Like a dog with its favorite bone, it’s our cadre of pathetic RINOs who just can’t seem to stop themselves from trying to do all that they can to do damage to President Trump politically. This rather unimpressive bunch seems compelled to perpetually grasp at any straw that may present itself in what has been, and continues to be, their continuing assault on the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. And since none are seen as being a suitable replacement for President Trump, I can only assume that their attempts to diminish him in the eyes of his supporters is being done for the specific reason of ensuring that a Democrat becomes president in 2024.

And so it was that outgoing RINO governor Asa Hutchinson made another of his routine visits to the ‘Communist News Network’ just this Sunday, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union.” And it was during this same appearance that Hutchinson actually claimed that President Trump was empowering extremists after meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and rapper Kanye West at his Mar-a-Lago estate. And it was one of CNN’s preeminent dim bulbs, Dana Bash, who asked, “I know as U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. You personally prosecuted white supremacist groups. What’s your reaction to seeing a former U.S. president associate with someone like that?”

Hutchinson said, “Well, I hope someday we won’t have to be responding to what former President Trump has said or done. In this instance, it’s important to respond, and as you mentioned, the last time I met with the white supremacist. It was in an armed standoff. I had a bulletproof vest on. We arrested them, prosecuted them, sent them to prison. And so, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a leader that’s setting an example for the country or the party to meet with an avowed racist or antisemite.” He continued, “And so it’s very troubling, and it shouldn’t happen. And we need to avoid those kinds of empowering the extremes.”

And Hutchinson went on to say, “And when you meet with people, you empower, and that’s what you have to avoid. You want to diminish their strength, not empower them. Stay away from it.” Hutchinson added, “This was not an accidental meeting. It was a setup — dinner with Kanye, and so this happened. But you certainly have every occasion that the question of white supremacy or neo-Nazis or denying the Holocaust comes up — You’ve got to be absolutely clear in your communication that this is not acceptable dogma. It’s not acceptable conversation, it’s not acceptable history, and you have to disavow it — it is as simple as that.”

Hutchinson is clearly all in with the Liberal talking points. Another RINO paying a visit to their favorite network CNN, enough said. The Marxist media is trotting him out because he’s a ‘Republican’ who’s willing to say exactly what they need him to say. Once again, you NEVER hear a Democrat saying anything derogatory about another Democrat. Some ‘Republicans,’ on the other hand, can’t get to a microphone fast enough. Keep shooting each other in the head, that’s a great strategy you’ve got going here. This name calling idiot had his chance while in office to do something meaningful, but chose not to. Silently slinking away is a better option for him now.

And let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that I buy into the point that so many of these RINOs now seem to be trying to make. Why is it, exactly, that I’m supposed to come unglued over who it is that President Trump has dinner with, whether it was a good idea or not, when we have Democrats who very willingly associate with some of the most racist and unsavory characters found anywhere on the planet and no one says a damn word. I’m so tired of this bunch of pussies who have no problem with playing along with the Democrat and their double standard. It’s all nothing more than another stupid distraction. Hutchinson is no different than a Democrat.

You really do need to call into question what it is that motivates these scumbag RINOs. I mean, when is it that we all get to ostracize ‘BO’ for his repeated meetings with racist and anti-Semite ‘Reverend Al,’ or meeting with those other racists and anti-Semites, ‘Calypso Louie’ Farrakhan, or Jeremiah Wright? When do we ostracize ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters for inciting violence against supporters of President Trump? And when do we get to ostracize those on the left who still defend serial rapists like Harvey Weinstein, or those who we know paid multiple visits to island owned by that creepy pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein? When does it get to be our turn?

And why is it that those who are so blatantly corrupt and who openly pander to all manner of racist extremists are never, and I do mean NEVER, called upon to explain their actions or made to apologize for their questionable associations? Why is it that they are considered to be immune from criticism of their behavior. What makes them above having to explain their unsavory and, dare I perverted behavior. And yet President Trump is forced to explain his dinner guests? Frankly, I don’t give a flying f*ck what any of these worthless RINOs say about President Trump. At least he has never stabbed me in the back the way these people have, repeatedly!

And any Republican that agrees to go on CNN to talk about President Trump is a Democrat. And the truth is that Democrats have been, and still are, empowering extremists, lies and corruption. They are tearing the country down and those like Hutchinson are cheering them on. Democrats openly brag about their associations with convicted terrorists, rapists, murderers and perverts. Democrats made a man who was nothing but drug dealer and miserable human being who resisted arrest into a hero. And our first ‘black’ president admitted to selling drugs, while taking them. There is ZERO contest regarding which party has the most extremists and deviants.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea by President Trump’s team to allow a dinner with Kanye and Fuentes. But how about a little consistency, other than the consistent way these RINOs equate Mr. Trump with inciting extremism. Where was this kind of talk when ‘BO’ met with frequently with those that were known racists and inciters of violence. Once again the elitists align to go after President Trump while giving a pass to Democrats, ALL the Democrats. And I won’t go into the ugliness promoted by Joey and his team of ‘climate change,’ Socialist, anti-America extremist team. But I think my point is easy to understand. Basically, apply criticism equally, or simply STFU.

And lastly, if we’re being honest, President Trump did not ‘associate’ with Mr. Fuentes, he had dinner with him. President Trump didn’t invite this guy Fuentes, he came as an uninvited ‘guest’ of Kanye West. President Trump was simply being courteous. Secondly, both President Trump’s staff, and Fuentes himself, have stated that President Trump didn’t know who Fuentes was. West himself said that he brought his ‘friend’ without notice and without President Trump’s knowledge to Mar-a-Lago? This is nothing more than another attempt to make something out of nothing. And how many times have we seen this very same movie? Too many times!!!



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