, gone but not for forgotten, ex-president Barry ‘O’ who on Monday suggested that he, and NOT President Trump, is solely responsible for our current booming economy.  Go figure!

You see it was on Monday that Barry took to Twitter and said, “Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” while also sharing a picture of his $787 billion stimulus spending package that didn’t do squat other than to waste nearly $800 billion.  Don’t you remember all of those “shovel ready” jobs?  Nope, me neither!

Barry’s message on Twitter was not some a nostalgic look back on his presidency, as he specified it was his spending package that was responsible for “more than a decade” of growth, this despite his only being president for eight years.  Actually the ONLY thing that resulted from his bogus ‘stimulus’ package was the fact that the bank accounts of many of his political cronies were significantly ‘stimulated.’  There was nothing that came about that had any positive impact on stimulating the economy.

While Barry’s stimulus ‘may’ have, in some small way, helped the economy recover from a major recession, economic growth had slumped to rather anemic 1.6 percent by the time he finally left office.  It was a combination of President Trump’s tax cuts and a huge cut in regulations that proved to be the rocket fuel that prompted the American economy to take off and for record high stock markets gains, wage gains, historic unemployment rates, and an expansion that is now the longest on record.

And remember how Barry had famously said after he left the White House that he would refrain from criticizing President Trump, but that was just one more promise on what turned out to be very long list of many broken by Barry after he hit the campaign trail in 2018 to boost Democrats.  It was during a speech in Nevada back in 2018 that Barry complained, “When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it. Remember who started it! C’mon!”  Right!!

I suppose the true irony here, in Barry’s patently dishonest claim, is how minorities were made to suffer more than anyone during his reign, forced to put up with low wages, high unemployment, and an overall decreasing household wealth.  President Trump succeeded in reversing that trend, and in pretty short order.  He’s gotten us to the point where we now have historically low unemployment rates for Blacks and Hispanics.  Yet, liberals still refer to President Trump as being a racist.

Democrats are indeed desperate to claim credit for themselves when they know they deserve none.  Democrats don’t create, they only know how to destroy.  Barry said it was a magic wand that would be needed to bring manufacturing jobs back. It turned out that that magic wand was killing TPP, ending NAFTA, cutting regulations, enacting tax cuts, re-negotiating trade deals and making the business environment competitive again.  Barry, too, could have done any of those things, but he simply CHOSE not to!

And it was Barry who gave us just a taste of the Socialism the full brunt of which Bernie now seeks to inflict on America.  And not until President Trump reversed all of his idiotic policies did our economy take off.  Not to mention how Barry did nothing for the black community other than stir the pot of racial tensions.  He made us all a laughing stock of the world and under his failed strategy of ‘leading from behind’ the world descended into chaos.  Barry could have been so much more than what he was.

And history, at least the honest version of it, will also show how it was that America’s first black president played a very prominent role in what was nothing other than a blatant coup attempt made against his successor.  Yet it was Barry ‘O’ who proved to be nothing less than a one man national catastrophe.  He damaged this nation more than any foreign enemy could have ever dreamt of and can easily be said to be the worst President in our history.  Somewhere Jimmy Carter is breathing a sigh of relief.

The best thing that Barry ‘O’ did was to create an environment that made it possible for Donald Trump to become president.  Because I have absolutely NO doubt that had Barry ‘O’ not been elected that we would not today have one of the greatest presidents ever to be elected.  And it was the election of Donald Trump that drove those on the left to reveal their true selves, drawing them out of the shadows from which they were far more comfortable doing their dirty work to destroy our country.

And so as we all now know, it was President Trump who was left to clean up the rather sizable mess that was left behind after the very destructive eight year reign of Barry & Co. and in so doing, in what was a very short span of time, politically speaking, restored to America her rightful place in the world.  President Trump has continued to make very clear his love for America as well as for patriotic Americans everywhere who want nothing more than to save their nation from the radicals.

