It’s whenever these two devout haters of America get together that you can pretty much guarantee the subject of any conversation that takes place. And that is, of course, how it is that the party actually out to destroy our country is really only trying to save it, to ensure that it is made to endure and to preserve it for future generations. Their only hope is that there will be enough people who can be fooled into believing their lies so that the Democrat Party can remain in control just long enough to bring about America’s demise once and for all. And so, in the regard, we must all remain vigilant and take everything these people say with a grain of salt.

And so, it was this past Sunday during MSDNC’s comedy hour, “PoliticsNation,” hosted by everyone’s favorite racist tax cheat, Al Sharpton, that Democrat ‘strategist’ Jimmy Carville could be heard sounding the alarm regarding the upcoming midterm elections. And after sharing how “petrified” and “mortified” he was heading into the midterms, Carville said that “if this country does not have a voter intervention,” then he was “not optimistic about its future.” He said, “I am not a voice of calm. I’m petrified!” He added, “And I will echo what my friend Congressman Clyburn said — if this country does not have voter intervention, I am not optimistic about its future.”

And it was from there that Carville then went on to say, “And if people, and particularly young people, if they care any about this country — and as you know; you were once a young person one time on the forefront of the civil rights movement — if they don’t get a hold of this and do something, I am mortified.” And he said, “And I wholly endorse the Clyburn strategy of voter intervention, but I am not a voice of confidence at all. I am very afraid right now.” Carville also advised that *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ and the Democrats would do more to help the black and brown people in America deal with record-high gas and food prices than the Republicans.

Jimmy claims a “voter intervention” is what’s needed. That likely translates into: “We Democrats are going to get hammered this November therefore, to head it off, massive ballot harvesting/voter fraud needs to start NOW!” Democrats never see their epic failures in promoting “America Last,” Socialist policies, as the problem. Those on the left, as both of these losers are, believes that Socialism must be forced upon the American people ‘for their own good’, and when those policies fail, the left can just double down on them, because that’s their twisted leftist mindset. Again, we have a couple of worthless old dinosaurs claiming Democrats supposedly care about people.

Carville says that the Democrats need to do more for black and brown people regarding rising gas and food prices. So it sounds like what he’s basically saying here, is that Democrats need to work a little harder on pandering to minorities because, it’s according to those on the left, minorities are simply too stupid to figure things out for themselves. Look, if you’re a minority, and you can’t see the blatant harm the Democrats are very intentionally doing to you and your family by now, then I am at a loss as to what to tell you. I just hope and pray, that one day all will see the Democrats for the greedy, power-hungry cult for what they truly are, and escape it.

Do something for Brown and Black People? What about doing something for all of the American people? You know, like President Trump did! And Jimmy should be petrified. He just spilled the beans about using Blacks, and what he calls Brown people, in an attempt to stave off what is predicted, at least presently, to be a rather humiliating defeat, and to stay in power. This Democrat Party is, and has always been, a fundamentally racist, terrorist and anti-constitutional group that has long been in need of being forever banished! Whatever President Trump said or did on January 6 is insignificant when compared to what the Democrats have been doing for decades!

How about earning people’s vote instead of threatening, bribing and cheating? Offer hope for our future, instead of fear. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink and the Democrats have now essentially poisoned the water. What’s truly amazing is that Democrats could very easily get voters on their side, all they would have to do is to start doing things that are good for this country and its people. But they, apparently, just can’t bring themselves to do it. Instead, everything that has happened over the course of roughly the last two years has been to the detriment of both. But then, that’s what you get when we let election fraud choose your leader.

Carville claimed that Joey and the Democrats would do more to help the black and brown people in America deal with record-high gas and food prices than the Republicans. Helping by doing what? If they do not UNDO what they have done, then the only way to ‘help’ is to pass out MORE free money which only serves to exacerbate the problem. And why do only black and brown people deserve help? White people pay the same prices and they’re struggling just as much. Democrats have NEVER helped black and brown people in this country. Everything they’ve done over the years has only served to damage these communities in one form, or another.

Commonsense tells you that when you find yourself in a hole it’s best to stop digging. But ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co. have yet to figure that out as they continue with their agenda to bring about the destruction of America. And unfortunately, far too many Republicans remain content to sit on the sidelines and let them. And so, it’s those Republicans who represent just as much of a threat, if not more so, to us than do the Democrats. And any opportunity to get rid of any of them, come this November, should most definitely be taken full advantage of. Because as long as we have one RINO in Congress the Democrats will continue to have an ally in OUR party!  

And it’s funny, not funny ha-ha, how the very same people who shut down so many of our businesses, had so many arrested for simply going to church as well as for not wearing a mask, and who forced so many to take an experimental vaccine or face losing their job, are wanting us to re-elect them so they don’t lose THEIR jobs. Just how stupid does Jimmy think we are? Am I the only one who remembers the great economy under President Trump and how ‘Shitbag Joey’ threw it all under the bus by killing domestic oil production as well as other economic destabilizers? It once cost me 30 dollars to fill up my car under President Trump, it now costs me 60 dollars.

Carville once famously said, “The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.” But he forgot that people can learn. Polls show that Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party, even some blacks are. Most people hate politics, even try to avoid it, but “it IS the economy stupid.” The mask has now been pulled off of the Democrat Party. As Allen West once said, “Four S-words define the Democrat Party. They are slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. And none of those have benefitted the black community.”


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