So, believe it or not, it’s according to she who remains a Republican only because she refuses to resign from the party, Liz Cheney, that Republican Party would not survive if it turns out that President Trump is its standard-bearer in 2024. She made this remarkably bold declaration this past Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.” But oddly enough, if a recent poll is anywhere near accurate, it would seem that her dire warning is falling on deaf ears. You see, it’s according to a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll that revealed that President Trump drew the support of 56 percent of respondents while 16 percent chose Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  

It was during her little sit down with ABC News ‘journalist,’ Jon Karl, that Cheney issued her prediction regarding President Trump and the ability of the Republican Party’s ability to survive. But keep in mind that Karl is nothing but another of those in the business of providing cover to anyone who hates President Trump. It’s been on more than one occasion that Karl has shown himself to be less of an unbiased and objective journalist and more someone interested only in spewing Democrat Party talking points provided to him at the beginning of each day. And if providing to someone like Cheney a platform from with attack President Trump, all the better.    

Partial transcript as follows:

Karl: Can the Republican Party survive in the way you’ve known it if Donald Trump is again chosen?

Cheney: It can’t survive if he’s our nominee.

Karl: No?

Cheney: No. I think that he can’t be the Party nominee and I don’t think the Party would survive that. I believe in the Party and I believe in what the Party can be and what the Party can stand for and I’m not ready to give that up. Those of us who believe in Republican principles and ideals have a responsibility to try to lead the Party back to what it can be and to reject so much of the toxin and the vitriol.

President Trump: We will stop the steal. We won this election and we won it by a landslide. This was not a close election.

Cheney: That millions of people, millions of Republicans have been betrayed by Donald Trump. And that is a really painful thing for people to recognize and to admit, but it’s absolutely the case. And they’ve been betrayed by him, by the big lie, and by — by what he continues to do and say to tear apart our country and tear apart our party. And I think we have to reject that.

Actually, it’s RINOs, like Cheney, if she is able to survive her next election, who will find it a bit more difficult to survive if President Trump is the nominee in 2024. The Republican Party, in and of itself, would be just fine were it not for the existence of our cadre of RINOs that are now spread all across Congress! And it will be these treacherous turncoats who will bring about the demise of the Republican Party. It’s those like Cheney, that punk Kinzinger, along with a whole host of others who have soiled the good name of the Republican Party, certainly not President Trump. Which is the primary reason why President Trump remains so incredibly popular, still!

But ridding us of the RINOs is a task that’s going to take a team effort, a team made up of Republican voters with President Trump as their leader! Some RINOs will get the boot in the coming midterms, but likely not near enough. People must realize that this will not be a short-term fight, this is a war that will likely take years to fully cleanse the RINOs from the party. And it’s a task that will require a great deal of dedication, determination and resolve to accomplish. And at times it will be a battle not for the squeamish. You’ll notice, of late, that it’s very, very few candidates who are now willing to run as anything other than as an ‘America First’ candidate.

And even if they’re lying which, to be honest, some likely are, they now realize that the power that is arrayed against them. They can’t risk running in the old way. They have to try and hide what they actually believe and run as a MAGA candidate. So yes, it is going to take time. Because those who get elected hiding what they believe will get two or six years in that office until they can be ousted. But they will always show who they really are, they can’t help but do that. The old Republican Party is slowly being made to pass away, sure it’s fighting to try and hold control but they’ve lost that battle. It’s only a matter of time until she, and everyone like her, is gone.

But I am not naïve enough to think that there will not always be some who are able to squeak through by posing to be something that they are not. But with luck it’s with each passing election that that number will continue to be smaller and smaller. And that would be because of the new right that is also now being built, and is far more involved than the old right ever was. These voters actually pay attention to their candidates and what they say and do. We’re going to get some RINOs slipping through, as will always happen. But I would expect them to get weeded out far quicker than they have in the past. It’s the only way we will get our country back.

Donald Trump was, and remains, the best thing that has happened for the Republican Party since perhaps Ronald Reagan. Our best hope in saving our constitutional Republic is Mr. Trump. America knows President Trump is a fighter for our country and her citizens. Voters understand the need for ousting RINOs and to replace them with ‘America First’ patriots. Cheney is losing her own re-election race by double digits and so, with luck, will not be returning to her House seat in the next Congress. And so she is obviously trying to make the preventing of President Trump from being able to run in 2024 as her last official act as a member of the U.S. House.

President Trump is the only reason that the Republican Party is still relevant, and worthless RINOS like Cheney are the reason that the party is seen by some as being in trouble. President Trump embodied, promoted, and maneuvered to fulfill the same campaign promises made by RINOs like Cheney for decades. Country club Republicans, neo-Cons and RINOs are who object to President Trump because it’s the majority of Republican voters today who want a constitutional government implemented instead of by Judicial or Legislative whim, and the government leviathan limited in size and cost under stricter budget constraints. And they continue to support President Trump.

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