Clyburn 6

And so it is that we continue to hear from an increasing number of Democrats how it is that their primary objective, regarding the rapidly approaching presidential election, is ensuring the defeat of President Trump and not ensuring to do that which would actually be in the best interest of all Americans.  Therefore, we who continue to want what’s best for America need to make sure that we are prepared to defeat whomever it Is that the Democrats decide to run against him.  Because make no mistake, what it is that the Democrats would have in store for us, should we fail to reelect Donald Trump, would be a nightmare beyond all comprehension.

And it was during MSDNC’s coverage of Super Tuesday that James Clyburn, Democrat from South Carolina, made the rather idiotic comment that he is fearful for the future of America if President Trump succeeds in winning a second term.  And it was during a discussion regarding ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden that Clyburn said, “If this continues throughout this campaign, the speech-making that Biden is now doing, the fund-raising that’s now taking place, and the kind of rollouts, the kind of organization that I saw last night, he is going to be very successful, and he will be our nominee. I really deeply feel he will be the next president of the United States.”  Seriously?

Clyburn added, “I think that’s all I was trying to do. Getting people to not just look at platforms, but to look at the candidates, compare them, which one of these candidates demonstrate the kind of compassion, the kind of goodness. I’ve been telling everybody that what’s on the ballot this year is not just proposals. It is the goodness of this country — people who want this country to be respected around the world, people who want this country to open up its opportunities to everybody, people who want to restore dignity into the White House. So that’s what I’ve been saying to people. That’s what they’ve been saying to me. People are afraid.”

He said, “John Lewis and I met in October of 1960 when we were a part of organizing SNCC. I went to jail several times back then for trying to break down barriers. I was a little anxious about being in jail, but I was never fearful. I felt that sooner or later, this country would respond to my dreams and my aspirations. I don’t feel that way today. I am absolutely fearful of this country’s future. I want all American people, not just Democrats. I want Republicans and Independents to think about this country, where we are. Think about what we’re seeing from foreign countries. Some of us are even afraid to travel in foreign countries.”   WE are thinking about this country!

And Clyburn concluded his pathetic little rant by saying, “We need to restore, respect for this country, dignity in the White House, and fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the American people.”  Now all that sounds pretty good but it’s all nonsense.  Because you have to ask yourself where was this pathetic old loser back during the dark days of Barry ‘O’, who did absolutely nothing but to diminish respect for this country while at the same time taking the “dignity of the White House” to a new low.  And Barry ‘O’ did virtually nothing that had any meaningful impact when it came to the ability of average Americans to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  Nothing!

Look, Clyburn is another of those in the black community who have been bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and as such is someone who acts in the capacity of what is nothing more than an overseer on the Democrat plantation.  He is a fraud of the very worst kind.  And it’s sad!  And he is someone whose only interest lies not in doing all that he can to improve the lives of those in the black community, but instead to do all that he can to convince blacks that their only hope of being able to successfully navigate through life is to forever remain there the Democrat Party plantation.  Because to wander off the plantation, is to guarantee misery.

And a word of advice to Mr. Clyburn.  “We the People” are far more fearful of those now seeking to replace President Trump, two old, white men, one who has a poor heart and one who seems to be more than just a little demented, one who’s a commie and one who’s a crook.  We have in Donald Trump a President who has helped many Americans, to the point where we now have nearly 70% of Americans saying they are better off today than they were under the last president, a Democrat.  He has kept more promises than not, and has elevated America everywhere in the world.  And he has united his party more than any Republican President since Ronald Reagan.

So I find myself wondering just what it might be that racist old Jimmy is so fearful of?  Might it be that people of color seem to be taking full advantage of the economic opportunity that President Trump has created and are therefore becoming much less dependent upon Democrat handouts and empty promises?   And that more of them might vote for President Trump?  Let’s face it, Clyburn is little more than a relic of America’s bygone racist past!  President Trump sees people as individuals just as most Republicans do!  America remains safe with President Trump at the helm while the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist Party seeks only to make America very much less safe.

