Biden 64

So I will start out by asking a very simple question.  How absolutely brain dead MUST one be to actually want someone like ‘Slow Joe’ Biden as our president?  The guy definitely needs to be in a home and not in the Oval Office.  But we KNOW Democrats will vote for just about anyone, because they have in the past.  And who is it that Democrats think would truly be running things if ‘Slow Joe’ were actually to win? Because it most definitely ain’t gonna be ‘Slow Joe’ because he is nowhere near up to the task.  Or doesn’t it even matter as long as it would not be President Trump?

And the fact that ‘Slow Joe’ is now the current Democrat frontrunner does, I dare say, say far more about those who chose to vote for him, as well as those who continue to support him, than it actually says about ‘Slow Joe’ himself.  I simply cannot believe how any intelligent individual is able to honestly view this guy as being any kind of a leader, when it’s more than half the time that he, quite literally, has virtually no idea where he is, or to whom it is that he might be speaking.  He’s the type of leader who, if he were in the military, would likely be shot by his own men.

And for what it’s worth, those Democrats who insist upon voting for ‘Slow Joe’ Biden are, in truth, acting as nothing more than willing accomplices in the demise of their own country.  Which when you stop to think about it, is pretty pathetic.  But the sad thing is, it doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.  And I’m not talking about those talking heads that we see on television, such behavior is expected from that scum, it’s what they get paid to do.  I’m talking about those all across this country who view what the Democrats are so desperate to do to this country as being acceptable.

And it’s when looking over ‘Slow Joe’s’ forty year career in politics and living on the public’s dime that one quickly realizes that all he has to show for it is a long track record of what has been, and continues to be, sheer incompetence, a penchant for all manner of perversion, from swimming nude in front of female secret service agents to fondling young girls, a long history of corruption, proof of which is ‘Slow Joe’ in his own words on videotape, and, of late, some clear signs of what appears to be a case of advanced senility.  All of which makes him, I guess, the ideal Democrat candidate?

And then it was on this past said Wednesday on MSDNC, during a clip shown of a “Today” interview, that ‘Slow Joe’ actually made the statement that President Trump “risked his presidency” because he didn’t want to face him in the general election.  Seriously?  “Risked his presidency?”  Obviously old ‘Slow Joe’ was on yet another trip to La-La land.  Apparently he was referencing the bogus articles of impeachment, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, made against the president that were essentially concocted by an even more bogus Democrat-controlled House.

Now of course these would be the very same articles of impeachment that, as you may recall, were voted down, and rightly so, by the Republican-controlled Senate.  The Democrats had accused President Trump of withholding military aid to pressure Ukraine President Zelensky to investigate ‘Slow Joe’ and his ‘crack-head’ son Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine.  But as we all know, the only crime committed by the president was daring to mention that perhaps someone should look into what highly questionable activity ‘Slow Joe’s’ crack-head kid may have been involved in.

Anyway, it was during the aforementioned clip of his interview with the “Today” that show host Savannah Guthrie asked ‘Slow Joe’, “Do you think the president is rooting for Sanders?”  ‘Slow Joe’ responded by saying, “I don’t think the president wants to face me. I will beat him, period.  Period.  He’s done everything in his power— he’s even risked his presidency because he doesn’t want to face me.”  Now I’m not wanting to spoil ‘Slow Joe’s little delusion here, but the one thing I am truly waiting for is a presidential debate between ‘Slow Joe’ Biden and…‘The Donald!’

Sure, Joe.  I’m sure President Trump is shaking in his shoes at the mere thought of having to face off against you.  Sorry, but try as I might, I just don’t see it.  And as much as ‘Slow Joe’ likes to brag about his supposed “record of success,” the man has literally made a career out of doing little more than riding on the coat tails of others and proven himself to be little more that a warm body taking up space while feeding at the golden trough of government.  He misused his power to enrich himself and his family while ripping off the American people whom he claims to care so much about.

In a free and fair election I have no doubt that President Trump would indeed easily defeat old ‘Slow Joe,’ but I feel quite confident in saying that that is not what the Democrats hope to have in store for us.  But that said, if ‘Slow Joe’ does continue on his upward trajectory regarding his chances of winning the Democrat nomination outright, the pressure on ‘Slow Joe’ will likely increase.  And pressure is something that ‘Slow Joe’ simply isn’t able to handle all that well and for the very simple reason that, as we’ve seen any number of times, he is no longer able to think all that fast.

What is becoming painfully obvious is how ‘Slow Joe’ continues to struggle with his diminishing mental faculties. But it’s that very thing that may actually make ‘Slow Joe’ the perfect candidate and may be the method behind the madness of those behind his campaign.  Because if he were to win, God forbid, there is no doubt that he would be quite malleable for whomever would actually end up running the country.  And it would likely be within months of being inaugurated that he would be ushered off to the home after having accomplished exactly what he was supposed to.

Because, make no mistake, the REAL Democrat candidate is NOT ‘Slow Joe’, he’s little more than a marionette.  And those pulling his strings would be the very same ones who were determined to get Hitlery elected to finish what was begun by Barry, but who came up a little short in that endeavor.  And since they realize it might be a bit tricky to attempt to run her again, they may have actually devised a plan that will allow them to sneak her in the backdoor, so to speak.  And while she would not have the official title of president, at least initially, she would soon come by it by default.

And if the Democrats are able to pull off the seemingly impossible and do manage to get ‘Slow Joe’ elected (by wheeling out will likely be a vast numbers of deceased and illegal voters), it would be Hitlery who would be wielding all of the REAL power in the White House until what would likely be a few months into the job when ‘Slow Joe’ would suddenly be “retired” due to ill health reasons, at which point, Hitlery would then dutifully step forward as Madame President.  This is truly a nightmare scenario and one that the American people, if it were to become a reality, must not stand for!

But ‘Slow Joe’ still does have a few hurdles to clear in order to get himself elected before the aforementioned ‘nightmare scenario’ can become a reality.  For one thing there is his decade’s long voting history that is really indefensible, there is his decades spent in ‘The Swamp’ that turned him into a millionaire and of course there is his biggest weakness, his own big mouth.  But most Democrats care very little that he’s crooked or, for that matter, the fact that he comes across as being a bit senile.  Because, after all, what’s most important is the defeat of President Trump.

Now while I’ve never been one to take anything for granted, it is my fervent hope that ‘Slow Joe’ goes down in flames in November, and rather spectacularly so.  But in today’s screwy world you can’t really count on things going as they should.  Hopefully there will be enough voters who are able to recognize the fact that ‘Slow Joe’ is more than a little senile as well as being nowhere a ‘moderate’ despite those in ‘fake news’ who will continue to referred to him as such in order to hide the fact that in reality his views differ only slightly from the views of Sanders.  Only time will tell.



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