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And so, it is in good old Charlie Schumer, hater of all things American, that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus seems to have one of his more vocal cheerleaders.  And is anyone really surprised by that?  I, for one, most certainly am not.  Once again we have Democrat’s defending their brothers-in-arms who screw up the world with their antics. If we had followed the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO), and members of our own Democrat Party, our nation would now be up to our collective butt in corpses. Instead President Trump chose to ignore all of their nonsense and chose to deal with this Chinese inspired virus in what was a very responsible way.

But anyway, in getting back to old Charlie, it was on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” that Charlie criticized President Trump saying that it won’t make the situation in the United States better by criticizing the W.H.O. and all the president’s energy seems to be focused on attacking other people.  Charlie said, “He goes after the W.H.O. What good is it? How is it going to make the country better by going after the W.H.O. one day or the press one day or the governors one day or Pelosi one day or me one day? That’s all he seems to — that’s seems to [be] where his energy is. At the same time, we don’t have a regime of testing.”

Can we just be honest here and agree that the Democrats don’t give a squat about ANYTHING other than gaining power and any means of obtaining it.  W.H.O. made huge mistakes in this virus and spent more time trying to protect China’s image than it did on what it’s supposed to do.  President Trump was spot on in pointing out W.H.O.’s multiple screw-ups.  And Charlie, true to form, spends most of his time complaining about the president.  Charlie is a whiner with the annoying penchant for griping about everything that the president does.  He bails out the W.H.O. for its horrible mismanagement, yet falsely chastises our President out of pure politics.

Pointing out the many errors made by the W.H.O. is necessary, especially after how it failed so miserably and how it’s now responsible for many more deaths occurring than would have occurred had it done its job and acted responsibly.  As in ALL things related to the U.N. it’s the American taxpayer who is made cover the largest portion of the expenses generated by this outright corrupt and blatantly useless organization.  The bottom line here is that the United States should sever itself completely from the U.N. and force it to relocate its headquarters to perhaps someplace like Beijing where I’m quite sure the majority of its members would feel much more at home.

And since when can holding the W.H.O. accountable for what have been some pretty egregious mistakes, be considered as “attacking” the organization?  It was the Chinese puppet, Ghebreyesus, who begged everyone not to politicize this ‘Chinese virus,’ going so far as to promise millions of body bags to anyone who dared to do so.  And then it was Ghebreyesus himself who immediately set about to do exactly that, to politicize it.  The W.H.O. is incompetent and deserves to be cut off from all funding until it can prove that it is what it claims to be.  But Democrats have long believed that being responsible for one’s own actions is nothing more than a character flaw.

Charlie spends the vast majority of his time doing little more than attacking other people, specifically Republicans, and primarily the President. The President has been doing his best to make sure the states have all of the resources they need to battle this ‘Chinese virus.  A task that was made all the more difficult because the last administration, a Democrat administration, after exhausting our national stockpile of medical supplies, simply chose not to replenish it.  And yet the president has garnered praise from the likes of Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo.  What is it that Charlies has specifically done to help?  He’s only worked to make things difficult!

Contrary to all that Charlie, and any number of other Democrats have said, President Trump’s decision to withhold funding from the W.H.O. shines a very bright light on the organization’s treachery, incompetence, political contamination and outright corruption. While its charter says one thing, what the organization has proven itself to be is actually very much different.  One of its chief officials, a Dr. Ryan from the Republic of Ireland, suggests dragging ‘Chinese virus’ patients out of their homes and away from their family so that they can be more efficiently “quarantined”.  This is the stuff of horror movies, not of some supposed benevolent ‘world’ organization.

Charlie seems to be of the opinion that American taxpayer should have no problem with, and even be quite happy to do so, continuing to pay these incompetent frauds what amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Despite the fact that they are responsible for our economy being brought to a grinding halt.  I think this explains the attitude of Democrats, that by looking the other way it will somehow correct a situation that is costing Americans millions of tax dollars.  Charlie & Co. have wasted far too much of our money on mismanagement for far too long. Vote Republican, Presidency, House, and Senate! Time to stop wasting American citizen’s tax dollars.

This type of behavior, this choosing to stand with anyone other than our president, really does get to the heart of all that’s wrong with today’s Democrat Party.  It’s become standard practice for this bunch of losers to stand in opposition to the president regardless of the issue.  Democrats have made in painfully obvious that they care very little about actual facts, but only about works of fiction.  Democrats have no morals and virtually zero integrity.  Democrats fail to see any reason for choosing to step away from the W.H. O., an enormously corrupt organization that willfully misled the entire world and caused great human tragedy around the world.

And something else that I also think is worth noting, is the fact that our esteemed W.H.O. Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is actually a member of the Communist Party of Ethiopia.  Which explains a lot when it comes to why he seems to have a rather sizable soft spot in his heart for the Communist Chinese.  All the more reason to call into question the motives behind his willingness to downplay, at least initially, just how dangerous this ‘Chinese virus’ could be and for later implying that the Communist Chinese did such a stellar job of supposedly getting it under control, when all they really did was to simply stop testing.  He is obviously a liar and a fraud!

