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It’s amazing how little black politicians actually do, or have done, for their black constituents.  But still, like all pimps, they drive their expensive cars, live in their expensive homes, live their pampered lifestyles, and preach racism where there is none in order to keep the cash coming in.   And yet it is they who lecture Republicans on all matters of race.  And so too, it would seem that black Democrats are now taking part in a bizarre contest to determine just who among them that can sound the most insane.  And while James Clyburn is certainly in the running, he still can’t top those like Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters or, my personal favorite, Sheila Jackson Lee.

And it was our esteemed Mr. Clyburn who, just this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” once again demonstrated why it is that he’s in the running when he made the idiotic claim that he fears the police more now than he did when growing up in the segregated South.  He said, “I would simply say, as I have always said, nobody is going to defund the police. We can restructure the police forces, restructure, re-imagine policing. That is what we are going to do. The fact of the matter is, the police have a role to play. What we have got to do is make sure that their role is one that meets the times, one that responds to these communities that they operate in.”

Clyburn continued by saying, “I didn’t grow up in fear of police, even in a segregated environment. We never feared the police. But, all of a sudden now, I do fear the police. The young blacks fear the police. Why? Because we have built-in a system that’s responding, once again, to Brown v. Board of Education and everything that comes with it. When I was growing up, we didn’t have black police.”  He added, “The fact of the matter is, this is a structure that has been developed that we have got to deconstruct. So, I wouldn’t say defund — deconstruct our policing.”  Look, he can say anything he wants, but clearly defunding law enforcement IS the objective!

It’s a rather interesting little side story of how it is that Clyburn came by his current ‘leadership’ position, and it too has to do with the fact that he’s black.  You see, it was back in November 2010, after the Democrats lost control of the House, that Clyburn declared that he intended to challenge the old white guy, Steny Hoyer, for the number two leadership position.  So in order to avert what would surely have been a rather nasty fight that would have likely included accusations of racism, Pelosi made clear that if she were elected minority leader she would then create the position of ‘Assistant Leader’, whatever the Hell that is, for Clyburn.  And it worked.

But in getting back on topic here, I would like to inform Mr. Clyburn that today I fear the Democrats far more than I did when I was growing up back in the 1950s and 60s.  When I was young we didn’t so much fear Democrats as see them as bleeding hearts pinkos.  And back then there was even a very select few who, on occasion, were actually worth listening to.  Not so today, because as you’ve likely noticed the entire party has gone completely bonkers, completely consumed by hate and with their obsession for political power.  They will lie and they will cheat all in the name of acquiring, and maintaining, political power and nothing is seen as crossing the line.

The fact is that the Black unemployment rate was the lowest on record in February, 2020, just before the ‘Chinese virus’ hit.  ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden got himself elected to the Senate at age 29, stayed there for 36 years, before moving on to become vice president under our first black president.  If there is “systemic racism” to the degree which Clyburn claims, what did ‘BO’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ do to address it?  Nothing, yet somehow President Trump is to blame?   Clyburn is nothing but another of the black overseers on the Democrat plantation. His job is to keep all the black folks voting Democrat so the handful of rich white folks can keep their power.

Clyburn can say whatever he wants, but if we’re being honest here I think it’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to the majority of blacks in this country it’s far more of them who actually fear their fellow blacks more than they fear the police, or at least they should!  But you’ll never hear Clyburn say that because it does absolutely nothing to advance the Democrat agenda, and that’s what’s really important here.  It isn’t the police who have gone crazy. It is the times we are living in and the blatant refusal to obey lawful orders in a bad situation. There is no rampant ‘race’ problem, but there IS a rampant disrespect of law and order and the rights of others.

Let’s face it, Clyburn is a racist who belongs to what can safely be considered as one of the most racist organizations in the country, the Democrat Party.  And he seems not to mind a bit.  And frankly I find it more than a little difficult to believe that a sitting member of Congress is in any way fearful of the police.  It’s far more likely that the police should be fearful of racist dolts such as himself.  Clyburn is a race baiting clown incapable of demonstrating true leadership.  Instead of trying to calm people, he works much harder at winding people up and keep them wound up. There is virtually nothing that they will not say or do in their quest for power.

Democrats continue to make very clear that they are quite willing to allow America be burned to the ground because of their hatred of one man. The focus of all this outrage should be the guy, the Democrat, who was in office for the eight years prior to Donald Trump being elected. The very same guy who succeeded in doing nothing more than to set race relations in this country back 150 years.  “BO”, our first black president, came into office with so much promise and yet only made things so much worse.  He will go down as one of our worst presidents in history who had such a great opportunity to unite but instead allowed his politics to control his actions.