And despite all of the drivel that we hear coming from Democrats, like Clyburn, President Trump has done more for America in less than four years than his Democrat predecessor, the Messiah and Savior, Barry ‘O’, managed to do in eight.  The difference between President Trump and his racist predecessor is the FACT that President Trump loves ALL of America, not just certain sects that can benefit him politically.  Under President Trump, America has regained much of what Barry ‘O’ sought to diminish simply because that’s what Democrats do.  Democrats do not create anything, they seek only to destroy everything they come into contact with.

It’s sad to see so many of these so-called ‘leaders’, especially Black ‘leaders’, in the Democrat Party as they continue to seek ever more inventive ways of ensuring more Americans, particularly minorities, remain dependent on the government.  All Americans should have the chance to succeed and to be able to provide for their family and to keep them safe. But it’s never going to happen, or even be allowed to happen if we give Democrats power.  Because Democrats NEED people to NEED them, people who perceive themselves to be victims of an unjust system but who are, in fact, victims of a corrupt political party that seeks nothing more than to use them.

This latest rant from Clyburn is nothing more than an attempt on the part of Democrats to get their low-info voter base out to vote, but the level of enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for their lineup of potential candidates makes it difficult.  Therefore Democrats are once again resorting to scare tactics: “Trump is going to destroy our democracy blah, blah, blah.”  Clyburn seems to still be mired in the 60s.  He’s 79 while ‘Crooked Joe’ is 77 and they’re both still wearing the same moldy old clothing that reeks of the day’s racism. They share some kind of weird symbiotic relationship that imprinted them in similar ways and they seem very comfortable with it.

Thanks to this president and his administration, America is today: 1) Energy independent, 2) Prospering economically, 3) Respected as the bastion of freedom and super-power that we are, 4) Experiencing the lowest unemployment numbers, across ALL races/ages, in recorded history, 5) Regaining judiciary BALANCE, in favor of the Constitution (though we still have a two-tiered system favoring elites/Democrats), 6) Experiencing booms in manufacturing, textiles, home ownership, auto ownership, retail sales AND travel (both in and out of country), 7) A majority of Americans now report that their lives are much BETTER than they were just four years ago!

And none of those things were accomplished under Democrats, because Democrats have no interest in doing so!  Instead, they’ve been focused on nothing more than trying to get rid of President Trump to the exclusion of everything else.  The ONLY agenda the Democrat Party has is to ‘remove Trump by any means necessary.’ Instead of talking about how fearful he is, perhaps Clyburn should demand that his party get off their collective butts and DO the job that they were elected to do.  Like it or not, the American people elected Donald Trump to be president.   Quit fighting the will of ‘The People.’ We’re sick and tired of Democrats whining!  Do your job, or resign!

Clyburn shouldn’t fear for America’s future when President Trump is reelected, but he should be at least a bit more concerned regarding the demise of his much beloved Democrat Party, and the attempt to take it over by a growing number of leftist radicals. And instead of making good on the many promises Democrats have made over the decades to those in the black community, blacks have been abandoned, except around election time when all of their problems are blamed on Republicans.  President Trump has done much to bring about significant and visible changes in the economic status of the blacks in America, and the Democrats can’t stand it.

And on a slightly unrelated topic, I’m wondering how “journalists” at CNN, MSDNC, or any of the progressive ‘fake news’ media rags can claim an inkling of integrity as they completely ignore ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s unambiguous mental deficiencies.  Let’s face it, they’ve been on display almost daily for months and have been obvious to even the most casual of observers.  There is absolutely no doubt he’s nowhere near as sharp as he was just a few years ago.  But how many experts and psychologists have mainstream media ‘journalists’ rolled out to ‘analyze’ the current Democrat frontrunner?  Zero.  It hasn’t happened, and it’s not going to happen.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost count of the many so-called experts that have been called upon to provide an opinion on the current mental state of President Trump, one that would require a complete suspension of disbelief in order to come away having drawn the conclusion that the president has in any way lost a step or two upstairs.  The reality is this: President Trump is just as mentally fit as he has been his entire adult life. He is showing no signs of dementia.  None.  His occasional misspoken words are no different today than they were 20 years ago.  But that matters not to Democrat scum like Clyburn.  Democrats will continue to pull out all the stops right up to Election Day.

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