Let me start out by saying that I could not care less about this recent dinner that seems to have everyone’s panties in a twist, the one attended by President Trump, Kanye West, and a guy by the name of Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago. Nor am I paying any attention to the contingent of RINOs trying to turn it into something that it clearly wasn’t. And the RINO to most recently put his two cents in was none other than that worthless, in the pocket of China, piece of shit from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell. As far as I’m concerned old Mitch who can go f*ck himself! I think it fair to say that Donald Trump has proven himself to be a great friend of Israel.

And, sadly, it’s the same that cannot be said of many of those now gunning for President Trump, including this douche bag McConnell. And if the American people fall for this current ploy being used against President Trump, well then I’m afraid they’re dumber than even I give them credit for. And do, it was earlier this week that McConnell appeared to throw stones at President Trump, asserting that anyone who meets with those who hold anti-Semitic or white supremacist views is “unlikely” to be elected president, a likely reference to the aforementioned dinner attended by President Trump, with West and an unexpected guest, Fuentes.

McConnell said, “First, let me just say there is no room in the Republican Party for antisemitism or white supremacy.” And he went on to say, “And anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in my judgment, are highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the United States.” Hey Mitch, how about Senators who sellout their country to Communist China or derail the campaigns of fellow Republicans because they aren’t crooks like him. Is there room in the Republican Party for people like that, Mitch? I would argue that if there is room for them, then there is most certainly room in the party for President Trump! What do you say, Mitch?

And as has already been pointed out by sources far more credible than some RINO hack politician, President Trump didn’t even know who Fuentes was, nor did he know he would be attending the dinner. Apparently, the dinner meeting was only to be attended by West and President Trump, but West arrived, unexpectedly, with a guest, the infamous Mr. Fuentes.  At the end of the day, it’s a man’s private dinner guests, private thoughts, and private speech, and I will NOT be bullied into another pity-ploy about ‘anti-Semitism,’ or hate on West or Fuentes, or President Trump, because some shiftless Democrat agitator, or mouthpiece like McConnell, says I’m supposed to.

And not to be left out of the fray was fellow RINO Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy also weighed in on President Trump’s unexpected dinner guest, whom the Justice Department has labeled a white supremacist, stating, “I don’t think anybody should be spending any time with Nick Fuentes.” But McCarthy did make note of the fact that President Trump did not know who Fuentes was. But I think it might be worth asking what it takes these days for the Justice Department to label one as a “white supremacist?” For all I know I too am likely considered to be a white supremacist for no other reason than because I support President Trump!

You may, or may not, recall how it was that both McConnell AND McCarthy once groveled for President Trump’s endorsement and yet, now that they are in their ‘leadership’ positions, they both seek to dump on him in an effort to try to make him irrelevant. So, one dinner with President Trump has now drawn more attention from the ‘fake news’ media, leftists in and out of the Democrat Party, RINOs and their many sycophants than almost anything any other person has done of late. And so if I have this right, it’s bad to be considered anti-Semitic but it’s perfectly acceptable to be utterly corrupt? Where else but in government does that rule apply?

And if we’re going to be spending time talking about how someone is, or is not, anti-Semitic then it would seem that we must discuss how it was that on day one of Joey B’s current reign that he had a ‘preacher’ with a history of anti-Israel statements, Rev. William Barber, at his inaugural prayer service. Barber’s rather questionable history includes calling Israel an “apartheid state” and downplaying the Holocaust, and yet, Joey has never once been asked to condemn any of Barber’s statements. And that’s just one more example of how it is that the entire Democrat Party is anti-Semitic. And yet, somehow, they all keep getting elected and re-elected.

Here’s a bit advice for those like McConnell, if you’re wanting me to support a different Republican for the next presidential election, taking petty pot shots at President Trump and trying, unsuccessfully, to harm him isn’t what’s going to convince me to do so! If President Trump doesn’t get the nomination, then it’s DeSantis who likely will! And I’m fairly confident, at least at this point, that DeSantis too would work against both the deep state types and the Democrats! And I have no doubt that he would be willing to work with any reasonable patriotic Democrat, if there is such a thing anymore, along with Republicans and Independents.

And sadly, this shitshow really hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. These statements are just a prelude for what’s sure to come as we get closer to 2024. The closer we get the more McConnell will push his own campaign to do all that he can in an effort to make sure President Trump is not elected. McConnell has already demonstrated that he would rather see a Democrat in the White House than President Trump. And does he really think that Trump supporters are suddenly going to support the party elders because of this issue? It’s far more likely to enrage Trump supporters resulting Republican turnout to go down. Or maybe ‘that’s the plan?  

Finally, if I believed for a minute that Trump had deliberately sat down with someone like Fuentes, I would have lost most of my trust in him. Racism is despicable, mostly because it is stupid. And call me a conspiracy nut if you wish, but it appears to me that President Trump clearly was set up, and that West is ignorant of the fact that Fuentes thinks people like him should be sent back to Africa. It’s sickening to think of how many people are okay with racism as long as it is against some other race, not theirs. But Fuentes is not a sincere advocate of racism either, I believe he is funded by those who wish us ill, with the mission of making our movement appear racist.


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