And finally here’s a little FACT that’s clearly in need of being repeated: According to the FBI, black Americans, who comprise 13 percent of the U.S. population, commit 52 percent of all homicides in the United States.  And it’s Black Americans who are seven times more likely to commit a homicide than are whites and six times more likely to be a victim.  And it’s 93 percent of black victims of homicide were killed NOT by whites or by the police but are, instead, killed by other black Americans.  Also, it’s 62 percent of black homicides that are drug related and 40% are gang related.  So who does Clyburn think will suffer the most from defunding (restructuring) the police?


Clyburn 6

And so it is that we continue to hear from an increasing number of Democrats how it is that their primary objective, regarding the rapidly approaching presidential election, is ensuring the defeat of President Trump and not ensuring to do that which would actually be in the best interest of all Americans.  Therefore, we who continue to want what’s best for America need to make sure that we are prepared to defeat whomever it Is that the Democrats decide to run against him.  Because make no mistake, what it is that the Democrats would have in store for us, should we fail to reelect Donald Trump, would be a nightmare beyond all comprehension.

And it was during MSDNC’s coverage of Super Tuesday that James Clyburn, Democrat from South Carolina, made the rather idiotic comment that he is fearful for the future of America if President Trump succeeds in winning a second term.  And it was during a discussion regarding ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden that Clyburn said, “If this continues throughout this campaign, the speech-making that Biden is now doing, the fund-raising that’s now taking place, and the kind of rollouts, the kind of organization that I saw last night, he is going to be very successful, and he will be our nominee. I really deeply feel he will be the next president of the United States.”  Seriously?

Clyburn added, “I think that’s all I was trying to do. Getting people to not just look at platforms, but to look at the candidates, compare them, which one of these candidates demonstrate the kind of compassion, the kind of goodness. I’ve been telling everybody that what’s on the ballot this year is not just proposals. It is the goodness of this country — people who want this country to be respected around the world, people who want this country to open up its opportunities to everybody, people who want to restore dignity into the White House. So that’s what I’ve been saying to people. That’s what they’ve been saying to me. People are afraid.”

He said, “John Lewis and I met in October of 1960 when we were a part of organizing SNCC. I went to jail several times back then for trying to break down barriers. I was a little anxious about being in jail, but I was never fearful. I felt that sooner or later, this country would respond to my dreams and my aspirations. I don’t feel that way today. I am absolutely fearful of this country’s future. I want all American people, not just Democrats. I want Republicans and Independents to think about this country, where we are. Think about what we’re seeing from foreign countries. Some of us are even afraid to travel in foreign countries.”   WE are thinking about this country!

And Clyburn concluded his pathetic little rant by saying, “We need to restore, respect for this country, dignity in the White House, and fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the American people.”  Now all that sounds pretty good but it’s all nonsense.  Because you have to ask yourself where was this pathetic old loser back during the dark days of Barry ‘O’, who did absolutely nothing but to diminish respect for this country while at the same time taking the “dignity of the White House” to a new low.  And Barry ‘O’ did virtually nothing that had any meaningful impact when it came to the ability of average Americans to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  Nothing!

Look, Clyburn is another of those in the black community who have been bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and as such is someone who acts in the capacity of what is nothing more than an overseer on the Democrat plantation.  He is a fraud of the very worst kind.  And it’s sad!  And he is someone whose only interest lies not in doing all that he can to improve the lives of those in the black community, but instead to do all that he can to convince blacks that their only hope of being able to successfully navigate through life is to forever remain there the Democrat Party plantation.  Because to wander off the plantation, is to guarantee misery.

And a word of advice to Mr. Clyburn.  “We the People” are far more fearful of those now seeking to replace President Trump, two old, white men, one who has a poor heart and one who seems to be more than just a little demented, one who’s a commie and one who’s a crook.  We have in Donald Trump a President who has helped many Americans, to the point where we now have nearly 70% of Americans saying they are better off today than they were under the last president, a Democrat.  He has kept more promises than not, and has elevated America everywhere in the world.  And he has united his party more than any Republican President since Ronald Reagan.

