Waters 13

This past Sunday ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters made yet another appearance with that well-known homophobe Joy Reid on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” and once again proceeded to launch into one of her now familiar rants, this time claiming that Republicans are “scared” that President Trump “will take them down.”  Well I gotta say, the old girl was at least partially right in that it’s the RINOs, those ‘Republicans In Name Only’, who for sure had better be more than just a little worried.  That is if enough of the American people don’t have their head up their ass.  We need to clean house and replace as many of these RINOs as we can with the most conservative Republicans we can find.

‘Mad Maxine’ said, “I believe that if the facts are unveiled, whether it is in the next six months before the November elections or after that, Republicans are going to hard pressed to stand with this president and to deny that he’s colluded with Russia and that he’s obstructed justice.”  I’m guessing that she remains hopeful that, after nearly a year and a half, that ANY evidence of collision which doesn’t somehow involve Hiterly and the Russians, and involves only Trump and the Russians, will finally come to light.  But no matter how determined she may be that such evidence exists, as time goes by it becomes all the more clear that it simply does not.

Anyway, she went on to add, “I think even as Republicans see it now, some of them are whispering. They are embarrassed, they are worried. They’re scared that this president is going to take them down eventually. And so I believe that there will be Republicans that will have to agree with the facts that are going to be presented.”  Ya know, the more I see of this women the more I have come to understand that blacks will truly vote for just about anyone as long as they are both a Democrat and black.  I mean here we have someone who, while not being terribly bright, is crafty enough to have figured out a way to be paid by taxpayers for over 40 years.

In a way ’Mad Maxine’ kind of reminds me of an old scratched vinyl record, for those of you who remember those, that keeps skipping and repeating the same thing over and over, or perhaps a parrot that you can never get to shut up.  I’m thinking it has to be increasingly difficult for the Republicans, and likely even more than a few of her fellow Democrats, not to laugh right in her face.  Think about it, there has to be some level of whispering going on behind her back, after all every time she gets on television she makes a complete ass out of herself, and her party!  Except, of course, for those who comprise her most devoted followers and those in the media.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that perhaps it’s ‘Mad Maxine’ herself, and many of the others who reside there with her in the outer reaches of leftwing kookdom, who might be more than a little nervous when it comes to our next election.  Now I know everyone is talking about some potential ‘blue wave’ driven by hatred of President Trump that is, at least theoretically, supposed to sweep the Democrats into control of Congress.  And there are many on her side of the aisle who are pretty darn confident that that is in fact going to become a reality, so much so that there has been much talk about how it is that the Trump agenda is already as good as dead.

I would like to think that ‘Mad Maxine’ and her fellow horde of congressional Democrats are a bit too optimistic regarding their chances of attaining some sweeping victory come this November.  And it would be good for the country if that much talked about ‘blue wave’ turned out to be very different from what so many people are now so very enthusiastically predicting.  You see, what I’m hoping for here is that the people of this country will finally rise up, in numbers that make it near impossible to refute, and that once and for all will demonstrate that it is they who are in charge of this country and not the members of ‘The Swamp’ like ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters.


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