So let me see if I have this right, Barry ‘O’ and his bunch of less than impressive economic advisors actually predicted that the economy would remain anemic, with continued loss of manufacturing jobs.  They also predicted that President Trump would tank the economy and also went so far as to predict that the markets would crash.  So if we fast-forward to a time after President Trump moved ahead with his policies, it would appear that Barry & Co. were, and remain, pretty much full of it.

Now had President Trump decided to keep the idiotic policies dreamt up by Barry & Co. then I suppose a case could be made that would then allow Barry ‘O’ to take some level of credit for our current booming economy.  But President Trump chose to scrap the policies that Barry ‘O’ had put in place because they weren’t working, so why keep them?  After all, those policies were created by a bunch of academics who were totally clueless about what all it actually takes to make possible a booming economy.

The fact that President Trump was able to do in three years what Barry & Co. couldn’t manage to do in eight really tells you all that you really need to know.  For eight years we had a man in the White House who came into office on a mission, a man who so hated America that he wanted nothing more than to destroy it.  And still he attempts to convince us that that was not his intent at all.  But in looking back at the time he spent in office, how is it that you can come to any other conclusion?

The debacle that was the Obama Presidency was something this country was fortunate to have survived.  But just because we managed to survive it does not mean that irreparable damage was not done.  President Trump has accomplished much, but he is just one man and his time is limited.  And Democrats continue to resist his every effort to not only “Make America Great Again,” but to “Keep America Great.”  And it’s every Democrat now in the running for president who wants America destroyed.


Democrats 91

What is it about our modern day Democrats that has them thinking that what will present to them their best chance to defeat President Trump and to also seize complete control of Congress, is by proudly declaring their deep and abiding hatred of the entire concept of America?  I mean, what sense does it make to want to be in charge of a country that you have absolutely NO love for?  Is it just to satisfy some twisted need to be in charge of something?  And a question for voters should be, do you really want someone who hates your country to be responsible for both its economic wellbeing as well as for its national security?  For me, that’s a big NO!

It has become a rather sad routine to watch leftwing politicians literally salivating over the violent carnage in America, viewing it, I assume, as being something that will make it far easier for them to advance their toxic agenda of depriving citizens of their right to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors, from exactly the violent carnage they claim to be seeking to bring an end to.  In truth, they have no solutions, or at least any that make sense.  Take for instance “Big Toe” O’Rourke who in an attempt to breathe life into a failing presidential campaign has vowed to send armed government agents door to door rounding up the guns of law-abiding citizens.

As someone on the outside looking in, It’s hard to understand how a politician, any politician regardless of political affiliation, could be so self-absorbed, as well as so driven by their desire to possess at least some level of political power, that they would willingly stoop to exploiting any tragedy for their own personal and political gain, especially when the tragedy involves schoolchildren who have been slaughtered.  The general philosophy among so many on the left is to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  And it’s something that has become increasingly easy for Democrats if for no other reason that they’re detached in that they don’t personally know any of the dead.

And then we have everyone’s favorite two time loser, Hitlery, who actually knew Rep. E-lie-jah Cummings personally and yet still chose to exploit his funeral, using it as an opportunity to score what must be seen as being the very cheapest of political points, and on national television no less.  Apparently she simply couldn’t help herself when it came to delivering what was an utterly classless “eulogy” during which Hitlery made a thinly veiled reference to President Trump as the wicked King Ahab from the Bible.  I mean who is it that thinks in this manner and that wasting an opportunity the purpose of which is to celebrate a life on purely partisan politics is a good idea?

And it was during her ‘eulogy’ that Hitlery said, “Like that Old Testament prophet, [Rep. Cummings] stood against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and looked out for the vulnerable among us. He lifted up the next generation of leaders. He even worked a few miracles. And he kept reminding us life is no dress rehearsal. The American people want to live their lives without fear of their leaders.”  I’m not sure who Queen Jezebel is in this strange passage, but nobody had any doubts about who King Ahab was.  It’s in Hitlery that we have someone who seems to think that she has been prevented from achieving that which was somehow owed to her.

