This Jamie Raskin guy, a congressman from Maryland, is easily one of the best examples going when it comes to why one should never, EVER, choose to vote for anyone with a (D) after their name. He’s beyond delusional to the point where he’s clearly borderline psychotic. I mean all you ever hear from him is Trump, Trump and more Trump. And you have to wonder, is that really what his constituents want to be hearing from him right now? If so, then it’s no wonder they voted for this boob! You would think that they’d want to be hearing about how the Democrats intend to go about bringing down the price of gas and food, and to get inflation under control.  

So anyway, it was this past Wednesday during another appearance on MSDNC’s “All In,’ hosted by that proverbial leftwing dweeb Chris Hayes, that once again all Raskin could talk about was President Trump. You see, it was then that this boob actually claimed that after investigating President Trump’s actions around the 2020 presidential election, he has “entered so much in Donald Trump’s head” that he can see the former president’s next moves because of Trump’s “real blood thirst for power.” So it’s President Trump who remains in the heads of these sociopathic socialist talking heads. It would be funny if it weren’t so vivid and frightening.

And it’s this dolt, Hayes, along with just about every other so-called ‘journalist’ at his idiotic network, who is always willing to give people like Raskin a platform from which to spew their political nonsense. And this time was no different. Hayes said, “It is still surprising to me how the scope and systematic nature of the various attempts, just the thing that you guys showed about the calls to the state legislators, the calls every day, the voice mails, it was not grasping at straws, you know? It wasn’t a temper tantrum. Did you understand how systematic, how broad, how, you know, targeted this entire effort was before entering into this investigation?”

Raskin responded saying, “Well, I had an inkling of it because he did leave no stone unturned. And within the creaky, antiquated Electoral College system, there are a lot of nooks and crannies, and opportunities for a bad faith actor like Donald Trump to plant a lot of booby traps. That’s precisely what he did. I had thought about trying to identify the various decision points and junctures within the Electoral College, and sure enough, he was in all of them trying to have his way and to usurp the will of the people and substitute his own political will.” And then he went on to add, “It is sort of shocking when you step back and look at it.” Right, absolutely shocking!

And Raskin went on to say, “I guess the sad thing for me is that I’ve entered so much in Donald Trump’s head that I can see exactly where he’s going to go in the next move. I mean, he has a real blood thirst for power.” Now there is no way that I can be the only one that finds it more than just a bit ironic that we have a Democrat actually accusing someone else of possessing “a real blood thirst for power.” Let’s face it, it’s the Democrats who are all obsessed with power. There is absolutely no interest whatsoever on the part of any Democrat to do anything that’s in the best interest of the American people, their only interest is in doing what’s best for their party.

Everyone knows who President Trump is, and it’s absolutely no one, except for maybe the dolts back home in his district, who know who Raskin is. And too, everyone knows all of the great things that President Trump did for America and for the American people, and what he is clearly capable of doing again. No one knows what Raskin has done, other than, of course, to support what Pelosi has done to make things so much worse. It’s funny how when trying to be noticed, these little people always compare themselves to President Trump and use his name to be noticed. Inept people use name dropping to impress, but that only works on the dependents and the uninitiated.

President Trump hasn’t been in office for over a year and a half so I think one could make the serious argument about just who it is that’s dancing around in whose head. These slithering vindictive snakes in the grass don’t like President Trump because, whatever you may think about him, he made these people reveal who they really are. And that’s the one thing they can’t stand, and the one thing for which he must be made to pay. He accomplished more in four years than those like this creep Raskin have accomplished in 5 or 10 times that many years. And they are absolutely terrified at the prospects of him being able to make a triumphant return in 2024.

President Trump is a very honorable man who pulled America out of the ‘BO’ disaster. And I will gladly vote for him again. And that’s a big reason why the Democrats him, in my humble opinion. He is one of the best presidents this country has ever had. When a person like Raskin makes idiotic comments about President Trump, it tells you exactly what sort of pathetic person he is. He’s nothing more than a sleazy little misfit in desperate search for a little attention, any way he can get it. And if that requires him to spew his garbage about President Trump, he’s up for that. He loves his time in the spotlight. All it shows is how unfit he is to hold public office.

You have to wonder if any of these people will ever finally wake up and actually realize what it is that they have done to this country. Raskin, like all Democrats, hates this country. Democrats are working to destroy it so that it can then be remade into their socialist utopia. I don’t understand why they just don’t move to a socialist country, why do they insist upon destroying this country. And in so doing they continually accuse others of doing what it is that they are guilty of doing. If there is one certainty it the world of politics, it’s that whatever the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of doing, is exactly what the Democrats themselves are doing!  

Unlike any Democrat you care to mention, President Trump is a true leader. He had the guts to enforce the laws that were already on the books and did not support adding new and useless ones. He had the trust of the American people, because he keep the promises he made to us. Democrats are evil, never doubt that. Raskin, and his kind, routinely betray the trust of the American people, promises are made in order to get elected and then once safely in office those promises are promptly forgotten. Now they want to persecute the only man who kept his promises and used common sense to make us energy independent and prosperous. It makes no sense!

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