So I find myself wondering just what it might be that racist old Jimmy is so fearful of?  Might it be that people of color seem to be taking full advantage of the economic opportunity that President Trump has created and are therefore becoming much less dependent upon Democrat handouts and empty promises?   And that more of them might vote for President Trump?  Let’s face it, Clyburn is little more than a relic of America’s bygone racist past!  President Trump sees people as individuals just as most Republicans do!  America remains safe with President Trump at the helm while the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist Party seeks only to make America very much less safe.

And despite all of the drivel that we hear coming from Democrats, like Clyburn, President Trump has done more for America in less than four years than his Democrat predecessor, the Messiah and Savior, Barry ‘O’, managed to do in eight.  The difference between President Trump and his racist predecessor is the FACT that President Trump loves ALL of America, not just certain sects that can benefit him politically.  Under President Trump, America has regained much of what Barry ‘O’ sought to diminish simply because that’s what Democrats do.  Democrats do not create anything, they seek only to destroy everything they come into contact with.

It’s sad to see so many of these so-called ‘leaders’, especially Black ‘leaders’, in the Democrat Party as they continue to seek ever more inventive ways of ensuring more Americans, particularly minorities, remain dependent on the government.  All Americans should have the chance to succeed and to be able to provide for their family and to keep them safe. But it’s never going to happen, or even be allowed to happen if we give Democrats power.  Because Democrats NEED people to NEED them, people who perceive themselves to be victims of an unjust system but who are, in fact, victims of a corrupt political party that seeks nothing more than to use them.

This latest rant from Clyburn is nothing more than an attempt on the part of Democrats to get their low-info voter base out to vote, but the level of enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for their lineup of potential candidates makes it difficult.  Therefore Democrats are once again resorting to scare tactics: “Trump is going to destroy our democracy blah, blah, blah.”  Clyburn seems to still be mired in the 60s.  He’s 79 while ‘Crooked Joe’ is 77 and they’re both still wearing the same moldy old clothing that reeks of the day’s racism. They share some kind of weird symbiotic relationship that imprinted them in similar ways and they seem very comfortable with it.

Thanks to this president and his administration, America is today: 1) Energy independent, 2) Prospering economically, 3) Respected as the bastion of freedom and super-power that we are, 4) Experiencing the lowest unemployment numbers, across ALL races/ages, in recorded history, 5) Regaining judiciary BALANCE, in favor of the Constitution (though we still have a two-tiered system favoring elites/Democrats), 6) Experiencing booms in manufacturing, textiles, home ownership, auto ownership, retail sales AND travel (both in and out of country), 7) A majority of Americans now report that their lives are much BETTER than they were just four years ago!

And none of those things were accomplished under Democrats, because Democrats have no interest in doing so!  Instead, they’ve been focused on nothing more than trying to get rid of President Trump to the exclusion of everything else.  The ONLY agenda the Democrat Party has is to ‘remove Trump by any means necessary.’ Instead of talking about how fearful he is, perhaps Clyburn should demand that his party get off their collective butts and DO the job that they were elected to do.  Like it or not, the American people elected Donald Trump to be president.   Quit fighting the will of ‘The People.’ We’re sick and tired of Democrats whining!  Do your job, or resign!

Clyburn shouldn’t fear for America’s future when President Trump is reelected, but he should be at least a bit more concerned regarding the demise of his much beloved Democrat Party, and the attempt to take it over by a growing number of leftist radicals. And instead of making good on the many promises Democrats have made over the decades to those in the black community, blacks have been abandoned, except around election time when all of their problems are blamed on Republicans.  President Trump has done much to bring about significant and visible changes in the economic status of the blacks in America, and the Democrats can’t stand it.

And on a slightly unrelated topic, I’m wondering how “journalists” at CNN, MSDNC, or any of the progressive ‘fake news’ media rags can claim an inkling of integrity as they completely ignore ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s unambiguous mental deficiencies.  Let’s face it, they’ve been on display almost daily for months and have been obvious to even the most casual of observers.  There is absolutely no doubt he’s nowhere near as sharp as he was just a few years ago.  But how many experts and psychologists have mainstream media ‘journalists’ rolled out to ‘analyze’ the current Democrat frontrunner?  Zero.  It hasn’t happened, and it’s not going to happen.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost count of the many so-called experts that have been called upon to provide an opinion on the current mental state of President Trump, one that would require a complete suspension of disbelief in order to come away having drawn the conclusion that the president has in any way lost a step or two upstairs.  The reality is this: President Trump is just as mentally fit as he has been his entire adult life. He is showing no signs of dementia.  None.  His occasional misspoken words are no different today than they were 20 years ago.  But that matters not to Democrat scum like Clyburn.  Democrats will continue to pull out all the stops right up to Election Day.