But to be honest, it is perhaps no display of political exploitation that has been more disgusting than the recent reaction of House Democrats to the thrilling news that ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself up after U.S. special operations forces cornered him in Syria.  This was a man who was, simply put, a heinous butcher who raped women and girls, ripped out fingernails, burned people alive and preached beheadings for nonbelievers.  His final act before plunging into the fiery pits of Hell was to murder three of his own children.  And yet we heard all manner of kind words referencing this thug from both the Democrats and their many minions in ‘fake news.’

The reaction of top Democrats in Congress?  Well, that was their outrage over the fact that President Trump had not told them about the raid beforehand.  President Trump, and understandably so, explained that the mission was simply too sensitive to risk looping in hopelessly partisan Democrats in Congress who might then go blabbing about the raid and endanger the lives of U.S. troops.  Proving the president’s point exactly, Speaker Pelosi specifically complained that President Trump had notified Russian officials. Get it?  Because it sounds like more Russia “collusion.”  With every passing day, these people become more and more impossible to take seriously.

So the only remaining mystery here is trying to determine just how far the Democrat Party might be willing to go?  When this latest ‘witch hunt’ fails and it becomes certain that President Trump will win re-election and the Democrats, despite their best efforts, will lose the House, will they then try to convince their followers to take to the streets and overthrow the election by force?  After all, these people seek only absolute power and have no human decency left within them. They sold their souls a very long time ago and will not give up their unholy quest without a fight to the finish. That’s the reason they continue to fight tooth and nail against President Trump.

The Democrat Party ceased being a political party and more a group of insidious malcontents with the election of Barry O’Bummer.  It’s a death cult.  Its sacraments are the blood of anyone they can destroy with an especially high premium now on the blood of our children.  Those who now comprise the Democrat Party are at their most vibrant and enthusiastic when presiding at a funeral.  A funeral is a time of macabre sinister celebration for the Democrat, and Hitlery is certainly no exception, and is veritably orgasmic with the gleaming rictus grin of death animating her every word at any celebration of death she can manage to obtain an invite to.

However, even with all of that being said, we must take them very seriously.  What they continue to do here is to undertake a coup.  And if they end up being unsuccessful in their effort to remove President Trump from office does anyone seriously doubt that the Democrats would then resort to what they would then likely view as being their only remaining viable option, that of course being the inciting of violence the level which could easily be described as a civil war.  As for myself I have personally decided to nix rabid evangelizing liberals from my life. How can I break bread with people who hate or are against everything that I love?

And on the subject of Democrats and funerals, they do have quite the tradition of turning ‘funerals’ into ‘fun-erals.’ During the 2002 memorial service for Paul Wellstone, ‘Slick Willy’,Hitlery and Walter Mondale, along with many other Democrats in attendance, were caught on camera laughing at one another’s comments.  And when ‘Slick Willy’ noticed the cameras were on him he went from guffaw mode to grief mode in a nanosecond.  And then there were those memorable pictures of Barry ‘O’ having a good time at the Nelson Mandela funeral. The best were with him leaning into some blonde Nordic chick while taking selfies as the funeral went on.

Hitlery is, and really always has been, a rather despicable degenerate and a very corrupt individual possessing an inbred sense of hatred for white conservative Americans, you know those that she once referred to ‘Deplorables,’ and refuses to acknowledge any black person who has the audacity to declare themselves to be a conservative or who expresses any level of support for conservatives and Republicans.  She is despised by millions who would love nothing more than to see weekly updated photos of her behind bars.  That we came so close to having this disgusting reprobate as our president sends a cold chill down my spine every time I think about it.

Having never been a Democrat at any point in my 60+ years on this Earth, I find it rather difficult to comprehend how it is that anyone of my age, who has been a lifelong Democrat could, today, still see the wisdom in voting for those in a political party now represented by those who possess a deep loathing not only for the country and for those most responsible for giving it life, but also for a Constitution that has served us so well for over 230 years.  It’s quite literally every day that Democrats continue to offer proof that they, as a party, are no longer worthy of that which they are so desperate to achieve.  The power to run things as they see fit!