Personally, I’m thrilled that President Trump is now taking the time to look into this organization.  W.H.O. is a bungling, bloated, corrupt organization that effectively lulled the world into thinking that we had an organization able to tackle global health crises, when we did not!  What we see from the ‘Chinese virus’ is that in the face of true crisis, instead of being able to formulate a coherent response, what we got instead was a clown car stuffed with political diversity morons, slow rolls out and stalls.  The W.H.O. director had a hissy when President Trump stopped flights from China, yet this very same boob claimed the virus was only a moderate problem.

President Trump has been working very hard, from day one of his presidency, to drag our country back from the brink and to reverse much of the damage done during the eight years of the previous Democrat administration.  And it has been throughout that same period of time that the Democrats, those just like Charlie, have been doing all that they can to throw up roadblock after roadblock in their continuing effort to obstruct the Trump Agenda.  We must never forget that it’s the Democrats who are the true enemies of our nation.  And it is President Trump who is ‘Making America Great Again’ despite the Democrats best efforts to prevent him from doing so.



And so, the Democrat Party continues in their effort to convince the American people that something which has yet to be proven to exist, actually does exist, and is the greatest threat they currently face.  The Democrats’ continued warnings about ‘global warning’, ‘climate change’, or ‘climate disruption’ or whatever else they want to call it, flies in the face of ‘real’ science.  And we all know how Democrats are such big proponents of…’science.’  Unless, of course, it doesn’t actually support their cockamamie ‘theory’ which they have been pushing, quite literally, for decades!

Just this past Wednesday it was Chuckie Schumer who took to the floor of the Senate and once again sounded like little more than a broken record as he went off on what was yet another politically motivated rant claiming that, “no threat poses a greater danger to our planet than climate change.”  Chuckie said, “On the climate, as I have said so many times, no threat poses a greater danger to our planet than that of climate change.”  And just like so many times before all Chuckie was really doing was to attempt to perpetuate that which he knows is nothing more than a lie.

And so it was from there on the floor of the Senate that Chuckie said, “The last 5 years have been the warmest on record.”  And he went on to say, “There is more carbon dioxide in the air than any point in human history.”  Chuckie made reference to a conversation that President Trump had with Prince Charles of Great Britain earlier this week about climate change.  He said, “Just yesterday, President Trump once again–not based on fact, based on whim, as he so often acts–voiced a dangerous skepticism about climate change while meeting with Prince Charles.”

Chuckie even went so far as to suggest President Trump is “a member of the Flat Earth Society” when it comes to climate change.  And it was in so doing that Chuckie said, “The President is sort of, on climate, a member of the Flat Earth Society, just denying the facts.”  And he would go on to say, “It would be as if Columbus sailed, and the President still said the earth is flat. That is how he is acting on climate.”  Yup, all of us rubes who remain unwilling to believe what Democrats, like Chuckie, are telling us, would have been those who once claimed that the Earth was flat.

So here we have a guy, actually an entire political party, who seems to have no problem with the ‘fact’ that over 70 million babies have been butchered in the last 46 years trying to bully us into believing that which is nothing more than another Democrat suicide mission, this one being financial because of the ‘TRILLIONS’ of dollars they say it will cost to combat this supposed looming apocalypse.  And Chuckie seems to be totally oblivious to the ‘fact’ that the Democrats have been wrong on everything.  The polar caps are NOT melting, polar bears are thriving and on and on.

And it was there from there on the Senate floor that Chuckie said, “Our children and grandchildren will live with the consequences of the decisions we make today. We need all hands on deck–the Federal Government, local governments, municipalities, corporate leaders, global efforts–if we are to meet the challenges of climate change head-on, but for years our government has been too slow to act and more often than not we have done nothing or very little.” He accused the president of having voiced a “dangerous skepticism” based not on ‘fact’ but on whim.

And of course it was during his rant that Chuckie was likely compelled to bring the danger we face from those evil fossil fuel producers.  Chuckie said, “Now, one of the biggest reasons for the slow progress on climate policy has been the oppressive grip of Big Oil, Big Gas, and Big Coal, on our political system. They spent untold millions to debunk climate science and torpedo climate legislation. One of the largest perpetrators has been the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which never reveals its donors and has acted all too often as a front for Big Oil.”  There’s nothing to debunk!

And he then went on to say, “It is not enough to simply say: Oh, well, it is a problem. Inaction is not an option. They must do something concrete. This is a concrete action we are proposing that will make a difference. I read in today’s New York Times that companies are now beginning to plan for how climate change will cost them more money in the next 5 years. They don’t think it is no problem. They don’t think it is a 30-year problem.”  I think it’s all rather presumptive to think than man is able to impact the planet one way or the other, despite Democrats believing that we can.

And it was in finally getting ready to step down from his little soapbox that Chuckie said, “This is a moment when the Chamber could actually use its influence to convince the administration to reverse course. If the business community said this, it would make a big difference. So this is a moment. Let’s see if the chamber really wants to prove that they are for ‘climate change.’ Let’s see. Let’s see. If they don’t, we ask their members who say they believe in climate–and who are even planning for the problems we face–to put pressure on them to do it. Let’s hope.”

