You know I just don’t understand why it is that so many of those who President Trump trusted enough to bring into his inner, as president, can now be so cavalier about repaying that trust by continually shoving a knife into his back. And it was earlier this week that we had yet another of these ungrateful sleazebags coming forward to do so once again by making the claim that the January 6 clown court had now sufficiently “moved the needle” to the point where Republicans inside Washington are coming to view President Trump as “damaged.” And I’m curious why this boob thinks anyone not inside Washington cares what those inside Washington may think of President Trump.

The RINO to whom I refer is none other than President Trump’s former Trump White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, who appears to be another of those who became part of ‘Team Trump’ solely for the purpose of later being able stab his old boss in the back. Which only goes to show you that this guy was, all along, never more than someone working on inside for the opposition. Anyway, it was during an appearance this past Wednesday on “CNN Tonight” that Mulvaney claimed the hearings regarding the events of January 6 were “moving the needle” with Republicans inside Washington, who now think Donald Trump would be a “damaged” 2024 presidential candidate.

Anchor Kasie Hunt said, “You were a politician for a long time. What’s your assessment for whether Republicans are willing to be moved, especially in some of these key swing states in Georgia and perhaps Wisconsin, where these hearings might be getting a little bit more coverage?’ Mulvaney said, “It’s not determinative, but I think it was in Gallup somebody came out with a poll in the last 12 hours that asked folks to rate the most important issues to them are, and it didn’t prompt them to give an answer. No one said January 6. No one said the January 6 commissions. Things like the economy are still driving ordinary Americans and what they care about.”

He added, “Inside Washington, inside the political world, it is moving the needle. What you’re seeing, I think, is folks, especially in my party, are looking at Donald Trump as damaged and something that might weigh down the party going into the midterms and into 2024, which is why I think you’re starting to hear rumblings of Mike Pence running in 2024 against Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley. Those are conversations I don’t think you would have had six or eight weeks ago before these committee hearings started.” Who really cares what those like Mulvaney, in Washington, think? Their dislike of him only makes me like him more!

And if you have to go on the ‘Communist News Network’ to make your claim, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re getting paid by someone to do so. And perhaps he, and those others “inside Washington,” haven’t noticed the rather long, and quite impressive, list of those endorsed by President Trump who have won their primaries. And maybe he, and they, haven’t noticed how everyone in the country, minus the RINO’s and the most radical of Democrats, want President Trump back to fix the disasters ‘Shitbag Joey’ and his puppet masters have created. This is just noise that CNN is using to draw a few more radical flies to its ratings disaster of a network.

These “inside the beltway” Republicans, have to wake up from their fantasy that, with few exceptions, anyone they support will register as little more than a test pattern in the primaries. Neither RINOs, nor Democrats, can beat President Trump in an honest election, their only option is to somehow disqualify him. They tried twice to impeach him, Mueller found nothing, and the January 6 hearings are hearsay and innuendo. All they’ve got is ‘We don’t like Trump.’ But the public loves him! He can go anywhere, and tens of thousands of loyal supporters will welcome him. These politicians try to convince us to agree with them, but President Trump agrees with us!

And it is any candidate that is acceptable to these RINOs, like Mulvaney, that is also not worthy of conservative support and won’t likely even be considered. Trump Republicans are too smart to accept such a compromise. We’ve had our fill of such limp-wristed, faux conservatives. We are very much a divided nation these days. And there are few in government who we can actually trust. It’s now us against them, Good against Evil. Those on the left are all about hate. We cannot stand with them ever again. If they change and become patriots then we will gladly welcome them into the fold, but they must change. Good does not compromise with evil.

And it’s those “inside Washington” who have ALWAYS considered President Trump as being damaged goods, because he’s an outsider. Talk to any Washington insider, like Mulvaney, and you get the same old garbage. All the damage being done to America is being done by those holding office and the administrative state. Every wound inflicted on America has come from America’s elected leaders. They are the enemy within. From selling our oil reserves to foreign nations, including China, to holding political ‘enemies’ without due process. President Trump is the only man the majority of American voters trust in government, and WE will elect him again for the third time.

But just to be clear, President Trump is neither Saint nor Savior. He is a mere mortal man. But a man who put America and the American People First. He built a wall and replenished and restocked our military. He brought American jobs back, rebuilt our economy and gained us energy independence for the first time in a very long time. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem and worked to bring about peace in the Middle East. Big deal, he wrote some nasty tweets. And now we’ve been forced to contend with ‘Shitbag Joey’ a guy who can’t even spell ‘tweet.’ And yet these pathetic RINOs want us to see President Trump as being damaged? Give me a break!

And talking about President Trump as if he’s part of some dark chapter in American history when WE all know all that was done to him, is disgusting. Worse than that, it’s just plain ludicrous!!! Describing January 6 as something that is irreparable or, to channel Hitlery, is pathetic. And yet there has never been a day of reckoning for what started under ‘BO’ with the using of government agencies to spy on a political opponent’s campaign and then, after being defeated, attempting to UNSEAT a duly elected President with what was nothing but a complete fabrication. How can that simply be forgotten? It was everything THEY claim January 6 was, but 10 times WORSE.

These hearings are a sham, and everyone knows it. Those inside Washington, as well as those on the outside. They are akin to the Soviet show trials of old. They have but one purpose and are meant only to destroy President Trump’ chances of running in 2024 before thing even get started. President Trump did nothing wrong on January 6 and it becomes clearer every day that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The Washington Establishment is desperate to keep him out. They despise those of us who voted for him. Keeping President Trump out of power, keeps us out of power. Yes, there was a coup on January 6, it was a ‘deep state’ coup against ‘We the People.’


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