Clyburn 4

It was over the weekend that Jimmy Clyburn, Democrat from South Carolina, made a rather odd admission.   Because he seemed to admit that, yes, the Democrat Party is in fact actually seeking ways to undermine our ‘Bill of Rights.’  Imagine that, of all people to come clean about what the Democrats are truly up to, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  So was this a rare bit of honesty on Jimmy’s part, or was he actually inferring that it’s the Republicans who are against the Bill of Rights?

You see, it was Sunday on MSNBC that Jimmy made it known that he wondered if the Bill of Rights would pass in today’s “climate.”  Now of course he very conveniently failed to mention how it’s folks just like him who are behind the creating of the very “climate” that he made reference to.   And might I also add that it is he and members of his Democrat Party who now represent what may actually be the greatest threat the Bill of Rights has ever faced going all the way back to its creation.

Because it was during this MSNBC appearance that Jimmy said based on conversations that he has all the time, he believes there would be “strong support against the Bill of Rights” among people who would like to see many of the guarantees “uprooted.”  Well since I’m sure many of the people he has been talking to are likely his fellow Democrats who have made clear their desire to gut the First and Second Amendments, I’m sure there’s much truth in what he says, it’s just so odd that he would admit it.

And it was during the same interview that Jimmy said, “I really believe sincerely – the climate that we’re in today – if the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution, were put before the public today, I’m not too sure that we would hold onto the Bill of Rights.”  And he said, “Especially when I see what people are doing with the Second Amendment and no telling what they would do with the First Amendment.”  Can he really be talking about his fellow Democrats?

MSNBC’s David Gura responded, “You really believe that? That’s a startling statement. You believe that?”  Jimmy said, “Absolutely!”  And then went on to say, “There would be a strong support against the Bill of Rights. Go through the Bill of Rights and I’ll tell you I run into people every day who would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted.”  And again I have absolutely no doubt that what he’s saying is true, because the Democrats have made it very clear that that is their objective.

Jimmy is a member of the one party that has chosen to take a stand against several of our God given rights as described by our Constitution.  I think it has become pretty common knowledge that the Democrats would love nothing more than repeal both our First and Second Amendments. They have become very outspoken in their opinion when it comes to what constitutes ‘free speech,’ and they vigorously attack as ‘hate speech’ ANY speech that doesn’t agree lockstep with them.

As is the case with just about every Democrat, Jimmy seems a bit confused.  It’s none of our ‘Rights’ that come from government.  And the day we start believing that that is in fact the case, Jimmy and his Democrat Party will have won.  Because what the government giveth, the government can very easily taketh away.  And what comes from God is forever.  And do most minorities even want a Bill of Rights for their new socialist country?  I would argue what most of them want is handouts, not liberty.

Democrats, like Jimmy, have long made it very clear that they view our Constitution is little more than an obstacle to their political agenda to destroy this nation and to turn it into another left wing sh!t hole.  And it is an obstacle that they will leave no stone left unturned in their determined effort to destroy.  Democrats believe that the government is far better able to run our lives and knows much better than we do ourselves what each person needs and how to best get those needs met.


Clyburn 3

Not one who apparently ever tires of comparing President Trump to Hitler, or ignore an opportunity to do so, ‘Racist Jimmy’ Clyburn recently offered up that very same comparison yet again, this time making the claim that the United States, under President Trump, bears a rather striking resemblance to early Nazi Germany.  He made his rather idiotic claim while on, where else but, the ‘Communist News Network (CNN), aka the king of ‘fake news.’  It was this past Monday that ‘Racist Jimmy’ appeared with a fellow racist on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon”.

‘Racist Jimmy’ said, “I think that we are facing some real vicarious times in the country.”  And he added, “And of course, having studied history and having taught history, I can only equate one period of time with what we are experiencing now, and that was what was going on in Germany around 1934, right after the 1932 elections when Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor. He began to do things to discredit the media, to disrupt the judicial system, and if you recall from your studies, they had swastikas hung in churches all over Germany.”

Study history? Taught history?  Here’s a guy who the Democrats often referred to as Stepinfetchit.  And one lower ranking Democrat has even said he was told just to “politely ignore him.”  Others thought of Jimmy as little more than ‘photo fodder.’  His history is that of a doormat or court jester.  Many attempted to report this fact but the stories were either shot down or edited as to not blow the scam.  And rumor has it that the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) was bought off with various pork barrel projects they could take back to their constituents for votes.