As a counter to Chuckie’s rant about bogus ‘climate change,’ I would argue that there IS something that poses a threat to this country, and one that could have far more serious consequences, and much sooner than the 12 years that the Democrats claim we have before the climate starts killing us.  And that would, of course, be the disease and pestilence that was once thought to have been eradicated but now seems to experiencing a comeback, of sorts, all thanks to those flooding across our border and whom Democrat’s, like Chuckie, continue to eagerly welcome into this country.

And you really have to ask yourself, are the Democrats really as concerned about the climate as they claim to be?  Let’s face it when was the last time anyone can remember that Democrats supported anything that did not directly benefit them?  Not America, not the world, not the planet, not the universe, only them!  That alone should be sufficient to call into question just how far their supposed belief in ‘climate change’ really goes.  Democrats have absolutely no interest in anything that cannot be used in some way to advance an agenda that does not end well for America.



There’s an old adage, that I’m sure all are very aware of, that says, be careful what you wish for.  And in watching the rather bizarre performance last night of Chuckie and Nancy in rebutting President Trump’s Oval Office address to the American people, I couldn’t help wondering why they bothered.  Because, quite frankly, I don’t think they accomplished all that much, if anything, in trying to further their cause.

Democrats had demanded they get equal time to respond to the president’s first Oval Office address on border security, but must now be having second thoughts.  Nancy and Chuckie prompted mocking on social media after they delivered a rather wooden rebuttal while squished together behind one podium.  Their silly scolding reminded many of that time they got busted for taking their parents’ car out without asking.

And their choice of a backdrop, a hallway with red walls, also seemed a little odd to many, actually drawing a comparison to the old horror movie ‘The Shining.’  And one journalist asked why there were six flags behind Pelosi and Schumer and it was another who responded saying, “One for each ring of Hell.” To me the entire thing seemed like just another unfunny skit one might see on Saturday Night Live.

And it was Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), who released a statement comparing President Trump’s address to that of Chuck and Nancy’s.  She said, “Tonight, Americans saw their president fighting for a solution to fund our government while protecting American citizens, versus the approach of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer which is to resist, resist, resist at all costs.”

Everything about this staged event served as such a distraction that I can’t help but wonder how many of those folks who stuck around to listen actually heard anything that they said.  But even then, neither Pelosi nor Schumer really had much to say.  So one wonders why it was that they were so adamant in their demand to get equal time in the first place, because they did little more than to simply go through the motions.

And now while I am no expert when it comes to such things, to see Chuckie, and Nancy, continue in their effort to portray the events at our southern border as being some sort of a “manufactured crisis” just didn’t seem to be a smart move, at least to me.  And so I really don’t think that Chuckie, or Nancy, did their party any favors.  The smarter move may have been to simply allow the president to make his case.

But instead all these two succeeded in doing was to draw unwanted attention to the fact that it’s the Democrats, and not the president, who are responsible for this continuing crisis at our southern border!  And I doubt very much that they accomplished any of what they were very much hoping to.  And wouldn’t you think that two boobs, who have been around forever, could have done a much better job?

Chuckie and Nancy’s real problem is that they don’t have any rebuttal, at least not one that makes any sense. They can’t very well tell the truth, that they really want a never-ending stream of illegal aliens flowing across our border and into our welfare system, and who will then vote Democrat to keep the freebies coming. Uncontrolled immigration is the road to retaining and expanding their power.

I really think the both of them were in shock at just how eloquent and how, dare I say, presidential the president came across last night. They had prepared themselves to be the contrast to the president’s bombastic manner and in the end they both knew they both had gotten snookered. Then they stood there like statues as they gave their rebuttal in a speech that was really pretty lame when compared to President Trump’s.

Chuckie and Pelosi were prepared for to declare a national emergency and when he didn’t they were caught with their pants down. What we saw from the president was a very reasonable approach and all we got from Chuckie and Pelosi was the typical blather we always get from Democrats.  They proved again that it’s the Democrats, and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, who are the true enemy of the people.


Schumer 34

What we now see coming from many in Washington, as well as in our ‘fake news’ news media, is really nothing more than another classic example of how it is that Democrats continue to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what it is that they themselves have long been so very guilty of. It was during Friday’s Democrat Weekly Address that Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, stated this week “may have been the most chaotic week of what’s undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history of the United States.”  He said, “This may have been the most chaotic week of what’s undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history of the United States.”

Chuckie went on to say, “The stock market is in a tumult and in decline. The secretary of defense, one of the only pairs of steady hands in our government, is resigning from the administration in protest. And the United States is pulling out of Syria, and likely Afghanistan, abandoning our coalitions, allies, and the Kurds, and surrendering the field to Putin, Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Taliban, and Bashar al-Assad. The position of defense secretary, of attorney general, of ambassador to the United Nations, of interior secretary, and even…chief of staff to the president are all in flux. The institutions of our government lack steady and experienced leadership.”

And still he continued, saying, “With all of these departures, it’s about to get even more unsteady. The president is making decisions without counsel, without preparation, and even without communication between relevant departments and relevant agencies. All of this turmoil is causing chaos in the markets, chaos abroad, and it’s making the United States less prosperous and less secure. And to top it all off, President Trump has thrown a temper tantrum, and now has us careening towards a Trump shutdown over Christmas.”  However, the only ones I view as throwing a tantrum are those like Chuckie who seem to be consumed by their hatred of Trump.

