Obama 13

Earlier this week we heard Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, from the floor of Senate, give a speech which, in my humble opinion, would have been much better suited, and far more appropriate, had it been given anytime during the years 2009 to 2016.  It was a speech which, I assume, was intended to portray Chuckie as being some grand defender of our Republic, which he most certainly is not.  It was during this speech, which was more of a rant, really, that he declared that our current president is “not a king!”  And while his rant was directed at President Trump, it would have been far more accurate, in every way, had it instead been directed at Barry ‘O’ at any time during his tenure as president.  But then Barry was a Democrat, Trump is not.

Anyway, it was during his speech/rant that Chuckie said, “The president himself tweeted yesterday that he had the absolute right to pardon himself and that the appointment of the special counsel was unconstitutional, despite the fact that he regularly called for a special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.”  Chuckie continued by saying, “The two-facedness, the hypocrisy of saying Hillary should have it but, now, it is unconstitutional that it applies to him—how can the American people tolerate that kind of thinking in a president?”   And it was then that Chuckie directed his remarks at Trump, telling him: “You are not a king!”  I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie himself actually believes what comes out of his mouth.

And as if he actually knows anything about them, Chuckie then went on to speak about our Founding Fathers, saying, “The Founding Fathers didn’t set out to create a monarchy; they set out to construct a system of government entirely distinct from the monarchies of their time. That is why they installed checks and balances and devolved power between three branches to ensure the liberty of the people and guard against the encroachment of tyranny.”  He went on to say, “That was their great gift to us, and their ideas have kept American democracy alive for two and a half centuries and the admiration of the world for an equal period of time. Trump is besmirching all of that with his recent activities. “  Seriously?  Besmirching?

Now my thing is that if Chuckie had chosen to use ‘Obama’ in every instance that he used ‘Trump’ this idiotic rant of his from the floor of the Senate would have been spot on in every way.  Because unlike Barry ‘O’, Trump does not behave, nor has he ever behaved, as if he thinks of himself as royalty.  Chuckie needs to move on and start acting like a man and do something constructive for the country for once.  The president is doing exactly what 70 percent of America wants him to do.  Drivel such as Chuckie’s is what got President Trump elected in the first place.  Yet the Democrats, for some reason, keep right on doing the same thing over and over again as they continue to expect some sort of different outcome.  It’s really quite bizarre.

Because not once did Chuckie EVER show any concern about Barry’s threat to use his pen and his phone.  And President Trump has the authority to “fire at will” as the only thing this ongoing ‘investigation’ has thus far managed to uncover is that Barry was running a thoroughly corrupt operation out of the Oval Office.  And yes, we have a Constitution which Chuckie and the Democrats are constantly trying to reinterpret!  And lest we forget, it was just three years ago, that Democrats were advocating for Hitlery to pardon herself should she win the presidency.  So again the typical double standard rears its ugly head, making it crystal clear once again how the Democrat Party is nothing more than a perverted, and blatantly dishonest, bunch of hypocrites.


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