It was Thursday of last week that we heard from ex-Attorney General Bill Barr as he seemed to be warning the Republican Party against making President Trump the party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election. It was during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” that Barr made his point saying, “I don’t think he should be our nominee, the Republican Party nominee, and I think the Republicans have a big opportunity. It would be a big mistake to put him forward.” And Barr went onto add, “If he was the nominee, then I would vote for him over the Democrat.”

Barr said, “Maybe your audience doesn’t want to hear this, but Trump ran weaker than the Republican ticket in Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — 75,000 Republicans went to the polls and voted straight Republican ticket in Arizona and didn’t vote for him, 60,000 in Wisconsin, 60,000 in Pennsylvania. That’s why he lost the election.” Now granted President Trump has not formally declared his candidacy for 2024 but he has definitely hinted at the possibility. And it’s on any list of at least potential candidates it’s President Trump who rests very comfortably at the top.

Back in March, during a “Full Send Podcast,” it was in response to whether or not he will run that President Trump said, “The campaign finance laws don’t really allow you to discuss that unless you’re going to literally go through a different process.” And he went on to add, “So, I think a lot of people are going to be really happy. You guys might be really happy but I think a lot of people are going to be very happy. But, I’ll wait.” Personally, I’m thinking that he has already made up his mind, and I beg to differ with Mr. Barr, but Donald Trump clearly needs to be our nominee.

Barr must think that he’s somehow doing his civic duty by denying even the possibility that massive fraud was, in any way, a serious factor in the election of 2020. And in so doing he is, in fact, empowering Democrats to commit more fraud. If he would have just acted on the election laws that were broken due to the “emergency pandemic,” it would have gone a long way towards trusting that he was doing the right thing to enforce the laws of our country rather than painting himself in such a way that confirms him as being a typical deep state actor who has no place in our society.

For someone who supposed to be such a standup guy, Bill Barr was, and continues to be, nothing but a complete a disappointment!  He was quick to discredit claims of election fraud even though he had warned before the election that mail-in ballots, in states that weren’t setup to handle them, could be disastrous.  He gave no consideration for the blatant network and social media censorship that obviously occurred and clearly affected the legitimacy of the election. I had so much respect for him at first, but that respect was shattered.  It was almost like he was bought off.

Finally, you really do have to wonder what it is that might be the real reason behind Mr. Barr’s very clear opposition to President Trump being the party’s nominee in 2024. Might it be because President Trump is the only one who has demonstrated a willingness to stand up to the massive amount of corruption now occurring in almost all aspects and levels of our society? There is corruption at all levels of, our ‘news’ media and of our government the goal of which seems to very clearly be the advancing the agenda of the destructive woke progressives. Donald Trump 2024!!!


  1. So many of us believed in Bill Barr when he first came on the scene. For the first two years he sure seemed to have President Trump’s back and, our back. But in the end as far as I’m concerned, he betrayed us all.


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