Harris 2

In what I assume was an attempt to ‘polish’ up her resume in an effort to make herself more appealing in the ongoing ‘VP sweepstakes,’ regarding who it is that will selected to keep ‘Senile Old’ Joe, if elected, from wondering off, it was ‘Headboard’ Harris who recently resurfaced to make what was a rather sad and pathetic attempt to project the inherent weakness and piss-poor leadership on the part of ‘BO’ onto President Donald Trump.  But then this is what Democrats do.  And there will, no doubt, be more than a few clueless Democrats who will think her comments clever but in so doing they simply make very clear just how truly ignorant they really are.

And what I am of course talking about is Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris’s recent appearance, just this past Wednesday, there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), with “Anderson Cooper 360”, during which time she said she was tired of waiting for President Trump to lead during the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic.  Translation: President Trump is leading the country in a direction that Democrats, like old ‘Headboard’ most definitely do not want to go because instead of increasing the amount of control the government has over the American people President Trump views things just a bit differently, and actually believes in the Constitution.

Now as we all know Andy ‘Light-In-The-Loafers’ Copper is not a big fan of President Trump.  So there was no cause for surprise when he asked, “I hesitate to even lead with asking you about the president threatening to unilaterally adjourn both chambers of Congress because it seems like such an obvious distraction to keep people from focusing on his own failures, but he is the president and this is his threat. What do you make of that?”  Harris answered, “Well, Anderson, you’re quite right. He is doing it on purpose, so this would be the lead question to deflect from the fact that he has failed to be a leader during a pandemic, an economic crisis facing our country.

And it was from there that old ‘Headboard’ went on to say, “I think we have to stop waiting for him to act like a president and just move on and talk about what is happening in states. What is happening with local leaders around the need to address the pain that Americans are feeling every day? It’s a distraction. He’s doing this as a way to distract us from the topic at hand. Let’s talk about the topic at hand. Checks are starting to be cut by the Treasury Department. I’m sending a letter with others of my colleagues to demand and request that Secretary Mnuchin make it clear that debt collectors cannot take those checks because those checks are going to start flowing.”

She added, “These are the issues at hand. We have had an abject failure of leadership from Donald Trump, and I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.”  Look, I will be the first one to admit that President Trump is not perfect.  But that being said, to hear any career political hack who has never done anything other than to live off the taxpayer talk about leadership is laughable.  Especially when that same career political hack is a skank like ‘Headboard’ Harris.  We all know how it is that she got where she is today, and her supposed ‘leadership skills’ had nothing to do with it.

For those who are unaware of just what kind of person ‘Headboard’ is, a perfect example would be how in 2010, as San Francisco’s DA 2004 to 2011, ‘Headboard’ chose to withhold information about a police laboratory technician who had been accused of “intentionally sabotaging” her work and stealing drugs from the lab. ‘Headboard’s deputies knew of the technician’s wrongdoing, but failed to alert defense lawyers.  So the net result was that more than 600 cases handled by the corrupt technician ended up being dismissed.  And yet today she feels qualified to criticize the president during this time when politics should be set aside.

Now old ‘Headboard’ can complain about what she views as being the president’s lack of leadership until the cows come home, but what exactly is it that has SHE has done to help at any time during this ‘Chinese virus’ inspired pandemic?   Has she managed to put politics aside, even for a second, or offered to help those in her own beleaguered state?  NOPE!  Now since she seems incapable of leading herself what she needs to do is to get firmly out of the way and allow the president do that which he does best.  Perhaps ‘Headboard’ should be trying to help AMERICANS instead of sitting on your rather sizable butt and whining to a fellow Trump hater, like Cooper.

And I must say I’m getting a little tired of hearing and reading the same old lies, from the same old Democrats, when it comes to morons like ‘Headboard’ bashing the president. People like ‘Headboard’ and their media lackeys, like Cooper, have spent the better part of four years railing against Donald Trump, calling him a demented and corrupt liar who’s unfit for the office.  They have never supported anything that he’s done, nor have they tried to work with him, and now they claim they want leadership from him?  Had he sounded a five-alarm warning back in January, they would have accused him of wagging the dog to deflect from the impeachment farce.

And talk about gaslighting. The man just sent out stimulus checks, passed by both houses, he is working to get the economy turned back on, the ‘fake news’ types are on him like a pack of wolves, and she claims he’s not leading?  A stupid ghetto gutter rat that snuck her way into politics and couldn’t even get 1 percent of the vote, and who has to appear on CNN because no real news network will have her, has the nerve to talk sh!t about the president?   I’m really tired of hookers with law degrees getting into Congress on their knees, but here we are.  Expecting integrity from a person like ‘Headboard’ is like going to a crack house to find an accountant.  Trash is trash.

‘Headboard’ is one more poster child of the radical left. It amazes me that ANYONE still votes for or takes seriously people like ‘Headboard.’  The scary part of all this is that we have lemmings who go along with anything these people say.  What we are watching is the havoc inspired by the left in the form of failing government schools, attacks on faith and religion, attacks on the family and attacks on anyone who disagrees with the perversion and debauchery embraced by those on the left.  Just imagine where we would be today without President Trump. Try to imagine the nightmare we would now be living in real time had Hiterly been elected president.

And does anyone doubt that were she the one now in the position of having to deal with what this president is having to deal with that old ‘Headboard’ would have any idea of what to do, or of what needs to be done?  He put together a coalition of American companies to meet the demands and has the companies mass producing the medical equipment and tests needed to deal with this crisis.  He replenished the medical supply system that BO & Co. depleted and simply chose not to replenish.  He also gives a daily briefing to the country with his health crisis team on the status of this virus.  The president leads while ‘Senile Old’ Joe hides out in his basement.

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