The left’s descent into depravity and downright lunacy has taken on the appearance of a political process which has now morphed into a psychological one.  They call themselves progressive when in fact it’s only regression that we see coming from them and many of the policies that they wish to foist on the rest of us.  They are actually doing President Trump’s re-election job for him by reminding everyone how utterly meaningless they are to any hard-working person’s existence!  The Democrat Party is a cancer on America and it’s the Clintons who are a cancer on the Democrat Party.  And I only hope that both stay around long enough to finish each other off.


Democrats 91

So I’ve been listening to the gaggle of Democrats all of whom are now competing against one another to become the nominee of their party to take on President Trump in our next presidential contest which is now looming just over the horizon.  Now keep in mind it’s as we rapidly approach the next election that these very same Democrats remain unable to accept the outcome of the last election.  And so, what is it that these ‘candidates’ now seem so very determined to run on?  Is it the advancing of those ideas that if put into action will improve the lives of all Americans?  Hardly!

All of these candidates, all 23 of them if my count is right, seem to be running on the very same things, not the least of which is their hatred of our current president.   Now I realize the majority of those who tend to vote Democrat likely don’t need to hear much more than how any of these prospective nominees feel about President Trump, but as we all know, if they are to have any hope of actually winning they’re going to need those voters who, or so we can only hope, are looking for a bit more than the degree to which the Democrat candidate may hate President Trump.

Now of course, there is more to the Democrat Party’s platform than just hatred of the president.  There’s the reinstating of thousands of regulations that serve only to strangle our economy, there’s the total elimination of any sort of impediment at our southern border, the complete reversing of an energy policy that has, for the first time in decades, made this country energy independent, the instituting of a single-payer healthcare system and the doing away with the Trump tax cuts.  These are but a sampling of what the Democrats will be running on against President Trump in 2020.

But still, what you hear most of these presidential hopefuls talking about is the danger that President Trump somehow represents to this country.  Of course that may likely have much to do with the fact that he’s the guy who recently ‘convinced’ the Mexican government to be a bit more ‘helpful’ in detaining those seeking illegal entry into our country, he’s responsible for putting in place those policies that assisted this country becoming energy independent, and he was the one who did a little arm twisting in getting tax cuts through Congress.  Hence the reason for their hate!

And in what is more than a little reminiscent of 2016, and that can be said to be an example of déjà vu all over again, is that we’re now hearing about polls which are showing the president in trouble, and trailing, rather badly, he who has been identified as the ONLY guy who can defeat the president, none other than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Personally, after the polling debacle of 2016, it’s pretty rare that I pay much attention to any of these polls, you don’t really know who’s behind them or how they may have been slanted the questions in order to obtain the desired result.

So I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I fully intend to for him again in 2020.  Because even by leaving the various personalities out of the decision making process, why is it that any rational human being would EVER want to vote for a candidate advocating those things the Democrats have now made very clear that they wish to inflict upon this country.  It simply makes no sense.  Hate is simply not a good reason to vote for anybody, nor are any of those policies that the Democrat Party wish to advance that would be extremely detrimental to this country being able to survive.




While I think most reasonable people will agree that despite all of the talk from certain key Democrat politicians and the vast majority of those in the ‘fake news’ media conglomerate about collusion that supposedly took place between the Trump campaign and the Russians, I can’t help but think they knew all along there had been none.  So despite the fact that a great many high-profile Democrats repeatedly promised the public that we would see irrefutable evidence of collusion, the fact is, we will not, because there was none.  And they knew there had been no collusion.

Now not being a leftist myself, I don’t fully understand why they continued to bet the farm on something that I’m convinced they knew didn’t take place unless they were somehow confident that Mueller, and his cadre of Hitlery supporters, would actually be willing to conjure up evidence where they knew none existed.  And while I will stop short of calling Mueller an honorable man, I will say that at least he seemed unwilling to put forward fraudulent ‘evidence’ that would have assisted the Democrats in their mission to if not remove our president, at least discredit him.

