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Can we please all agree when it comes to the fact that Nancy Pelosi isn’t exactly known for telling the truth?   But she is far from being the only Democrat guilty of misrepresenting the truth, because without their lies, the Democrats have nothing.  But it is Pelosi, and her difficulty with the truth who will be focused on at this time.  Pelosi hates this president and will stop at nothing, leave no lie untold, in her continuing effort to cast this president as being anything other than what he is.

For instance it was Friday, on MSDNC, that Pelosi accused President Trump of not accepting the facts about the seriousness of the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic, which has cost lives and the economy.  And what we, once again, have here is yet another example of a disgusting human being accusing the president of what she, and every member of her party, and I do mean EVERY one, has been doing since day one of this ‘Chinese virus.’  Pelosi accused President Trump of calling this pandemic a “hoax.”

Now what the president DID say, on February 28 at a campaign rally in South Carolina, and what Pelosi clearly takes out of context, as she has a reputation for doing, was to compare the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic to their bogus grounds for impeachment by saying, “this is their new hoax.”  And, of course, he was right.  It’s become increasingly clear that the Democrats, Pelosi included, have lost their collective mind over their hatred of this president.

And it was on the subject of what has become the growing number of protests against stay home orders that Pelosi said, “I won’t take the bait. This is another example of the distraction that they want to make from the fact that the president had said that this pandemic was a hoax, and that’s not true. That the president said, it will magically disappear. That’s not true. Again and again, he was in denial and delay in dealing with this. This is just a distraction. Don’t fall for that. Don’t take the bait.”

And it was ‘anchor’ Ari Melber who said, “Looking at the economic hardship, which of course, is part of the bill you mentioned that you’re working on — Washington Post reporting 22 million unemployed. This was wiped out a decade of job gains.”  He continued, “The U.S. has not seen this level of jobless, the Post reports, quote, since the Great Depression. Speaker, do you view this as simply a product of this tough pandemic, or do you view this as a Trump recession?”

Pelosi answered, “It’s probably a combination. Let’s right now talk about the pandemic because that’s a matter of life and death. We’re in the situation that we’re in because early into this, the president refused to accept the facts.”  She continued, “So the situation we’re in is largely of his making, calling it a hoax, saying magically it will disappear, not calling upon the Defense Production Act to protect the workers who are trying to save lives as they risk their own lives in doing so.”

Melber said, “You just laid out your view of his failures coming from the Trump White House on down. Do you think those failures cost lives?”  Pelosi said, “Yes, I do. I think delaying were deadly. The reason I’m speaking out and I sent a letter to my colleagues which I’m overwhelmed by the response I received nationally and from my colleagues insisting on the truth is let’s not continue on a path of misrepresentation and falsehood, let’s get to the science, the evidence, the data, and facts.”

So I ask you, if the president had actually called this ‘pandemic’ a hoax would we not now be seeing the video of him doing so being played 24/7/365?  And yet, we aren’t.  But, oddly enough, what have seen, and continue to see, are videos of various Democrats, including Pelosi, telling Americans at the very beginning of this supposed ‘pandemic’ that there was absolutely nothing to worry about and that they should go about their normal daily activities.  So who is it that likely cost American lives?

Pelosi sounds like a proverbial broken record, as she continues to say, “Trump bad. Democrats good.”  Frankly I’m bored and rather tired of hearing all of these disgusting Democrats with all of their accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up.  And none of them are ever challenged by those who profess to be bona fide ‘journalists’ but who are in fact nothing more than ‘fake news’ propagandists of the worst kind.  And they always seem offended whenever that’s pointed out.

Pelosi’s supposed concern over the economy is more than a little disingenuous.  After all, it’s become painfully obvious who it is that’s trying to wreck our economy, and that would of course be the Democrats.  I mean who are the ones now working so hard to force small businesses, out of business?  And it’s Democrat governors who are now determined to slow walk opening their states back up.  They hate this president and the American people and don’t care who they hurt in their effort to gain power.

Pelosi continues to make very clear that the only thing that she, and her party, actually cares about is restoring themselves to power and their ability to reign over the American people. Instead of being concerned about actually improving the plight of those suffering during this pandemic, she has sought only to exploit it for political gain at every opportunity.  She is nothing more than a political hack of the worst kind.  And as such has no business being in any position of power.

The last card that the Democrats have to play against President Trump is a poor economy.  Pelosi is hoping that if the Democrats can just make things bad enough they will finally be able to take out President Trump.  So she will do nothing helpful. She is an incredibly rich, entitled, elitist who doesn’t give a squat when it comes to the needs of the American people.  Democrats want the economy to collapse, they NEED it to collapse, and have been trying to wreck it for over two years now.

It’s every single day that I see Democrats, including Pelosi, provided with a platform by those in our ‘fake news’ media from which they are allowed to spew all manner of lies without ever being challenged.  It’s a fact that the Democrat Party is a ruthless party that hates America and the American People. Their primary objective is to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with something totally unrecognizable. Their party needs to be eliminated if the Republic is to survive.

It’s the Democrat who identifies with our enemies.  It’s the Democrat who runs down our country and our history.  It’s the Democrat who conspires with globalists against our Republic, our Constitution and our people.  It’s the Democrat who pits one race against another, rich against poor and educated against uneducated.  It’s the Democrat who doesn’t like the citizens so they try to replace them with the third world needy.  It’s the Democrat who is diabolical and treacherous.

If I had my way, thousands just like her would meet an end that would make the history books, and serve as a deterrent that would make the most ruthless monsters in the future cringe at the thought of meeting the same end.  There’s a special place in Hell for those like Pelosi.  I pray I live long enough to see this treasonous, ruthless, evil, psychopath leave this world.  Pelosi and those like her have murdered and robbed and deceived millions of innocent people, here and across the globe.

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