Anyway, in getting back to ‘Racist Jimmy’, he went on to tell Lemon, “And when I see and hear and experience what’s going on in the country today, I think back to that time, and I really believe that we as Americans had better get a handle on things. If we don’t, we could very well see ourselves going the way of Germany.”  This coming from a guy who claims to have studied and taught history.  Lemon said, “You know that’s a stark comparison. People are going to say, well he’s comparing him to Hitler and the Holocaust and all of those things.”

To which Jimmy responded, “Well only one difference in this, if I were making that comparison.”  Jimmy went on to say, “That this president would be Mussolini and Putin would be Hitler.”  Look, I think we can all come to agreement that Jimmy is little more than an Overseer on the Great Democrat Plantation, where blacks are not allowed to have any say in how their children are educated, are provided substandard housing and healthcare and are threatened with having their financial ‘benefits’ withheld if they dare to have a father present in the home.

Jimmy can claim to be someone who has studied history and has taught history until the cows come home in his effort to make viewers think that there is some level of credibility in his words.  But in truth he’s pretty ignorant when it comes to history.  What ‘Racist Jimmy’ is really doing here, despite having a Bachelor’s degree in History, is merely editing, twisting and remolding history to fit his own peculiar narrative, due to his hatred of President Trump.  And I feel confident in saying that Lemon’s viewers are probably too stupid to realize that Jimmy is full of shit.

And you know, let’s not forget that this is the same man who went on television during the race between Barry ‘O’ and Hitlery a few years back and called ‘Slick Willy’ a racist, not once but two different times.  First when ‘Slick’ said that Barry’s stance after elected was the same as Hitlery’s and secondly Jimmy came out again and said for citizens of his state who were going to vote soon to be very afraid of voting for Hitlery because his friends in Congress had come to him afraid if Barry wasn’t the one elected. This man will say and do anything.

And for anyone interested in a little history, it was on November 13, 2010 that Nancy Pelosi announced a deal whereby Steny Hoyer would stand as Minority Whip, while a ‘number three’ leadership position called Assistant Leader would be created, essentially out of thin air, for ‘Racist Jimmy’.  The Democrats made up the title for him once they were minorities in both houses and they gave his position, earned through seniority, to Hoyer.  They created a fake position, with no discernible powers, and gave it to the black man.  Apparently it was enough to keep him quiet.

The saddest part of the Democrat blathering is that the legislators making some of the dumbest comments are minorities who are undermining all the progress made by better representatives of their race.  Jimmy and ‘Mad Maxine’ Watters have not represented them well.  But they’re far from being only the only ones.  You also have geniuses like Sheila Jackson Lee, Frederica Wilson, Elijah Cummings, Al Green, Hank Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, John Lewis and Gwen Moore just to name of few others.  Blacks have been sold down the river by these incompetent boobs.

This is all just more fake hate on the Fake News channel. In 2015 before Trump ran for President, I think the average person found him to be a bit of a goof ball, a little arrogant, full of himself etc.  But that said, I don’t really recall anyone, regardless of political affiliation, who seemed to loath him, or called him racist or a Nazi or accused him of hating hated women!  He was just “The Donald”, the guy on TV who said “you’re fired!”  So what the hell happened?  How did he go from that braggadocios reality TV celebrity to the next Hitler????  Simply answer, he WON!

All the anti-Trump hate is not about Donald Trump the man, they hate him because he beat Hitlery at her own game. If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio were President right now, these leftist buffoons would still be marching in the streets and shooting cops! For eight very long years Barry ‘O’ has fed this needy beast and now the beast feels entitled, and what happens when you stop feeding the beast?  It gets angry and mean and wears masks or wears pink hats, smashes windows and waves foul language signs.  It’s past time for the left to accept that Trump won, and move on.


Jame Clyburn

Look, I know I have long complained about the idiocy of labelling as a racist those who happen to oppose you politically, and as I have said my reason for that is when we get to a place where everyone is somehow a racist, essentially no one is.  And trust me when I say, there are racists out there, and plenty of them.  And strangely enough, the vast majority of them happen to be…black.  Case in point is none other the liberal Democrat Jimmy Clyburn who has been, or so we’re told, representing the folks there in the 6th District of South Carolina, since 1993.  Now I find it pretty hard to believe that in all that time they couldn’t come up with someone better than Jimmy.