But Mueller, together with his band of Hitlery sycophants, found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s 2016 election meddling, according to a four-page letter that AG William Barr sent to Congress on Sunday.  It was Barr’s letter that said: “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”  But Mueller did not completely shut the door on the Democrats regarding the obstruction issue.

Mueller’s findings are a major blow to Democrats like Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff and Eric Swallowswell, who repeatedly asserted as fact Trump colluded with Russia.  And ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters virtually guaranteed back in September 2017 that the president HAD colluded with Russia.  It was then that she declared, “Here you have a president who I can tell you and guarantee you is in collusion with the Russians to undermine our democracy.”  Waters also predicted in December 2017 that Mueller’s report is “going to lead right to, not only collusion, obstruction of justice, money laundering.”

Swallowswell, ‘Shifty’ Schiff and most other Democrats couldn’t wait for Mueller to finish his investigation to claim that collusion had already been proven.  And it was ‘Lyin’ Dick’ Blumenthal who told the ‘fake news’ folks over at MSNBC in February 2018, “The evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”  Blumenthal, who has a long had a rather checkered history with telling the truth, should be the very last person anyone should be trusting to tell the truth about this, or any other issue as it may relate to President Trump.

And it was Swallowswell who, in February 2018, actually too the time to publish a Power Point entitled “Evidence of Collusion” that failed to include any actual evidence of collusion. He repeated his assertion of Trump-Russia collusion on several occasions, despite lacking any evidence to substantiate it.  ‘Shifty’ Schiff, too, claimed there was evidence of collusion before learning Mueller’s conclusion.  It was back in February 2017 that ‘Shifty’ declared, “You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion — pretty compelling evidence.”  Yup, pretty compelling.  NOT!

And it was just hours before receiving Barr’s memo on Sunday, that good old ‘Shifty’ Schiff was still out there doing his best to defend his baseless conspiracy theory.  He said, “There’s a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel concludes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy.”  And he then went on to add, “I have trust in [Mueller’s] prosecutorial judgment. But that doesn’t mean, of course, that there isn’t compelling and incriminating evidence that should be shared with the American people.”

And it was current House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry ‘Pumpkinhead’ Nadler who similarly refused to accept Mueller’s lack of evidence for collusion. It was during one of those idiotic Sunday talk shows that profess to bring politicians on to ‘Meet the Press’ or to ‘Face the Nation’, that Nadler said, “We know there was collusion.” And then went on to say, “Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know.”  So I’m assuming that it’s in Nadler’s rather warped mind that whenever President Trump is involved there is no amount of evidence that can be used to prove his innocence.

But look, I think we all understand, or should by now, that determining whether the Trump campaign did or did not collude with the Russian was really never Mueller’s objective.  His sole purpose from day one was to find President Trump guilty of something/anything.  And the best he could do after two-plus years and $40 Million was, “Ah, well, I couldn’t exonerate him.”  Guess what Mr. Mueller, you’re far guiltier than President Trump was ever presumed to be.  After all, how many innocent lives were ruined in what was nothing more than a witch hunt to GET this president?

‘Shifty’ Schiff and ‘Mad Maxine’ are nothing more than the flip sides of the same worthless coin.  They both live for the sole purpose of destroying President Trump, it has become their mission and their sole purpose in life practically since election night in 2016.  It occupies more of their time than does anything else.  It rules every second of their day.  What they should be doing is investigating Hitlery’s campaign, where actual proof of Russian collusion exists, rather than issuing subpoenas on top of subpoenas for no other reason than to perpetuate a theory they know to be false.

And it’s ‘Shifty’ who should immediately, if not sooner, step down from his position as chairman of the House ‘Intelligence’ Committee, if for no other reason than because he possess zero intelligence. He has repeatedly illustrated that his bias against and hatred for President Trump has now very obviously rendered him completely unable to carry out the duties of his office in anything even remotely approaching a fair and objective manner.  Furthermore, dare I say that he stretches the definition of ‘Intelligence’, as noted in the name of his committee, to the point of incredulity.