So I beg to differ with the assessment of our current situation by this rabid ideologue from New York and blatant hater of America. It is not chaos that’s being created by the president, but is instead improvement. What chaos there is now taking place is, and in its entirety, being created by those the Left.  Democrat front-groups such ‘Antifa,’ ‘Black Live Matter’, the so-called ‘Resistance’, or any other group, clique, cadre or gang who calls the left ‘Home’ are the true perpetrators of any ongoing chaos.  And the only chaos in foreign affairs is in England, France and Germany, where the people haven’t yet succeeded in throwing off the yoke of globalism.

President Trump was elected by the people of the United States with the promise of securing our border and protecting Americans. Chuckie was elected by those New York, one of the great bastions of leftwing lunacy.  If you listen to Chuckie his only interest is in doing what he views as being the best for his party.  Which is to allow into this country millions of new Democrat voters in the form of illegal immigrants.  And if we don’t have the right to have a wall on our border to protect us from those who would harm us then why is that those like Chuckie and Pelosi, and every other member of the leftist elite, have a right to have a wall around their homes.

Democrats continued to obstruct and undermine President Trump at every turn. And it’s obvious that the ‘fake news’ news media hates the president as much, if not more, then the Democrats do.  Hollyweird has gone completely bonkers and continues to be in denial that President Trump won the election. The president has already done far more in two years than Barry ‘O’ did in eight. I voted for President Trump to shake up the institutions that were running us headlong into a globalist nightmare. While it would have helped to get assistance from Republicans and maybe even some Democrats, I’m really not surprised they’re fighting him tooth and nail.

Where were these same Democrats, the ‘fake news’ pukes and Hollyweird elites, while Barry ‘O’ was busy allowing the world to burn and while he did his best to “fundamentally transform” America?  And weren’t they the same ones who were hoping Hitlery would be able to finish what Barry started?  When you’re forced to repair something that wasn’t really broken in the first place, the pieces don’t always go back into place as they originally were.  We may have to add a little material here and there to fill in a few gaps but I have no doubt that when President Trump gets finished, the whole will likely be in MUCH better shape than it was before he started.

Chuckie, along with his partners in crime, is the one responsible for creating all of this chaos.  You might recall how a few years ago Chuckie was for the wall, but now that Trump is president it’s a terrible thing so he is now very much against it. He, like every other Democrat, is a fraud.  He is doing all this to spite President Trump, because Trump won and Hitlery lost. Most Americans want the wall, Republicans and even some Democrats. Why wouldn’t they?  Do they want to be overrun by all of Cental and South America?  There is an orderly form of immigration that is actually necessary, but it isn’t throwing our borders wide open. That’s nothing short of insanity.

It’s obvious that the majority of people in Washington want as many illegals as possible coming across our border unimpeded and they want us to continue to be bogged down in Middle East conflicts with no chance of resolution. And they think it’s acceptable to spy on private citizens if it advances their agenda and it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy people who they don’t like or who question the way things have always been done. They have a general contempt for the people of this country and lie to us on what has become a daily basis. These are things we have long suspected but their hatred for President Trump has now caused them to expose themselves.


Democrats 47

You just gotta love the miracle of videotape and how it constantly provides to those of us out to prove just what a band of lying hypocrites the Democrats really are a method by which we expose them using their own words.  We are able to provide visual proof that Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of political opportunists willing to say absolutely in their effort to gain votes. President Trump recently took yet another opportunity to do just that when he referenced past comments made by Chuckie Schumer on the subject of illegal immigration.

And oddly enough it was earlier today that the president was presented with another opportunity to demonstrate just how dishonest Democrats truly are, taking to Twitter to point out how Chuckie Schumer once held a position on illegal immigration that differed very little from President Trump’s position that has the Democrats’ panties in a bunch.  You see, it was in 2009 that Chuckie said, “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enters the U.S. legally.”

It was back in 2009 when Chuckie actually made some level of sense on the subject as he stated a position that was markedly similar to the president’s own language of todat.  It was then he said, “We want an immigration policy that’s fair, equitable, but going to protect our people. What the American people are pleading for is sanity and common sense in our immigration system.”   And just a mere 9 years later that not only do we hear Chuckie now singing quite the different tune, but actually attacking the president regarding the position that he himself once held.

Now I’m quite sure there will be no shortage of those on the left who will come rushing to Chuckie’s defense armed with the argument those on the left always use, that Chuckie’s has merely ‘evolved’ on the issue since 2009.  Just as Barry and Hitlery, who both expressly stated that they believed marriage was between one man and one woman, evolved.  Yet it’s that same rule which never applies to Republicans.  Republicans can NEVER permitted to evolve, instead they are ALWAYS labeled as flip-floppers.  However the Democrats are constantly EVOLVING.