But be that as it may, it was on Tuesday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Hardball” that those who happened to tune in heard Clyburn describe the supporters of President Donald Trump as being “ignoble voters.”  Jimmy said, “You know, Chris, I think there’s a little thing we talk about a lot, and it’s already been mentioned on the show. It’s one thing to have a base of support. It’s something else to have base supporters.  Those are totally two different things.  I beg to differ with those who say that this president is doing things to appeal to his base of support. No, he’s doing things to appeal to his base voters. Those people who are ignoble in their pursuit of stuff.”

He added, “And I would ask any of your listeners to look it up, and you see a base voter is totally different from a base of voters. And that is what’s going on here. And so every time I hear them saying his base supporters, I think of the real meaning of a base supporter and the word, the best word I can think of is ignoble voters.”  So, we who support the president have now gone from being merely deplorable to being what Jimmy defines as ignoble, which is just a fancy way of saying that we’re dishonorable, vile, unworthy, contemptible and/or despicable.  I’m curious how he came up with that term, since I know he’s not smart enough to have come up with it all on his own.

Meanwhile, we all know that it’s the Democrat ‘base’ that’s comprised of people who lack the wherewithal to even acquire a photo ID for voting purposes.  As well, it’s the Democrat ‘base’ that thinks murdering their progeny is normal behavior.  It’s also the Democrat ‘base’ that denies the very simple scientific fact surrounding the pairing of X and Y chromosomes in lieu of their pseudoscientific ‘opinion’ of gender fluidity.  And it’s these people who lack the basic acumen to even look in a mirror and figure out which bathroom they belong in.  And Clyburn calls Trump voters “ignoble?”  This denizen of the shallow end of the gene pool, Jimmy Clyburn, epitomizes hypocrisy.

Jimmy’s nothing more than an overseer on the Democrat Plantation.  He’s starting to see blacks beginning to realize they’ve been lied to for the last 50 years, and he’s one of those select “Super Negros” who have been put in place by the party to keep other blacks in line and to keep from being exposed what the party truly believes in.  And it’s these overseers who would likely lose their positions of power if those in the black community were ever to finally wake up, and they know it.  They have done nothing for their districts and now the Democrats want the illegal aliens to take even more of the jobs away from blacks and these overseers are only too willing to go along with it.

And whether he wants to admit it or not, likely not, Jimmy is little more than one of the lap dogs of the Democrats.  They created a ‘leadership’ position for him out of thin air to pacify him when they made Hoyer the House Whip.  And just like ‘Little Dick’ Durbin he has sheltered the blacks there in his district from the ‘bad’ effects of President Trump’s economic agenda.  After all, we can’t have the black community being threatened with economic opportunity.  If blacks were able to get jobs, buy houses, build wealth, and become self-reliant they might actually come to realize that they don’t need, nor want, the Democrat constructed welfare state.

Jimmy is nothing more than your typical liberal Democrat where there is one standard for them; a different standard for everyone else.  This black racist has no problem calling Trump supports “ignoble voters,” and yet if President Trump really did make a comment about people coming from “shithole countries” then he is a somehow racist and unfit to be president. Telling illegal aliens that they have to leave is also racist. Putting up a border wall to keep illegals out, is racist.  Not allowing people into this country who want to destroy it, is racist. Banning people from countries that support terrorism, is racist. Jimmy thinks it’s racist to want to keep the America safe.

Those who the president seeks to keep from entering the country represent a threat to the American people, a threat that the Democrats are willing to overlook for no other reason than because those people are seen as being a whole new crop of Democrat voters.  The Democrats are desperate to regain control of Congress and are willing to do so by any means necessary.  And anyone who dares to get in their way will be smeared. Anyone who thinks this is about anything other than politics is a bigger moron than Jimmy Clyburn.  However, I do encourage Jimmy to continue forward with the standard Democrat tactics of class hatred and identity politics.

These tactics are the main reason why the Republicans, today, control the White House and both Houses of Congress.  Now granted, the Republicans have done themselves few favors regarding the coming election.  But at least they did recently pass the tax reform legislation.  And for those of us who have no desire to see the Democrats regain power in the end have to be satisfied with that, at least for now.  I’m confident ‘the wall’ will come if we keep the Republicans in charge, and I feel safe in declaring that it will NEVER come if we’re foolish enough to hand power back to Schumer, Pelosi & Co..  Their main focus will be on impeaching the president.


