One of the few things Democrats do that can be considered positive is their rather peculiar habit of telegraphing to the rest of us just who it is that they fear most, politically speaking. And it’s their fear of President Trump that has driven them to spend the last seven years, and spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, attempting to damage him politically. But apparently, if a recent poll is accurate, it would seem that those attempts have been all for naught. You see, President Trump’s favorability rating is now the highest of ANY politician in America. And yet it’s their fear of him being able to make a triumphant return that continues to drive them insane.

And it would seem that President Trump is not the only one who the Democrats seem to fear. You see, it would seem that they have also now set their sights on another, and that would be none other than Ron DeSantis, Republican governor of Florida. And it was Howard ‘The Screamer’ Dean who let that cat out of the bag during another of his regular visits to MSDNC. It was during an appearance, this past Tuesday, on MSDNC’s ‘The Beat’ that Dean went so far as to accuse Gov. DeSantis of being a “fascist.” And, according to this buffoon, that made him “much scarier” than even President Trump as a potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee.  

And it was guest host Jason Johnson, one of MSDNC’s finest, who said, “You now have some Republicans who are saying, hey, look. Maybe Donald Trump shouldn’t run again. Maybe it will be a problem. Maybe, you know, him running with all these allegations and all this violence associated with him, maybe it ends up being damaging with the party.” And he went on to ask, “Do you think any of these potential allegations could influence when he will make an announcement? Or do you think it is just a done deal that the former president will run again in 2024?” Dean said, “I don’t think it is a done deal at all. I have no idea what his calculation is.”

And Dean went on to say, “But you know, we won in Georgia, particularly in the Senate, because of Donald Trump. Because there were a number of Republican women, moderate Republican women in the suburbs who couldn’t stomach voting for this crook, this disgusting person. They just couldn’t. And that’s happening all over the country every day the more stuff that comes out. I’m actually hoping Trump does run.” He added, “I think Trump’s calculation is mixed one his illness, narcissism, acute narcissism, and it is mixed with the political congratulations that he’s not very good at. There are a lot of younger people in that party that are much scarier.”

And he continued, “DeSantis, for one, who requires, just today announced he would require all students in Florida’s colleges to declare their political their views. I mean, this guy is a fascist. Trump is too narcissistic and ill to be a successful fascist even though he has all those instincts. I think he will be easier to beat than any of the other potential candidates.” Well, that’s an easy strategy to figure out. Use the bogus January 6 hearings as your vehicle to attempt to disqualify President Trump and then move on to work to disqualify any and all of the other opponents by simply claiming that they are “worse” or “even more dangerous” than is President Trump.

Dean becomes more irrelevant with each word that he speaks. And who is it that even listens to this guy, other than the many morons in our ‘fake news’ media? And I find it all as being rather odd at how those like Dean see fascists, far-right-wing extremists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and, quite literally, Hitlers everywhere amongst regular, middle-of-the-road, ordinary conservatives, and absolutely nowhere amongst themselves. Dean is nothing if not a hardcore leftist. HE is the fascist here, NOT Gov. DeSantis! These simple-minded leftists are like naïve little schoolchildren. They really don’t have much experience in anything, and so they lie about everything.

To those who don’t like President Trump because he’s too divisive, I told you so! The problem is not Trump, the problem is any candidate who is anti-establishment. And if DeSantis becomes the candidate, they will attempt to crucify him just as vigorously as they have President Trump. And just like President Trump, DeSantis will fight back, therefore becoming another candidate deemed to be ‘divisive’ by the ruling elites! The only thing ‘divisive’ about President Trump was, and is, the fact that he’s not a politician, he doesn’t act like a politician, and thought he was there to get things done. He loves his country, and fought back against those who don’t.

Democrats call conservatives fascists constantly, but I seriously doubt that it’s any of them who actually know the definition. Dean is an educated man and still tosses the term around, claiming incorrectly the conservatives are fascists. Webster’s defines fascism as a system of government characterized by a rigid one-party dictatorship, forceable suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized government control, nationalism, racism, and militarism first instituted in Italy in 1922. It’s Democrats who are attempting to suppress all opposition and to control all economic enterprises through centralized government control.

I am curious about something. What is it about DeSantis that makes Dean think he’s a Fascist? Is it because he endorses freedom of movement, no mandates, supports life, believes in justice, believes in individual freedom and freedom of speech or is it because he is non-compliant with Democrat overreach and bloated governance? When someone like Dean calls someone a Fascist, I wish they would provide to us just what their definition of Fascist is. After all, as pointed out, their charge seldom fits the dictionary definition. The left simply uses the term because it’s a buzz word that few people can define, and even fewer ever make the effort to look it up in a dictionary.

The left bandies about the word fascist and it is apparent that none of them actually have a clue what a fascist is, as it is far more applicable to the authoritarian leftists who want to ‘dictate’ how our lives should be lived. Dean is an unbalanced and pathetic demagogue who has repeatedly stated in public that he hates Republicans. DeSantis doesn’t support their ideology, nor will he, like President Trump, be bullied into doing so. So, of course, they must demonize him! He’s my governor and I hope that he doesn’t run for President because he is the only thing keeping Florida afloat from the Democrats who are overpopulating this state at a rather alarming rate.

Finally, when it comes to those like Dean, it’s whomever it is that stands against them that must be considered as being the absolute worst of the worst. Until the next one comes along. Even a gutless wonder like Willard got excoriated when he dared to stand against ‘The One,’ ‘BO!’ Look at him now. Is he the theocrat fascist that they painted him as? And do they tolerate him even now? Just barely. They still hate him and would happily crush him up for fertilizer. If you’re taking flak it’s only because you are squarely over the target. They will hate you regardless, so revel in it, and open the bomb-bay doors and let every single one of them have it.

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