Whether he might have been experiencing one of those very rare moments of lucidity, or it was one of those instances that you hear people talk about where even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, or where even a broken clock is right twice a day, it would seem that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews inadvertently experienced a episode of what can only be described as a bit of brutal honesty, just this past Tuesday night, when he had the sudden realization regarding all of the problems the Democrat Party now seems to be having in the run up to the 2016 election.

Matthews commented recently on his show “Hardball” that the many of the issues the Democrat Party stands for in 2016 are not “well received” by large numbers of Americans.  Well no shit Chris, but then that’s only because the Democrat Party, as a whole, couldn’t give two shits about what truly concerns the majority of ‘working class’ Americans, or those Americans who want nothing more than to have a job. Because what has now become ‘Job 1’ of the Democrat Party to get as many people as is humanly possible firmly attached to the government teat!

Our old buddy Chris said, “I’ve been working on this project about the early elections in the ’50s and ’60s, and the Kennedy races and I have to tell you, back then, being a Democrat was great. You talked about unemployment, you talked about jobs, you talked about putting people to work, you talked about minimum wage, you talked about Medicare.”  But Chris, that was before the party decided to lurch so sharply to the left that it has now become nearly impossible to find a Democrat anywhere who’s able to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist.

And then Matthews went on to say, “Now you’ve got to talk about guns, which people don’t want to hear.”  And he added, “You got to talk about how coal is bad for the country and bad the world. You talk about same-sex [marriage] in a part of the country that isn’t too keen on that cultural stuff” and “abortion.”   He said, “So all of a sudden, you’re talking about things that aren’t really well received. But in the old day, a Democrat could just say, ‘There’s a lot of poverty here, let’s do something about it.’”  All of a sudden, Chris?  Really?

But you gotta to ask yourself, why is it that Matthews seems so surprised?  It has been people like him who have refused to hold the Democrats accountable, and to keep bringing up those issues that he implies used to be owned by the Democrat Party.  Now I don’t generally tune in to watch Matthews, but having said that I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone mention how it was that Chris chose to discuss any issue that is actually of importance to most Americans.  Mostly what he chooses to talk about are those issues that most Democrats want to talk about.

Anyway, it was in reacting to Matthews’ list of issues the Democrat Party is facing that Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway commented, “The Democratic Party moved to the left and I think it never really had a conversation about where the party was going to go.”  And it was Conway who essentially stated the obvious when she said, “This is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party.” She went on to say, “That’s obvious. The centrist, moderate, southern governor, Democratic governor, who are those? Where are the Blue Dog Democrats.”

Matthews interrupted Conway to ask her if she was “thrilled” and she said, “I’m thrilled because Hillary Clinton is trying to wage right now, quite unsuccessfully, a two-front war. Bernie’s to her left so she’s moving over there when she can. Donald Trump has vanquished 16 opponents, she can’t vanquish one. So I think he could pivot to a general election and take her on the next 90 days.”  And it’s right about now that I’m wondering just how many Democrats there are who might be wishing they had been better able to gauge the political winds and had entered this race.

Matthews has long been one of those who, and right from the beginning of this sleigh ride to Hell known as the Barry ‘O’ presidency, felt that it was the job, even the responsibility, of our state-controlled media to come rushing in to defend our first black president and to do everything possible to make his administration look good.  Regardless of the damage being done to the country. However, I think it fair to say that for the most part, despite their best efforts, nearly every attempt perpetrated by those involved in this circling of the wagon has failed pretty spectacularly!

And by the way, Matthews seems to be somewhat surprised to find out that the issues Democrats are talking about, aren’t very popular.  But this my-way-or-the-highway-sit-in-the-back-and-shut-up-we-won mentality has been going on for nearly 8 years now!  His ratings alone should have been a big clue that few support the left’s rather twisted agenda. Most issues presented by the left were edicts with no discussion allowed. There has been obvious oppression against any and all dissent, going so far as to use federal agencies to squelch all opposition.

It’s like…..Duh, all of a sudden Rip Van Winkle woke up!  And as far as Democrats wanting to do something about poverty, we’ve been down that road, it was back in January 1964.  Back when Johnson declared ‘war on poverty’ in America.  But even back then it was less about poverty than it was politics.  Johnson himself said he’d have blacks voting Democrat for the next 200 years.  And since then the taxpayers have spent $22 Trillion on Johnson’s war, and to say that it has been a total failure would be too kind.  And he has 148 years left of his initial plan of 200.

Not only have Democrat policies failed to eradicate poverty, it’s at the same time that these same policies have been responsible for the skyrocketing of out of wedlock births and teen births along with the number of single parent households while at the same time being behind a significant decrease in literacy. Obviously I could go on ad nauseam listing the failures and unintended consequences, but we all know the results.  However it is worth pointing out that that $22 Trillion is only a couple Trillion more than our current Nation Debt.

So what’s a guy like old Chris to do?  Will he work to bring those issues that once made one proud to be a Democrat to the forefront, or will he instead simply get on the anti-coal, climate change, gay marriage bandwagon despite the fact that he seems to have admitted that such “things that aren’t really well received” by a great many Americans?  Let’s face it, independent thought is not something that’s really accepted within the ranks of the Democrat Party, so there is no doubt that this brief fling with sanity we see from Matthews, is sure to be short lived.

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