I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie actually believes in the positions he takes, or if he really cares about the people whom he represents.  Personally I’m of the opinion that Chuckie doesn’t give a damn about American citizens or, for that matter, illegal aliens.  He cares about one thing and one thing only, pressing the right buttons in order to gain power.  The only constant is his willingness to say and/or do whatever it takes to keep his job and advance his political career. In short Chuckie is nothing more than just another common political whore.

Finally, all President Trump is doing here is that which any true journalist would be doing.  But instead, the vast majority of today’s ‘journalists’ occupy their time doing little more providing cover for their political masters on the left while at the same time creating false narratives to impugn Republicans.  Democrats have been getting away with these lies for more years than I care to count, all thanks to the liberal ‘fake news’ media providing them with all manner of protection.  And sadly, Republicans have always been too weak and wishy-washy to call them out.


Schumer 27

Never has there been a more intense, or long-lasting, meltdown by so many over something as routine as a political election, as what we’ve seen from the Democrats regarding the 2016 presidential election.  It has now been 18 months since they experienced a most humiliating defeat and still the Democrats continue to mourn how their ‘most qualified’ candidate lost to a complete political novice.  And in their effort to retaliate, the Democrats have now embarked on what is essentially a scorched earth campaign that has them attacking both the victor and his supporters.

It was on Thursday that Chuckie Schumer said President Trump had “done real damage to the American character.”  He said, “We all knew he had some character traits that were not very admirable, no fidelity to the truth, a bulling, an ego that is enormous and as president it’s gotten much, much worse. So lots of Republicans are very uncomfortable with Trump even if they agree with him on a bunch the issues. Because he has done real damage to the American character. We have never had a president who has behaved the way that Trump has.”  In one sense he is right.

And in what I thought was a rather odd thing to be hearing from a Democrat, Chuckie added, “He has shown such low and weak character that it has hurt America.”  Let’s face it, if there is one group of people of whom it can be said has no fidelity to the truth, and who possess no character of ANY kind, it would those like Chuckie who inhabit the Democrat Party.  And it is also regarding the Democrat Party that it can be said that there has never a been a group of individuals more focused in their effort to not only hurt this country, but to destroy it and all that it has come to stand for.

Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Cory Booker, along with any number of other Democrats don’t want to admit that their beloved Democrat Party may now be on the ropes.  And in an attempt to energize their followers these same people disparage our president and his supporters while working to advance their Socialist agenda of identity politics, higher taxes, open borders, and more ‘free’ stuff. They are the party of Socialism/Communism who are far more concerned about illegals, refugees, and the foreign workers then they are about the American.

Look at where we are today just eighteen months into the Trump presidency.  We have decreasing unemployment, rising wages, returning manufacturing jobs, tax cuts, fewer people on food stamps, NATO actually paying their fair share, a better national defense, North Korea talks, ISIS eradicated, and more.  And yet we have Chuckie making the idiotic claim that somehow, “President Trump has done real damage to the American character.”  Let’s face it, what damage has been to the character of this nation has come at the hands of those who practice progressivism/liberalism.

The party of Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Fascism, Socialism/Marxism, Hate and Violence, continues to project upon Republicans all that they themselves have been, and continue to be, guilty of.  Democrats, along with their political partners-in-crime, the Deep State DC Swamp Never-Trump Republicans, are desperately trying, using their control of the state-controlled media, to politically and personally destroy President Trump, but continue to fail miserably as their attempts blow up in their collective faces!  It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

So Chuckie, is the “American character” to take a chain and bike lock to the heads of those who support the President?  Or is the “American character” burning, pillaging and trashing businesses and storefronts because you are unhappy with a court judgment?  Is the “American character” trashing American and everything she stands for and cheering illegal invaders who chant “F America”, Chuckie?  Is the “American character” about celebrating and embracing criminal illegal aliens who gluttonously take all we have to offer and then complain that it’s not enough?

Or, Chuckie, is the “American character” filthy rich, entitled athletes kneeling for the National Anthem?   Is the “American character” filth-spewing, vile, nasty women like your fat ugly niece “celebrating abortion?”  Is the “American character” about corrupting and politically weaponizing our highest law enforcement agencies in the land, the FBI and DOJ, so that America looks like a jackboot banana republic?  Is the “American character” about the FBI and DOJ spying on, intimidating and persecuting American citizens because of their political views?

Is the “American character” about the heads of the highest law enforcement agencies in our land attempting to take down a candidate because he’s an outsider? (I thought that only happened in third world s**tholes, Chuckie?  But I guess when you have eight years of a guy from a s**thole third world nation, you end up with a corrupt third world government and a deep state.)  Is the “American character” about politicians going to D.C. to serve the public and ending up multi-millionaires because they so screwed over those they were supposed to be there to serve?

And finally Chuckie, is the “American character” about MS-13, radical Moslem extremists, welfare frauds, globalists, corrupt politicians and dirty cops and crooked lawyers?  Is the “American character” about shutting down free speech and grabbing guns from the law-abiding while criminals rape, pillage and loot with impunity?  Because I gotta tell ya, Chuckie, if not it most certainly is not President Trump who has damaged “American character!”  And thus we have the many reasons that Chuckie lacks the moral authority to pass judgment on President Trump or the Republicans!

