Slick 03

Apparently it’s even the old ‘Slickmeister’, BJ Clinton, who is now beginning to have what are some pretty serious second thoughts about whether or not that much talked about ‘blue wave’ will become a reality this November.  To the point where he’s been busy cautioning those Democrats who may be taking the much heralded ‘blue wave’ in November for granted, and has reportedly said that it is now “impossible to tell” if the Democrats will actually take back control of the House.

Old ‘Slick Willy’ acknowledged during a Sunday interview with USA Today that though the so-called ‘blue wave’ had been building, factors such as the strength of President Trump’s economy as well as his progress on the North Korea negotiations have complicated matters for Democrats.  He said, “Well, it was building, big time.”  And went on to add, “It’s impossible to tell now just because there are so many other intervening narratives.”  For once I agree with old Slick.

And it’s even out in the land of the fruits, the nuts and the flakes, California, the bluest of blue states, that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom has said that he has not seen evidence of a “big blue wave.”  It was when asked about the so-called ‘blue wave’ that he said, “I don’t see evidence of that.  In California, we kind of feel like we’ve got this.”  And he went on to say, “It’s a big blue state and in some respects, I think we kind of take things for granted at times.”

I’m thinking all of this talk of a ‘blue wave’ may be nothing more than wishful thinking.  What do the Democrats really have to offer other than raising taxes, granting full amnesty for all illegals and confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens?  Their party platform is focused on illegal aliens, sexual deviants, Muslim refugees, and calling all who disagree with them, racists.  The U.S. economy is now stronger than it’s been in decades thanks to a Republican administration.

Our President is not a politician.  He’s a man with a track record of getting things done.  And that’s all the American people want.  We want action not words that even a five year old can tell is political BS.  The President is not polished, he is not politically correct and what he says doesn’t always come out perfect. But he can identify problems and ways to fix them.  He spent a lifetime doing that in the business world.  Now, he is using that ability to clean up Barry’s mess.

And while I’ll admit he still has a long way to go, he has accomplished much, more than I would have expected in this short period of time and has done so while getting attacked 24/7 by Democrats, those in our state-controlled media as well as more than just a few RINOs. Just imagine what he could do if that pack were to be thinned out some come November?  And that, my friends, is what we ALL need to be focused on when we walk into the voting booth come this November!

We need not vote for any Democrats or for that matter, any RINOs.  We need to do our part in assisting the president in draining ‘The Swamp.’  We must focus on defeating as many of the ‘Establishment’ types as we can, regardless of party.  These elitists who comprise ‘The Swamp’ want to destroy America.  And like Barry ‘O’ they hate America.  He, and they, wanted to “fundamentally transform” her.  And while he may be gone many remain who are dedicated to that mission.

Democrats are in dream land if they are seriously counting on some mythical ‘blue wave.’  Nothing they do has a positive effect on the welfare of our great nation.  Alternatively, everything Trump does have a positive effect.  Last time I voted for Trump it was an anti-establishment vote.  When I vote for him in 2020 it’ll be because he is a damn good President.  We need to vote for those willing to advance, not obstruct, the president’s agenda to ‘Make America Great Again.

So despite any misgivings that old Slick may have about whether or not this ‘blue wave’ does become a reality, we conservatives must, between now and the next election, operate as if we are at least 10 points behind.  And we dare not allow current polling trends to lull any of us into some false sense of security or allow ourselves to fall into a state of complacency.   We must continue to remain focused on one thing, and that is to prevent Pelosi from becoming Speaker.


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