And you know, someone really should let Nadler know that most intelligent people now recognize the Democrat Party as being led by what is a bunch of power-hungry thugs who are psychologically unstable and lost in their own delusion. The only people considered to be even more unstable are the idiots who still vote for these crooks.  Either the Democrat base is terminally ignorant or is composed of people with absolutely zero common sense, but is likely a combination of both.  Anyone still trying to convince us that President Trump is a Russian agent should simply be ignored.

I mean talk about clinging to an overturned lifeboat, geez. There were no indictments and we all know that indictments, and a lot of them, were going to be the make-or-break feature of Mueller’s report.  This joke took more than two years, consumed, quite literally, tens of millions of dollars and was praised by the Democrats and 90 percent of those involved in ‘fake news’ as the being greatest thing since sliced bread until roughly 90 hours ago. Well I’m sure the Left is licking its wounds and busily planning its next assault.  When do they ever find the time to represent anyone?

And finally, when is it that we can we expect to see taking place any investigation into the collusion during the 2016 campaign that we ALL know did take place?  The collusion involving such star players as Barry ‘O’, Hitlery, Clapper, Brennan as well as a whole host of other un-named players who comprise what has come to be known as the ‘Deep State’.  But I’m sure enthusiasm for such an investigation would be sorely lacking on the part of those now determined to get this president, because poor, poor Hitlery has been punished enough, especially since she’s the one who lost to Trump.


Democrats 79

Riddle me this: Are there, today, any responsible individuals left in the Democrat Party or, for that matter, in any of our state-controlled ‘fake news’ organizations?  If the last 10 years are any indication, I would argue that there most definitely are not.  Because if there were would we now be hearing from so many of the more prominent members of the party, and of the media, that which is really nothing more than the calling for violence to be committed against any of those who dare to disagree with their rather twisted view of the world and with their continuing attempts to drag our country over the cliff of Socialism.

Now I must admit that I seldom agree with ANYTHING that is said by Hitlery.  But with that being said, there is one thing she has said that I could not agree more with, and it’s when she said that we cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy all that America stands for.  And she is right when she says that we must fight against those politicians and activists who degrade the rule of law, seek to delegitimize our elections, spread corruption, attack truth and reason, and try to undermine our national unity.  A defiant, defensive, and dystopian political party must be met with determined aggression, not with niceties and hand-wringing.

But that she has been able to convince herself that it’s the Republican Party that represents the enemy of our republic, proves that she’s living in some upside-down world or that her mind is further gone than we realized.  After all, we are now two years into the Trump’s presidency and it has become painfully obvious which side those in the Democrat Party are now on.  They are now, and very firmly so, on the side of those working to undermine our American system of government and the American way of life.  When they didn’t get the president they wanted in 2016, Democrats attacked the legitimacy of our election and of the Electoral College.

Democrats questioned, and they continue to question, the integrity of the result and then somehow thought it a good idea to act like spoiled children by choosing to boycott President Trump’s inauguration.   They even went so far as to encourage electors to go rogue and overturn the election, and when that failed advocated for the abolishing of the Electoral College, disregarding its purpose of preventing mob rule.  Is that the behavior of responsible adults, of those who are our leaders?  As they undermined faith in the American electoral process in these and other ways, they accomplished nothing more than to help those seeking to impact our elections.

It wasn’t the Republicans who chose to weaponize the FBI and the Justice Department in hopes of being able to take down Barry ‘O’ or to derail the candidacy of Hitlery.  Nope that was all the Democrats in their effort to undo an election that didn’t turn out the way they were so certain that it would.  So they go after President Trump, trying to bog him down in frivolous investigations in their attempt to create some cloud of suspicion that would serve to undermine the legitimacy of his presidency. Some who are paid to implement the president’s agenda continue to brag about efforts to sabotage him even from within the administration.

