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Recently those wonderful folks who comprise what I like to refer to as being our state-controlled media got what, I can only assume, was some pretty bad news.  It was news that made pretty clear how all of their hard work over the course of the last couple of years has essentially been all for naught.  You see, it’s according to the Real Clear Politics ‘poll of polls’ that President Trump’s average job approval rating sits at a relatively healthy 42.9 percent, a high he has not reached in nearly a year.  The last time the president eked into the 43 percent range was early May 2017.

So what we have here is yet another bit of proof that the media is no longer able to sway public opinion or move the needle.  While Trump’s job approval sits at 43 percent, trust in the media sits at just 41 percent.  But even that 41 percent is skewed. It’s only Democrats who support the media at a respectable level of 62 percent.  But, of course, they do. Now that the media is 24/7/365 anti-Trump and keep the left on the hook waiting for the smoking gun of impeachment (that will never come), why wouldn’t Democrats trust in the media to pull off a coup.

Meanwhile, it’s only 14 percent of Republicans that believe those in the media get the facts straight.  More telling still is the fact that only 37 percent of independents say the same.  In other words, outside of the far-left kooks, mainstream America no longer trusts what they hear, read, or see from those in the media, and why would they?  The media of the last decade, maybe longer, has become little more than a ‘fake news’ factory that for nearly two solid years has told us lie after lie about Trump’s colluding with Russia, and now, we have learned that was a big, fat hoax.

Credit for his improving numbers also goes to President Trump himself as he has not allowed the media plot to undo his election to distract him.  From the economy to North Korea to Syria to trade to immigration and taxes, the president has managed to keep his eye on the ball, and concrete things are happening.  Real things are getting done.  Bottom line: what Americans want more than anything are peace and prosperity, and after eight years of the Bush wars and eight years of Barry’s hideous handling of the economy, Trump’s presidency so far epitomizes peace and prosperity.

And in the end, that’s what voters will judge Trump on. They can see through the smoke of the endless stream of media lies and mischaracterizations as well as all of the pundit hysteria, and they are starting to understand that “sources tell us” is really nothing more than Greek for “this is fake news.”  It has been time after time that those in the media have continued to demonstrate how it is that they are increasingly desperate in their attempt to take down our president any way they can.  There is not one issue today that the media has any measurable level of credibility.

Personally, I happen to be of the opinion that President Trump’s approval is likely much higher.  The notion you can somehow average erroneous polls together and get an accurate and valid outcome doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  I’m not saying these loony “poll of polls” should be stopped. I want the Democrats to live by them, completely deluded into thinking Trump isn’t popular.  WE on the other hand should ignore polls and follow Trump’s leadership.  Trump thinks ahead for the long term.  Everything he says is for a reason, and we need to tune into that.

The Leftist buffoons in the media either don’t understand, or they refuse to accept, the REAL American culture.  Historically, we have ALWAYS sided with the underdog. When the left vilified Trump, slammed him every day, committed blatantly ILLEGAL transgressions against our civil rights and the Constitution in order to “get” him, they accomplished little more than to create a hero, of sorts.  We understand it is not so much TRUMP they hate but those of us who voted for him and support him, despite their foul attempts at slander and sedition. And trust me, there WILL BE a reckoning.

Look at the mess Barry ‘O’ left us. What was once a relatively peaceful Middle East is now an inferno.  Our national debt was doubled on Barry’s “watch.”  Our national credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history.  And the list of Barry’s “accomplishments” is nearly endless.  If he wasn’t given a pass because he was the first ‘black’ president, he would already be relegated to the ash heap of history, but the progressives won’t open their eyes and look objectively at the facts. The results of the Barry ‘O’s presidency makes the Jimmy Carter years almost look good.

Liberalism is becoming a coastal party with but a few enclaves in between, primarily our larger cities.  Democrats only push identity politics and most people have become sick of hearing how everyone is a homophobe, xenophobe, sexist, racist, etc.  There is no clear message the Democrats have other than to hate Trump and to resist.  What are they doing for people of color?  What are they doing for the economy?  They want to completely gut the First and Second amendments because they are losing the information war as more and more realize how those in the media lie.

Yes, the media loved how our historic ‘first black president’, Barry, lived to denigrate America on foreign soil in front of foreign audiences, bowing deeply in subservience to foreign despots, generally blaming America for all the problems of the world and apologizing for our pride in our exceptionalism.  Yes and they loved him for fanning what had been the dying embers of racism into what would become a roaring blaze that we haven’t seen in decades.  The only ‘fight’ Barry ever engaged in was making America look bad and keeping all his background hidden and sealed.


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