It is in fact Chuckie and his fellow Democrats who have damaged the character of American society by doing everything within their power to flood the country with illegal aliens and Moslems.  Chuckie has always been about playing the blame game.  Barry ‘O’ created the mess that America is now experiencing.  It’s outrageous that no one is investigating the Barry regime and all of his cohorts.  All that Barry did, or tried to do, to forever harm this country must be shared with the American people so they can understand just how close we came, and how it was a good thing that Hitlery lost.


Obama 13

Earlier this week we heard Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, from the floor of Senate, give a speech which, in my humble opinion, would have been much better suited, and far more appropriate, had it been given anytime during the years 2009 to 2016.  It was a speech which, I assume, was intended to portray Chuckie as being some grand defender of our Republic, which he most certainly is not.  It was during this speech, which was more of a rant, really, that he declared that our current president is “not a king!”  And while his rant was directed at President Trump, it would have been far more accurate, in every way, had it instead been directed at Barry ‘O’ at any time during his tenure as president.  But then Barry was a Democrat, Trump is not.

Anyway, it was during his speech/rant that Chuckie said, “The president himself tweeted yesterday that he had the absolute right to pardon himself and that the appointment of the special counsel was unconstitutional, despite the fact that he regularly called for a special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.”  Chuckie continued by saying, “The two-facedness, the hypocrisy of saying Hillary should have it but, now, it is unconstitutional that it applies to him—how can the American people tolerate that kind of thinking in a president?”   And it was then that Chuckie directed his remarks at Trump, telling him: “You are not a king!”  I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie himself actually believes what comes out of his mouth.

And as if he actually knows anything about them, Chuckie then went on to speak about our Founding Fathers, saying, “The Founding Fathers didn’t set out to create a monarchy; they set out to construct a system of government entirely distinct from the monarchies of their time. That is why they installed checks and balances and devolved power between three branches to ensure the liberty of the people and guard against the encroachment of tyranny.”  He went on to say, “That was their great gift to us, and their ideas have kept American democracy alive for two and a half centuries and the admiration of the world for an equal period of time. Trump is besmirching all of that with his recent activities. “  Seriously?  Besmirching?

Now my thing is that if Chuckie had chosen to use ‘Obama’ in every instance that he used ‘Trump’ this idiotic rant of his from the floor of the Senate would have been spot on in every way.  Because unlike Barry ‘O’, Trump does not behave, nor has he ever behaved, as if he thinks of himself as royalty.  Chuckie needs to move on and start acting like a man and do something constructive for the country for once.  The president is doing exactly what 70 percent of America wants him to do.  Drivel such as Chuckie’s is what got President Trump elected in the first place.  Yet the Democrats, for some reason, keep right on doing the same thing over and over again as they continue to expect some sort of different outcome.  It’s really quite bizarre.

Because not once did Chuckie EVER show any concern about Barry’s threat to use his pen and his phone.  And President Trump has the authority to “fire at will” as the only thing this ongoing ‘investigation’ has thus far managed to uncover is that Barry was running a thoroughly corrupt operation out of the Oval Office.  And yes, we have a Constitution which Chuckie and the Democrats are constantly trying to reinterpret!  And lest we forget, it was just three years ago, that Democrats were advocating for Hitlery to pardon herself should she win the presidency.  So again the typical double standard rears its ugly head, making it crystal clear once again how the Democrat Party is nothing more than a perverted, and blatantly dishonest, bunch of hypocrites.


Sen. Schumer attends a news conference on Amtrak funding on Capitol Hill in Washington

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) seems to be growing in intensity, one might even say growing exponentially, as the November midterms creep ever closer.  And as evidence of that I offer up a recent speech, more of a rant really, made from the floor of the U.S. Senate just this past Monday.  A speech made by someone whom we all know as someone with a reputation for knowing a bit about third world style politics, Chuckie Schumer.  It was during this speech/rant that Chuckie went so far as to claim that President Trump is engaging in “the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy.”  Where was Chuckie from 2009 to 2017?  Might he be suffering from selective amnesia?

Chuckie said, “The president’s behavior is the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy. By now, we should all recognize that President Trump’s latest demand is just another example of a relentless campaign to distract from the serious wrongdoing being uncovered by the Russia probe.”  I guess the thing that bothers me the most about these Democrats is that instead of being a legitimate opposition party and actually engaging on the issues, all they’ve got is Trump bashing.  They are even using Trump’s good economy to justify more immigration.  I mean they have zero plans to fix anything.  All they got is schemes for open borders and Trump bashing.

The bottom line here, as I think we ALL know, is that Trump was never supposed to be elected in the first place.  The Obama administration was corrupt to its very core and Hitlery was supposed to just let it all slide while moving forward with the progressive/ leftwing agenda.  After President Trump was elected, the Democrats’ only defense was a strong offense to have the president removed before he could hold them accountable for all their many crimes.  The irony of their antics is that if enough of them took the high-road, and stood up for the Constitution and called out the perpetrators of the attempted coup, they would probably fare much better with the voters.  Instead, Democrats have descended into pathetic self-parody.

