Harris 3

And so, once again we have she who, when running to be the Democrat chosen to face off again President Trump come this November, never garnered more than one percent of the vote now is whining about how our evil president, because he opposes the latest Democrat effort to essentially cheat on what would be a massive scale, is, in reality, simply suppressing the minority vote.  How humiliating must it be for her, as well as the rest of those who were all vying for the same prize, to have been beaten out by a senile old pervert who rarely, if ever, knows where he is, what day of the week it is, or even what office it is that he’s supposed to be running for?

So anyway, it was during an appearance just this last Wednesday on MSDNC, that Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris once again accused President Trump of attempting to “suppress the vote,” this time because he has voiced his opposition to vote-by-mail during the ‘China virus’ pandemic.  When asked about President Trump threatening Michigan for mailing out absentee ballot applications in a tweet, it was ‘Headboard’ who said, “Yeah. Mr. President, it is a federal crime to withhold money from states with the purpose of interfering with people’s right to vote. So, you may want to talk with your lawyer Bill Barr about that, and that would be my advice for the president.”

‘Headboard’ continued her rant by saying, “But, you know, Joy, it’s clear he has done this because, one, he is always in the business of attempting to intimidate and using his tweets as the method by which he does that. But it’s clear he’s worried about whether he’s going win this election. So it is an attempt to suppress the vote, which is an attempt to have these states not send these applications for vote-by-mail so that people will not get those applications to vote by mail and then not vote by mail.”  And she then added, “This is another example of Donald Trump being complicit with an attempt or even purposely attempting to suppress the vote in an election.”

Yup, by golly, the fact that President Trump opposes allowing the Democrats to cheat is nothing short of being racist, plain and simple!  And yet she seems to have no problem with the fact that her party’s presumed nominee for president was around when this country was still segregated and actually opposed integration.  It’s every single election season, and I do mean every single one, that the Democrats trot out their same old and used stinky claim that “Republicans are trying to suppress the vote, and they are racist!” You would think they could eventually come up with a new talking point!  But then, this one does still work, just not as well as it once did.

The only thing worse than an American politician leading from (her) back is the continuous lying about the core of the Democrat agenda/platform in every election: yell “voter suppression” when what that means is the attempt to prevent illegals and dead folks from voting.  Suppressing voter fraud is not suppressing the vote, you flipping moron.  People can always sign up for absentee ballot.  I’ve done it several times myself. It used to be that only conservatives and service members who ever bothered.  But now the Democrats want to blanket the country with unrequested ballots just to see if enough people will vote with someone else’s ballot.

Actually, if we’re being honest here, which ‘Headboard’ most definitely is not, what the president is trying to suppress is voter fraud and the inevitable war that would follow any attempt to seize power through vote-by-mail.  He is working to protect the citizens of America from dangerous people like ‘Headboard.’ So there is a certain level of truth in what ‘Headboard’ says because President Trump does not want to see those who are dead, those who are in this country illegally or who are convicted felons voting. So if these people can’t vote then, I suppose, at least from ‘Headboard’s rather skewed perspective, you could call that voter suppression.

What actually can be referred to as being racist is what Democrats, like old ‘Headboard’ continue to do, which is to put forward their argument that somehow it’s voter ID laws that are truly racist. And that because claiming that “those people” lack the necessary intelligence, education, or the wherewithal to acquire a driver’s license or some other form of identification. How long are we going to allow Democrats to promulgate their racist policies?  If President Trump is reelected it will likely be because of people like ‘Headboard’ who seem to think that all Americans are simply too stupid to see what the Democrats are truly up to here.  And we are not!


  1. LUV her new NICKNAME ! It is as perfect for her as the photo above this article — where she is practicing the position she used so effectively, with bended knees, on Mayor Willie Brown ! This new first name is far superior to her lame, self-anointed “KAMMIE” (YUCK!).

    How do we describe her? Count the Ways! … Greedy, Bombastic, Condescending, Hateful — and (owing to the fact that we are in an Election season) ” This is ONLY A PARTIAL LIST !”

    She covets the PRESIDENCY, and if that ticket is elected (GOD forbid), she will shove BIDEN aside, kick him back into THE BASEMENT, drop the key between her 34C’s and take over The Oval Office, with the explanation that “he’s not available right now … ”

    Let her embarrass herself at will … the bottom line is still TRUMP IN 2020 !


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