Jame Clyburn

There are racists, and then there are racists.  And then there are men like James Clyburn, a Democrat member of the U.S. House, who was first elected in 1992.  Men who espouse some of the most vile, bigoted and disgusting views imaginable, about those whose only ‘crime’ is that they happen to have been born white.  And men who are still able to be re-elected because they possess that one most important ‘quality’ when it comes to being elected by their devoted black constituents.  The fact that they are black.  Of course, that only seems to work for black Democrats.

Now I’m pretty sure most have heard by now how it was that our esteemed Mr. Clyburn recently came rushing to the defense of his fellow member of Congress, a man described by Nancy Pelosi as being an icon, John Conyers.  Mr. Conyers has been accused of committing what can best be described as behavior that is, to say the least, rather improper toward several women that he came into close contact with.  And apparently the issue that Clyburn has with those accusations is not the behavior that was exhibited by Mr. Conyers, but the skin color of his accusers.

Clyburn actually went so far as to compare Congressman Conyers’ accusers to child murderer Susan Smith, who falsely claimed a black man had abducted her kids.  Clyburn argued that these accusations of sexual misconduct may not be credible because all of the accusations come from white women.  It was Robert Draper, a writer for the New York Times, who suggested on Wednesday of this week that the allegations of sexual assault towards Conyers are not legitimate and they mirror those of Susan Smith’s, who first falsely claimed that a black man abducted her kids.

Draper tweeted, “Also at this morning’s House Democratic caucus: James Clyburn compared Conyers’ accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who’ve made these charges against Conyers.”  Thus far two separate women have accused Conyers of making unwanted sexual advances towards them.  Conyers admitted last week to reaching a $27,000 settlement with a former congressional staffer in 2015. However, the congressman denied allegations of sexual harassment.

And of course Clyburn’s office was quick to deny allegations that he had used the Susan Smith metaphor, while Draper suggests that multiple sources have told him that Clyburn used the reference on several occasions.  And Cedric Richmond, member of that unique little cadre of racists, the Congressional Black Caucus, tweeted, “This is not accurate. @Clyburn used the Smith example to illustrate the dangers of convicting people before getting all the facts. Although Smith killed her kids, she blamed an innocent person & a lot of people believed that innocent person was guilty.”

Let’s face it, Clyburn has long been little more than a racist pig who slams the White population and continues to ignore the real problems in the Black community.  Young black men between the ages of 14 and 34 make up 3.3% of the population yet commit 50% of the violent crimes while 70% of the births are to single black women.  It is not Whites that are the problem.  It’s the Black community which continues to do so much harm to themselves and to the nation.  And it’s sad that so many blacks are unable to see that they’re simply being taken advantage of by men like Clyburn.

And Conyers is obviously a guy who seems to like more than a little cream in his coffee.  Women with a white problem should just declare themselves black, end of problem.  It’s the new rage and it’s being introduced in universities and other places around the country.  If Conyers is trying to use this as a defense I think it’s great.  It serves as the perfect example of how the left doesn’t really care about women.  Especially those women who voted for President Trump and were mostly white, and who were excoriated for not voting for the liberal who, in this case, was female.

White liberals, with backup coming from racist scumbags like Clyburn, have managed to convince blacks that they were the only people ever to suffer the indignity of slavery.  Which is a lie.  Blacks didn’t build the pyramids!  And how about all those castle’s in Europe, or that big wall in China?   They were ALL built courtesy of slave labor.  Yet blacks are encouraged, by white liberals and black racists, to use slavery as THE excuse for their own inability to fix their own lives.  Black families used to stick together.  Raise their children.  And it was then that a Democrat came along.

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find an intact black family in any inner city.  Who yo’ baby Daddy?  That’s how they talk, and how they vote.  And what’s really starting to piss me off is how by simply being white I’m seen as a fool, a liar, a racist and not trustworthy.  When in truth it’s a vast majority of blacks who are racist and basically untrustworthy.  I did not own slaves and I am not responsible for their pathetic life that always seems to be blamed on whites.  Whites are not shooting blacks Chicago/Baltimore at the rate of 600, or more, per year.  Other blacks are!

And it is also not my fault that so many blacks end up in prison, since it is they who choose to do the crime and therefore it’s their fault that they’re made to do the time.  And I did not decide to have babies that I had no way of being able to support nor do I ask my government to support me and/or my children.  My life, and the lives of my family, matters just as much as someone who is black and maybe more because I actually respect the country in which I live and those who fought for that freedom including all those white folks who fought in the Civil War to end slavery.