For sure Democrats have their ‘True Believers’ just as they have their sizable army of race-baiters.  But who else do they think this infantile game plan of theirs is going to win over?  It would seem that Jim Carey is firmly onboard, as are many of his Hollyweird friends, but I’m not sure it will play all that well in those parts of the country that are a bit further inland.  When the Democrats ran a third world candidate, we got a filthy, corrupt administration that weaponized and politicized the highest law enforcement agencies in the land–and we, the American people, are paying the price.  There’s nothing more autocratic than a president who constantly bypasses Congress while saying things like, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone”.

And you know, speaking of “banana republics,” Chuckie apparently must  have missed the eight years of Barry’s negligence at Veterans’ Affairs, the “stimulus bill” that was simply a redistribution to unions (those “shovel ready projects” weren’t so shovel ready after all), the sale of uranium to the Russians, the lies about Benghazi, the Hitlery email scandal that was not prosecuted, the appeasement of the Iranians, even sending billions in cash in the middle of the night and bragging about how they lied to the American press and public, the use of financial penalties to fund leftist causes, the use of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to take property from Americans, and finally the criminal spying on the Trump 2016 campaign.

There is so much going right for the country right now that the Democrats are absolutely beside themselves.  There is the booming economy, low unemployment, major tax reform, potentially a nuclear free Korean peninsula, a re-sanctioned Iran, a nearly exterminated ISIS, a soon to be WALL, etc, etc.  Chuckie & Co. can complain about Trump’s style but that’s really all they have.  Democrats have become so used to being able to manhandle our wimpish Republicans that they don’t really know what to do with a guy who simply refuses to take their carp.  Granted there are things that the president may say that I, maybe, wish he hadn’t said, but it’s on the whole that I thoroughly enjoy watching him make Democrats’ heads explode.

And’s what is it that Chuckie’s really talking about?  Is President Trump governing by pen and phone?  Is he issuing new unconstitutional executive orders by the day?  Is he threatening to circumvent Congress through executive action if he doesn’t get his way?  Is he busy illegally nullifying immigration law after previously acknowledging he didn’t have the Constitutional authority to do so?  Is he illegally spying on reporters and political campaigns?  Or is he using the IRS to attack his political enemies?  The answer to all those questions is a pretty obvious one.  Nope!  And yet idiots like Chuckie continue to make these baseless and idiotic accusations.  And where has it gotten them?  Just a little bit further behind, that’s where!


Schumer 28

Well if Chuckie Schumer was expecting to hear President Trump give a big shout out to Barry ‘O’ regarding the current state of our economy during last night’s State of the Union (SOTU) address, I’m sure he was more than a little disappointed.  You see, it was earlier in the day, while speaking to reporters, that Chuckie made the rather bizarre statement that President Trump somehow “owes a lot” of the economic recovery to Barry ‘O’ and predicted we wouldn’t hear “Thanks, Obama!”  No, I don’t have any idea what it was that old Chuckie may have been smoking at the time, but I can think of no other reason why he might have said such a thing.

And here’s what Chuckie said from the Senate floor ahead of the SOTU address:  “The president will be eager to defend the accomplishments of his nascent administration and take credit for a healthy American economy, pointing to low employment, job growth, and a soaring stock market. But the truth is these trends were present before Donald Trump took office. President Trump was handed an already healthy economy by his predecessor. Like many things in his life, he inherited the healthy economy. Here are two words we won’t hear President Trump say tonight about the economy: Thanks, Obama.”  And he was even able to say it with a straight face.

But Chuckie continued, addressing the president directly: “President Trump, President Obama created more jobs in the last year of his term than you created in the first year of yours. So if you’re going to pat yourself on the back, give a shout out to Barack Obama.”  Chuckie’s comments once again demonstrate the ability of the Democrats to rewrite history.   Because it was during the Barry ‘O’ years that:  We had the lowest labor participation since the 1970s, the worst economic recovery since the 1940s, the lowest home ownership rate in 50 years, nearly 13 million more Americans on food stamps and over 43 million Americans living in poverty.

It’s funny how after eight years of Barry’s stagnant economy it’s only after he’s gone that things suddenly start to pick up!  And Chuckie claims that Barry’s policies are the reason?  Not!  What ‘has’ spurred this economy is that people no longer have to worry about what new draconian regulations might be dreamt up.  Barry told us that we’d be lucky if the economy would ever get beyond his anemic growth rate.  He knew what he was doing was equivalent of putting a wet blanket over a fire.  And despite his best efforts he was unable to extinguish the economy.  It was left smoldering and now that Barry’s blanket has been removed our economy is once again on fire.

And you know, if Chuckie is right why was it that we NEVER heard from either Barry or his team of less than stellar economic advisors that the economy was on the verge of turning around, and on what was sure to be a massive scale?  Instead, what we heard from this band of socialist misfits was that we are going to have to get used to a 1.8% annual growth.  It was the new normal, the way of the future.  Then President Trump arrived on the scene. There isn’t anything Barry ever did that would have caused an economic rebound on the scale we are seeing.  President Trump got rid of many of Barry’s economy killing regulations and then of course there are those tax cuts!

