It was old Mr. ‘Stolen Valor’ himself, DICK Blumenthal, who recently voiced his great displeasure regarding the very recent Supreme Court decision that struck down New York State’s latest attempt to further restrict New Yorker’s Second Amendment rights. And as you might well imagine, DICK, like every other Democrat, was less than pleased. Because, as we all know, Democrats, like DICK, are of the opinion that only those under the employ of the government should be permitted to possess firearms, of any sort, regardless of what our Constitution says in that regard. And it’s DICK who again affirms how it is that Democrats stand in firm opposition to our Constitution.

And so it was during an appearance on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” hosted by Wolf Blitzer, that DICK argued that the Supreme Court striking down New York’s proper cause requirement for concealed carry permits will “unleash gun violence” while also admitting that New York’s red flag law “should have” prevented the Buffalo shooting from happening and “if there had been sufficient resources to implement the law properly, it would have stopped it.” So I’m a little confused as to why DICK objects so adamantly to this recent decision if the laws already in place in New York should have been sufficient to prevent the crime.

DICK stated, “This decision is deeply destructive to responsible prevention of gun violence because it is such an expansive view of Second Amendment rights. It will unleash gun violence in many communities across America. Because it justifies very, very broad rights to carry firearms in public, and it will lead to more guns in public and likely more gun deaths and injuries in public.” Blitzer then pointed out that Justice Samuel Alito argued in his opinion that New York’s gun laws failed to stop the mass shooting in Buffalo. DICK responded, “My reaction is that, with all due respect, Justice Alito has no understanding of the background to that Buffalo shooting.

And then DICK went on to say, “In fact, the New York red flag law should have stopped it, if there had been sufficient resources to implement the law properly, it would have stopped it. And that’s why our new proposal, the Safer Communities Act, provides $750 million in resources to states like New York that have red flag laws and it provides support for other states to adopt similar laws, but implementation and enforcement are key to any law, particularly these red flag laws.” DICK is one of the richest members of Congress, worth something like $200 million give or take a million. He doesn’t give two shits about the Constitution, because he doesn’t have to.

Idiots, like DICK, insist that there are thousands of lunatics out there just waiting to commit mass murders but are only prevented from doing so because they can’t get concealed weapons permits? It fascinates me to think about what peculiar world these socialist clowns dwell in within their own heads. Unleash violence? No, Democrats already did that. They continually encourage their unhinged brownshirt foot soldiers to attack, intimidate, threaten, burn, beat, destroy private property and then casually look the other way. Seems to me that violence has been unleashed in just about any Democrat controlled city in America for quite some time now.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that law-abiding citizens who acquire legal concealed weapons permits are a threat to public safety. NONE! In fact, the evidence is exactly the opposite. Democrats, like DICK, lie about everything with gross impunity and are never challenged on their lies by media stooges like Blitzer. The real threat to public safety in New York, or any other bastion of leftwing lunacy, is the large number criminals who go largely unpunished for violent crimes, which appears to be a primary goal of liberals, like DICK, who seem hell-bent on trying to destroy what’s left of America. None of these people should EVER be trusted!

DICK is a communist disguised as a Democrat. Many may recall how it was reported late last year that DICK had attended a ‘People’s World Party’ event to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the ‘Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA). And not only did DICK attend the event but he also handed out awards. And all the comrades that spoke said how Capitalism was a failed system and Socialism and Communism were the answer. DICK sat through all of their speeches. He knew exactly what it was and lied about it later, pretending he didn’t know what it was about. And our complicit media, Wolf included, simply choose to ignore all of it, and wonder why ratings tank.

How is it that such abject failures are able to rise to such positions of power? This man, this DICK, is completely out of touch with average Americans. He swears an oath to the Constitution, but he supports positions that are the antithesis of those in our Constitution. When our politicians believe they should be able to govern with their bloviated opinions rather than following our Constitution we should all have a problem with that. When it comes to those in public office it’s time for some serious housecleaning and to establish mandatory penalties for oath breakers. We need to bust up this progressive ‘shitshow’ and set some new ground rules for those who wish to serve.


  1. Thank you for your post. And oh dear. DICK Blumenthal is Jewish I gather. Why am I not surprised? There are of course Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

    I suppose he has always been a DICK. As I play with words I think to myself DICK Blumenthal – DICK Bloomin’heck!

    I gather he thinks carbon dioxide is a danger to human health. I see he is a liar, sorry lawyer. He is no a biologist otherwise he would know that plants use carbon dioxide and need it to grow.

    Still that’s DICK’s for you.


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