And if I happen to get shot by a police officer, regardless of his or her color, it will be because I’m in the process of breaking the law not because I’m white, ditto with those blacks who have been shot by the police. The fact that they were either breaking the law or resisting arrest is going to be what precipitates any confrontation which results in them being on the receiving end of a bullet.  I am white and have no desire to be black.  Although, I must admit that there have been times when I’ve threatened to come back black in my nest life because there are some benefits.

I mean, it’s from racist boobs like Clyburn that we’re always hearing about something that blacks call ‘white privilege’.  But it’s not whites who can come out of high school with crappy grades and still get into a good college because of quotas that favor blacks.  And it’s not whites who are difficult to fire from a job because their employer fears being called a racist.  And it’s certainly not whites who can garner for themselves a high paying job regardless of their lack of qualifications, because they’re white.  White privilege?  Hardly!  That’s black privilege, plain and simple!


Clyburn 01

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando by a man who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, Democrat Rep. Jimmy Clyburn, and perennial moron, said, “This is not about ISIS. … this is about guns in America and whether or not we’re going to have some kind of moderation to this Second Amendment.”  Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Tamron Hall on Tuesday, old Jimmy went on to say, “If you’re on the no-fly list, you ought not be able to buy a gun. … The same thing is true of people convicted of hate crimes. We ought not allow them to buy guns. This gentleman, it is now being revealed, had a lot of hate, and it seems that some of it was self-hate.”

Jimmy said, “And consequently this is not about ISIS, this is not about any kind of foreign terror. This is about guns in America and whether or not we’re going to have some kind of moderation to this Second Amendment just as we have to the First Amendment.”  And he added, “None of us believe that our First Amendment rights are unfettered and that’s why the Supreme Court said you are not going to be allowed to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Now, the same kind of moderation ought to be on this Second Amendment.”  He said “Yes, you can buy a firearm, but let’s have a reasonable background check that is completed before you’re allowed to do so.”

Look, this idiot Clyburn is like a barking dog – he doesn’t know why he’s barking, he just does.  Seriously, what kind of background check is there, that would be any different than what we have now, that would have stopped this murdering raghead?  Clyburn is definitely several years beyond his natural retirement age.  He seems to ignore the fact that the guy was a licensed security officer and that he had undergone and passed the most rigorous of background investigations. If I didn’t know better I’d think Clyburn was deflecting so we don’t notice the man was gay and had murdered a whole bunch of people in a gay night club.

You know, if we go by Liberal logic then we should ban cars because people have used them to commit mass homicide by running people over on sidewalks (Santa Monica Farmers Market, Venice Boardwalk, Las Vegas Strip). We should get rid of knives because people have used them to murder other people.  And let us not forget about the 9/11 hijackers who used jumbo jets to slaughter thousands of innocent people — better get rid of those dangerous airplanes, never mind the box-cutters. But then I guess those would fall under the ban on knives. And what about rope? There were those fellas down in Texas who dragged a man to death at the end of a rope! Gotta get rid of rope. And the list goes on and on…

Democrats, they simply can’t comprehend that it’s the murderer and his motives (Jihad, anyone?), not the tool he uses to murder, that’s the problem.  So in an attempt to keep things simple enough so that even old Jimmy and his cadre of scumbag Democrats might be able to keep up, what follows is the simple definition of terrorism per Merriam-Webster is: “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.”  Now in an effort to take things just step further what I listed here are the facts that one has to believe in order to support the lunacy that is the Democrat narrative:

Being Black = a race.

Being Muslim = a race.

Being White = An ideological motive to enslave others, not merely a race.

Shooting a gun while being white = an act of terrorism.

Acknowledging black on black crime as a problem = racism.

Acknowledging Radical Islamists as a problem = racism.

Finally, the solution to stop all of this homegrown, white terrorism = ban all legal guns.  And there you have it.

In reality what we have regarding this latest tragedy is nothing more than the typical manufactured outrage that we get from scum like Jimmy, all in order to scare people into accepting an anti-Second Amendment agenda.  Wait a second, that kind of sounds like TERRORISM!  Liberalism is thinking you can’t round up 30 million illegals but you can round up 300 million guns.  Liberalism is thinking some of the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted from her private e-mail server had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation, which is illegal and a conflict of interest.  But hey, she’s a Democrat to there’s no there, there.  Nothing to see here move along, move along.