Barry deserves zero credit for the current state of our rebounding economy. The consumer confidence went way up practically as soon as Trump was declared the winner, as did overall productivity and contribution to GDP growth.  Gee, I can’t imagine why.  Can you?  Perhaps Barry’s far left leanings had businesses constantly thinking they were about to get screwed.  We can’t function economically when we have a radical leftist doing his best to come up with new and improved ways to stifle economic growth. Once the government removes itself from dictating economic policy, to essentially get out of the way, the economy goes nowhere but up.

Chuckie does have one point. It was nice of Barry, in his effort to ‘fundamentally transform’ the country, to deliberately suppress the economy for eight years and doubling down on Keynesian stupidity to do it.  He too could have done the things that Trump has done, and experienced the same kind of economic growth, but chose not to. The morons who worship Barry and his party need to ask themselves, why. Barry set Trump up to prove what we deplorables have been telling “the enlightened ones” for years, that easing the regulatory and tax load on an economy, frees the economy to grow.  What is it, exactly, that Chuckie can point to that Barry did?

President Trump has already created MORE jobs, growth, and value to our economy than Barry did in his eight years combined, despite what those on the state-controlled media would have you believe.  And yet it’s Chuckie who somehow thinks that President Trump needs to be thanking Barry?  But then, I suppose if Barry hadn’t trashed the economy to the point that he did there would have been little for President Trump to take credit for. But Barry did trash the economy.  So okay, “Thanks Obama!”  For doing such a crappy job that all the guy I voted for had to do, was to essentially stop doing everything that you were doing.

One doesn’t compliment an incompetent for doing a poor job. We got an average 1.8 percent GDP growth for his eight years. That’s the worst recovery in over 100 years. Progressive economists stated this was the new normal and to expect no more than 2 to 2.2 percent growth in the future.  So, there are three questions to ask those economists — were they lying then, are they lying now, or do they always lie?  No thanks, Barry, you threw away about $8.5 Trillion of the $9 Trillion debt you drove up in eight years. That’s the Democrat way.  Put people in positions that they’re unqualified for in a rather twisted attempt to equalize things.

Now with all that said, I suppose if there is one thing for which President Trump can thank Barry it would be the fact that Barry did such an absolutely horrific job has president.  Because if he had not, it’s in all likelihood that Trump would have never been elected.  But after eight years of demonstrating that socialist policies can have only one possible outcome, enough Americans were not willing to vote for someone, Hiterly, who would most assuredly have continued on with those same policies.  And they saw Donald Trump, a man who had built a multi-billion dollar business, who was a genuine outsider, and decided to take a chance.  And now it’s paying off bigly!


Schumer 07

It wasn’t long after President Trump announced his decision to the end Obummer’s blatantly unconstitutional, and obviously illegal, program called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, that Chuckie Schumer was running over people in his effort to get to a microphone so he could declare the decision as being nothing less than totally “heartless.”  But as we should all know by now little of what Chuckie says, especially on a topic even remotely considered to be political, should always be taken with a rather sizable grain of salt.

Because, apparently, that isn’t the way Chuckie has always felt regarding this particular topic.  Because if we were to flash back to 2009, we’d find that Chuckie was of a very different opinion.  You see, it was then, in a speech, that he said, “The American people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration.”  And he went on to say, “We will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept.”  The goal of his entire speech was to proclaim illegal immigration as bad and how “comprehensive immigration reform” is a must to “curtail future illegal immigration.”

And it was when President Trump announced the so-called Moslem ban back in January that Chuckie’s reoccurring hypocrisy surfaced yet again.  You’ll remember that it was then that Chuckie worked up some crocodile tears while referring to President Trump’s actions as being both “mean-spirited and un-American.”  But he had apparently forgotten how it was that back in 2015 he had called for the very same thing on Twitter:  “We must tighten loopholes in the Visa Waiver prgm, ensure passports can’t be faked & stop terrorists who want to exploit the system.”

So it would seem that the good senator just can’t seem to make up his mind on which side of the issue he’s going to land.  But then, when it comes to this piece of human excrement, that should come as being no real surprise since he must always determine what’s most politically advantageous.  Let’s face it, who in their right mind actually thinks that any Democrat has any interest in doing what’s best for the American people, or for the country?  No such species of Democrat exists anymore.  They are pond scum and not to be trusted as far as one can throw them.

Chuckie is a liar, and if I may say so, one of the most despicable human beings ever to walk the face of the Earth.  Progressives, like their Moslem allies, believe that advancing the cause is paramount and therefore justifies any means necessary of doing so.  Lying is fully acceptable and is frequently employed by both of these twisted ideologies.  And it is more often than not that they are seen as brothers in arms sharing a common agenda, that being, of course, the complete and utter destruction of America.  Neither group can ever be trusted to tell the truth.

The basic takeaway from this entire scenario is that Chuckie was lying then just as he’s likely lying now.  You’d have to be a complete moron, or a brain-dead Democrat, to realize that what Chuckie is doing here is nothing more than to do all that he can to be on both sides of the same issue.  And all in the hope that the less intelligent, the under informed and those who simply don’t care will fall for his little idiotic charade.  After all, Democrats have a little saying for situations such as this – “Stop bringing up what I’ve said in the past! Just listen to what I’m saying right now!”