Hitlery 20

Well it would seem that the still frontrunner and ‘presumed’ to be Democrat nominee for president, Hitlery, has yet another card, besides the much ballyhooed woman’s card, in her political deck, which she recently deployed while on the campaign trail.  And that card would of course be, the victim card.  Hitlery, in working to revive the dreaded and all-powerful vast right-wing conspiracy, recently reminded her supporters that the “right wing” is still very much alive and well, and is still working to destroy her, even after 25 years.

And so it was at a recent campaign event in Kentucky, Hitlery sought to blame all of her troubles on those who comprise the evil, and ever so sinister, right wing.  Much like Barry in that regard, it’s none of her problems that are ever to be considered as being of her own making.  There must always be someone to blame, because all that motivates those on the left are nothing but the purest of intentions.  After all, the only thing they are seeking is nothing more than a little fairness, and a little more acceptance for all.  And what’s wrong with that?

Hitlery said, “The right wing never gives up attacking me.”  And she went on to say, “I think they are really going to throw everything including the kitchen sink this time.”  So I guess it’s the fault of the ‘right-wing’ that Hitlery threatened to put coal companies and coalminers, who live and work in Kentucky, out of business.  Oh, and speaking of other things that are at Hitlery’s, we have the anti-Hitlery documentary film ‘Clinton Cash’ which will debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16.  I suppose it’s the evil right wing that’s behind that as well?

In referencing the attacks coming from the conspiratorial ‘right wing’, Hitlery was likely referring to attacks coming from Republicans surrounding her rather questionable e-mail and private server practices, as well as Trump’s decision to label her as “Crooked Hillary.”  Last week, Trump referred to Hitlery as “an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler.”  Hitlery told supporters that she was looking forward to debating Donald Trump in the presidential race.  She also criticized Trump for his comments about others.

Hitlery said, “We can’t be scapegoating, and finger-pointing and blaming, and demeaning and degrading and insulting our fellow Americans.”  And she added, “That is not what we are, and it’s time that we said ‘enough.’”  Yeah, right! So how about we ask some of ‘Slick Willie’s’ very many female victims about how well Hitlery practiced that line of bull!  Somehow, I think they’d disagree. Personally, I find it being nothing short of appalling that there are so women who can actually bring themselves to support such a vindictive bitch.

We the people have been the victims of the Bill and Hitlery crime syndicate; and, a formal criminal investigation by Barry’s FBI does not constitute a “right wing” attack. Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, Benghazigate, Servergate, Foundationgate, Uraniumgate, perjury while under oath to the Congress, and Vince Foster’s death…just the shortlist of Hillary’s crimes against the people of our nation. Voting for Hitlery is a criminal act in and of itself.  Hitlery has a long record of denigrating the women that the ‘Slickmeister’ sexually abused:

Juanita Broaddrick (AR) – rape

Eileen Wellstone (Oxford) – rape

Elizabeth Ward Gracen – rape – quid pro quo, post incident intimidation

Regina Hopper Blakely – “forced himself on her, biting, bruising her”

Kathleen Willey (WH) – sexual assault, intimidations, threats

Sandra Allen James (DC) – sexual assault

22 Year Old 1972 (Yale) – sexual assault

Kathy Bradshaw (AK) – sexual assault

Cristy Zercher – unwelcomed sexual advance, intimidations

Paula Jones (AR) – unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault

Carolyn Moffet -unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault

1974 student at University of Arkansas – unwelcomed physical contact

1978-1980 – seven complaints per Arkansas state troopers

Monica Lewinsky – quid pro quo, post incident character assault

Gennifer Flowers – quid pro quo, post incident character assault

Dolly Kyle Browning – post incident character assault

Sally Perdue – post incident threats

All of which you would think would beg the question, why is it that so many women, regardless of political persuasion, continue to so enthusiastically support this Duplicitous old Bitch?  Does the ability to get an abortion ‘trump’ all else for them?  Is it more important than is the survival of the country?  If so, how f*cked up is that?  Apparently there are a lot of women who differ very little from most blacks when it comes to how they determine for whom to vote.  It would seem that the most important qualifier is either race or gender.  That’s just nuts!



  1. Hillary ( Killary ) Clinton is a Extreme Left-wing liberal and muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!!

    Trump is my choice!!

    Love Always and Shalom,

    Kristi Ann


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