You really do have to laugh at all those RINOs who continue to think they actually have a snowball’s chance in Hell of convincing anyone who has experienced decades of their political bullshit to vote for them for President. After all, since Ronald Reagan was elected, and not until Donald Trump came along, who exactly was it that we had to vote for? Well, we had RINOs like Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43, McCain and Romney. And finally, we were blessed with Donald Trump. While he was not generally known as being a conservative, he was the most conservative president since Reagan.     

And it was this past Sunday that we heard from another of these RINOs, Asa Hutchinson, who, during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” said that President Trump running in 2024 would not affect his decision to run. Look, it’s in Hutchinson that we have another of those who are nothing more than the problem purporting to be the cure. Make no mistake, these RINOs most certainly are not the cure. People like Hutchinson are incapable of doing anything worthwhile and they need to be in politics because it’s the only thing that they know how to do.

It was one of CNN’s many resident morons, Dana Bash, who asked, “Are you seriously considering running for president?” Hutchinson said, “I am, but you’ve got to get through, of course, this year, but that’s an option that’s on the table. That’s one of the reasons that I was in New Hampshire. You had Secretary Mayorkas on, and the border security is such an incredible issue. That’s what the kind of thing I’m passionate about. Whenever you look at it, we need to have Title 42 or some equivalent to it. Secondly, we’ve got to go after the cartels in a more vigorous fashion.”

Hutchinson went on to say, “Thirdly, we’ve got to support the states in the role that we play. So, there’s much to be done there. I care about those issues. And so, yes, I’m going to be engaged this year and hopefully beyond that.” Bash then said, “Even if President Trump runs, you will run, consider running? His candidacy won’t affect yours?” Hutchinson said, “No, it won’t. I’ve made it clear, I think we ought to have a different direction in the future. I’m not aligned with him on some of his endorsements and also the direction he wants to take our country.”

And he added, “I think we did a lot of good things for our country, but we need to go a different direction. So, that’s not a factor in my decision-making process.” Hutchinson had his chance. His brand of politics is sitting in the White House. It’s best that he just fade away and join the rest of the has-beens on the side lines, as we need fighters to save this nation. And Hutchinson doesn’t say what his direction is and like so many others he offers abstracts for his direction. One reason that President Trump was so popular is because he told you what his direction was, specifically.

All of these pathetic RINO’s continuing to make these little squeaking noises about running against President Trump clearly have an over-inflated sense of importance. Throw them all in the same pot, and they’ll get about .1 percent of the vote. No one cares about any of them. Voting for any one of them would prove to be no different than voting for ‘Shitbag Joey’ or whomever else it is that the Democrats choose to run. No one but an ‘America First’ candidate WILL get the nomination, RINOs need not even apply. Hutvhinson in 2024 is nothing more than an updated version of Jeb! 2016.

Hutchinson is nothing but another professional bureaucrat, exactly what we don’t need. It’s amazing how people who’ve been getting it wrong their entire political careers are suddenly gonna get it right if we “elect” them one more time. This country was never meant to be run by a professional political class. I’m not sure who Hutchinson thinks would even consider voting for him. He’s on a higher level of delusion. Hutchinson’s “new direction” would likely be the very same as that of Romney, Kasich or any other RINO’s old direction which hasn’t changed in decades!

Hutchinson says it’s time for a “new direction,” which translates into “it’s time to go back to the old direction,” with Republicans being the gutless wonders that we’ve grown so accustomed to, with them going along with the Democrats, just to get along. But any RINO, Hutchinson included, that would certainly have one BIG hurdle. Americans had a taste of what real success is like during the tenure of President Trump and have learned the difference between those talk the talk and those who walk the walk. From here on out there is not any RINO that stands a chance.

And if recent polls regarding potential Republican candidates tell us anything, no matter how reliable they may, or may not be, it’s clear that there simply is not a number small enough to describe the level of support for this RINO dweeb, Hutchinson, or any other of those who are his limp-wristed version of being a Republican. And how tone deaf, and how arrogant, must you be to think that the American people would consider voting for a guy with such a turncoat reputation as this loser. Or, that he would, in any way, have a shot at the Republicans nomination.

And so, here we go yet again. Hutchinson, in his too-clever-by-half Never-Trumpism, declaring that President Trump apparently took the country in the wrong direction, and that it is he who will point us in the “right direction,” meaning back in the direction favored by RINOs such as himself. The direction that results in nothing more than the Republicans remaining the permanent minority party. The American people have had all they can stand from these sanctimonious, corrupt, traitorous public parasitic politicians, and ESPECIALLY those backstabbing RINOs like Hutchinson!

Look, it’s in Hutchinson that we have yet ANOTHER of those out of touch members of the political elite/RINO GOP that sits back and cowers while literally accomplishing nothing year after year, decade after decade. These NeverTrumpers, like Hutchinson, still don’t get it. The people want to get back to the ‘America First’ agenda. They do not want to continue with ‘The Swamp’s ‘America Last’ agenda. That’s why ‘The Swamp’ continues to pursue insurrection charges and a conviction against President Trump. Clearly President Trump continues to live rent free in all their heads.

RINOs always represent themselves as being the champions of our founding principles, honesty and integrity to their voters. Yet they continually vote with the Democrats and despite doing so continue to get funding, and support, from the party. And why do they get to go to Washington and vote as they please and not as they are directed to by those same voters? If you were hired into an executive position to steer your company to profits for the stockholders/owners, but you instead used your position to work for the competition, what would happen? Why should this be any different?

Hutchinson clearly wants to take America in a different direction than ‘America First.’ That moves him off the table. We know President Trump is a promise-keeper. We support his ‘America First’ policies regarding de-regulation, tax reduction and reform, trade agreement renegotiation to create an equal playing field for America, confronting Chinese policies designed to collapse the U.S., border control, energy independence, re-industrialization, exiting the endless wars and forcing Europeans to either pay their fair 2 percent GDP share for NATO, or forgo US protection.

President Trump has proven that he can be trusted to keep his promises, to fight for the restoration of America as a constitutional Republic and to defend the Bill of Rights. And President Trump can be trusted more so than can any of the other Republicans, except for perhaps DeSantis and certainly more than Hutchinson or any other RINO. If President Trump does run, which I sincerely hope that he does, he is my candidate without question. And if President Trump chooses not to run then DeSantis is my candidate as he has also shown that like Trump he is fearless and a fighter.

Hutchinson is another Bush Era Republican that doesn’t seem to understand that the party base has chosen to abandon them. And the reason for that? Well, for starters there’s the constant appeasement of the left while ignoring the wishes of those who put them into office. It will be interesting to see what transpires if Republicans do regain control of Congress as expected in November. Sadly, McCarthy will likely become Speaker, and McConnell will likely remain in charge in the Senate. Which means that the march to the ‘Great Reset’ will continue, albeit at a slower pace.



  1. “ After all, since Ronald Reagan was elected, and not until Donald Trump came along, who exactly was it that we had to vote for? Well, we had RINOs like Bush 41, Dole, Bush 43, McCain and Romney. And finally, we were blessed with Donald Trump. While he was not generally known as being a conservative, he was the most conservative president since Reagan. “

    You nailed it. We haven’t had nothing to vote for between Presidents Reagan
    & President Trump, but RINO GARBAGE.


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