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So who among us actually believes that the Democrats’ desire for increasing the minimum wage really has anything to do with something other than killing jobs and thereby forcing more people into government dependence?  Because if that’s what you’re thinking then, no offense, I’m afraid you’re a moron.  The minimum wage is a job killer! Empirical studies have shown that for every $1 hike in the minimum wage, 1.4 Million jobs are lost nationally.  So, to mess with the minimum wage now, when unemployment stands at almost 14%, could be catastrophic!  And yet, we have the Democrat nominee for president, ‘Senile Old’ Joe, advocating for exactly that.

And so it was during a town hall on Thursday, one sponsored by the Communist News Network (CNN), that Democrat nominee, ex-vice president ‘Senile Old Joe, stated that the post-coronavirus recovery will require big thinking and that “we have an opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people,” on issues such as the minimum wage.  If I have heard how these Democrats want to USE this ‘Chinese virus’ to advance their vision for the country once, I bet I’ve heard it 30 or 40 times.  Need I remind anyone that this is how these leftists view such ‘crises’ as this ‘Chinese virus,’ as being purely nothing more than “opportunities.”

‘Senile Old’ Joe stated, “I think the way to get through this is we have to deal with stimulating the economy, but then we have to deal with recovery, recovery. And the way you deal with recovery is you think much bigger than we have before. … I think we have an opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people, things they weren’t ready to do, even two, three years ago. They’re now going oh, my Lord, look at all those people out there making minimum wage who are saving their lives, look at all the people out there stocking the shelves, look at all the people who are making sure that they’re sanitizing the areas you go into.”

‘Senile Old’ Joe then went on to say, “These are people who deserve to be treated better. I think you’re going to see minimum wages going up.”  ‘Senile Old’ Joe  also predicted changes in health care, education, and equality.  And he further stated, “We have an opportunity now, to take in a recovery act, a real recovery, we can fundamentally change the science relating to global warming. And we can create, seriously, create 10 million good-paying jobs.”  Once again ‘Senile Old’ Joe, like so many others in his political party, regardless of subject, is simply pulling numbers out of his ass.  He has nothing whatsoever to back up ANYTHING the he says!

This is the same foolish, absurd argument that I’ve heard so many times before.  And each time I hear it, it makes no more sense than the last time I heard it.  The mindset that low earners must be paid more by law is the same one that believes we have to spend first and then tax accordingly.  Increasing minimum wages only causes a reduction in hours, a reduction in jobs, and ever more demand placed on ever fewer employees. Right now companies get away with paying lower wages BECAUSE of an endless and very generous welfare system.  And another thing, if your career job is paying minimum wage, you’ve made some very bad decisions in your life.

What idiot’s like ‘Senile Old’ Joe seem unable to grasp, for any number of obvious reasons, is that the reason jobs were sent overseas or replaced with automation is because of the constant pressure from morons just like him, and the rest of the Democrat Party, to diminish the value of entry level employees.  The desire is to make them more expensive, less efficient, less accountable for their work and to take away a company’s ability to manage their business effectively.  And it’s then that business management will respond by implementing resources they can control more easily by either moving jobs overseas or by increasing automation.

Democrats simply seem unable to see beyond their need to fatten their wallets at taxpayer expense, unless it’s some kind of fantastic futuristic doom and gloom scenario like global warming, cooling, change or whatever they are trying to sell it as these days.  Here we are with food lines and they’re back trying to destroy our recovery with a forced $15 minimum wage.  How about we send home every illegal immigrant first, so they don’t burden our schools, our healthcare and/or our welfare programs, while competing for those lower paying jobs.  The minimum wage will go up if the stupid Democrats quit protecting illegals competing for American jobs.

Hey, ‘Senile Old’ Joe, here’s an idea!  Why not increase the minimum wage so that everyone is able to make $1 Million per year just to start.  And if everyone was then a millionaire imagine all of the new tax revenue that that would then be generate!  Of course there would still be a few of those pesky unintended consequences.  Like, what would a loaf of bread cost, or a gallon of gas?  What would housing cost?  Now while increasing the minimum wage does provide the employee with a rather short lived moment of joy, it’s just before they either have their hours cut or are let go altogether because of costs being increased to cover this ‘new’ cost of doing business.

Reality says you cannot have it all, you cannot have a family of four, a house at the shore and two cars by working in a job that pays minimum wage.   You’re not SUPPOSED to able to have any of those things by working in a job that pays minimum wage.  And if you think you should then you’re even more of moron than I ever thought possible.  Minimum wage is for low skill workers, it’s a starting point.  It’s not something you’re supposed strive for.  You don’t wake up and say, “Gee, I can’t wait until I can make minimum wage.”  Stay in school, learn a trade, do something that requires a skill and you will not have to worry about what the minimum wage is.

Many small and medium sized businesses, whose profit margins were already thin to begin with, have been devastated by the forced closure of their business.  If/when they reopen times will be even tougher. They will likely experience reduced trade due to ongoing social distancing measures combined with consumer uncertainty.  Naturally, the repugnant Democrats are proposing policies that would stymie recovery and make life even harder for those businesses.  Everywhere that inflated, politically motivated minimum wages have been instituted (New York, Seattle, San Fran, etc) people have lost their jobs and businesses have failed.  Which was exactly the goal.

Using this, or any other, crisis to further policies that are known to be both destructive and to have virtually no chance of succeeding or to provide any level of perceivable benefit, is nothing less than a gross, as well as a scandalous, abuse of power.  The goal of those who push such policies should be very clear, that being, of course, to kill off all but the giant corporations who gladly donate to their party; to leave as many people as possible without a means to provide for their families and therefore permanently enslaved to the state and to cripple any and all independent American businesses that can exist free of the oppressive state bureaucracy.

Somewhere inside the fog inside his head, even ‘Senile Old’ Joe must realize that raising the minimum wage is bad for overall revenue and the economy, but that’s not the point. Millions of burger flippers will vote themselves a raise.  That together with massive voter fraud that ballot harvesting would enable, will help Democrats reach their ultimate goal, political power.  Minimum wage jobs were never supposed to be lifetime employment, they were meant for summer jobs for teenagers or part time jobs for housewives trying to bring in extra money.  Only Democrats want you to believe that flipping hamburgers is a lifelong career and should pay as such.

This is all nothing more than typical Democrat malarkey. Sell the people on some pipe dream of emotional hype, with virtually no specifics, when all along the real plan is something totally different.  But this false messaging does its job if he manages to get himself elected as a result. Look at what ‘BO’ managed to accomplish by offering a bumpersticker slogan, “Hope and Change,” and never explaining what he actually meant.  We know now that he meant to say “transform America to Socialism” but that would have been too extreme and possibly jeopardized his chances of being elected. So continue to keep your real message hidden Joe, it might just work for you too.

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