And when Trump dared to nominate a Supreme Court justice that the Democrats didn’t like, what is it then that they chose to do?  Well, they did exactly what we expected them to do, they disrespected the confirmation process by withholding information, and then proceeded with an attempt to destroy the nominee’s life by means of numerous unsubstantiated allegations. Then, as was also expected, their many allies in the ‘fake news’ attacked the structure of the Senate and urged Democrats to pack the court. When the nominee was confirmed according to the rules of the Senate, they then attacked the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

And let’s not forget how it continues to be the Democrat Party that views the military as being little more than a petri dish for all manner of progressive social policies.  The military should not be an equal opportunity employer for the very simple reason that not everyone is up to the task of defending ones country.  It may make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside to insist women be in combat roles, regardless of the complications, cost, or potential effects on combat readiness, but to make such demands ignores the reason we have a military in the first place.  We need nothing less than the strongest and the smartest folks we can get!

Democrats also continue to flout the rule of law at our borders and attack law enforcement agencies at every opportunity. They assert that we must now allow anyone into the country for any reason, no matter what the cost to taxpayers, the terror threat, or the effects of doing so has on our culture and our economy.  They think themselves so clever, they’re so sure we’ll never be able to figure what it is they’re really up to.  But I have news for them, we already have, that’s why we’re so supportive of building ‘The Wall.’  For them it’s all about achieving power, and they’re sure those allowed into this country will be reliable voters…for them.

Democrats are determined in their efforts to undermine the institutions of God and family, and they have a special kind of hatred for the Christian foundations of both our Constitution and of the American way of life.  Legal recognition of gay marriage was not enough for them; they demand everyone embrace and cheer on a lifestyle that some view as being little more than perverse.  They demand Americans violate their conscience in order to provide women taxpayer-sponsored access to drugs that kill unborn babies and they insist the president has the ‘right’ to force your child to share a bathroom with boys in her school.

Democrats wage war on our right to free speech, our right to life, and our right to carry a gun. Their campaign to redefine sex and gender is an affront to reason, to truth and to their much beloved ‘science’.  They illogically accuse people who oppose ripping fully formed babies from a mother’s womb of wanting to dominate and control women and of somehow wanting to place a limit on women’s ‘rights.’  They exploit emotions in the wake of school shootings to push for unconstitutional gun grabs.  No amount of senseless death is too small to exploit, unless of course we’re talking about black on black crime where those numbers simply being ignored.

Democrats seem no longer interested in having an honest debate on the issues.  They simply see no reason, they are right and everyone else is WRONG.  They seek to use whatever power they can get their hands on to intimidate, manipulate, and shame the opposition into silence. They pressure social media outlets to police speech they don’t like online. They wield the ‘fake news’ narrative fabricated by the media to explain Hitlery’s loss in their ongoing campaign to diminish the voice of the conservative press, and they partner with legacy outlets that damage the public’s faith in the press with a growing mountain of blatantly dishonest reporting.

And rather than reexamine their divisive political strategies following their 2016 election fiasco, Democrats choose instead to hit the accelerator on the politics of division and the advocating for violence all in their effort to ‘resist’. Thus we have Hitlery, still, two full years after the election, blaming everyone but herself and her ideas for her loss, and daring to say that Democrats simply cannot be “civil” until they have regained control of the government. Then, she asserts, we can go back to “listening to each other” and “working out our differences.” Yeah, right. THAT Democrat Party is NOT the Democrat Party that exists today.

The Democrat Party, at this particular moment in time, is no longer the Democrat Party of your parents.  They would likely be unable to recognize it while at the same time denying that they could ever have been part of such a hateful organization.  It has been taken over by those who hate our institutions, hate the limits of our system of government, and hate the American way of life, and by those who hate America.  They have become the party of mob rule, and the party of hate. There’s a line where civility necessarily starts to break down, and they’re definitely heading straight for it, if they haven’t crossed it already.