It was earlier this week that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden spent roughly two hours telling everyone within earshot just how great and impressive he is and about all the wonderful things he’s done, before then proceeding to accuse the Republicans of trying to make him look bad. And it was right after he acknowledged that many Americans are concerned about the future of their country, he claimed to be leading it in the right direction. He said, “What is the trajectory of the country? Is it moving in the right direction now?” he asked. “I don’t know how we can say it’s not.”

Now while I realize we can take most polls with pretty much a grain of salt, there was an Economist/YouGov survey released just this week that’s at least worth talking about. Because it’s a poll that makes pretty clear that most Americans believe that America is on the “wrong track” one year into ‘Creepy Joe’s reign. And it was this survey that found 64 percent of Americans are of the opinion that the country is headed off on the “wrong track” one year into ‘Creepy Joe’s *presidency, while less than a quarter, 23 percent, say it is “generally headed in the right direction.”

And what’s more, it was nearly three-quarters of respondents who rate the current state of the American economy as either “fair” or “poor.” And of those it was 44 percent who said it is “poor,” despite the administration declaring victory on that specific issue. Those sentiments are shared in a recent Morning Consult poll, which found 65 percent of Americans saying the country is not going in the right direction. And, as I pointed out above, it was this past Wednesday, that ‘Creepy Joe’ made it pretty clear that he doesn’t share the view held by the majority of Americans.

The survey also asked respondents to indicate just how much progress ‘Creepy Joe’ has made over the past year in achieving a series of campaign promises. And it was across the board that a majority indicated that he had made either a “little” progress or “none” at all on key issues, such as getting the ‘Chinese virus’ under control or getting bipartisan support in Congress for economic relief. And it was 35 percent who specifically, said ‘Creepy Joe’ made no progress on getting the ‘plandemic’ under control, while 17 percent said he made “only a little” progress.

Similarly, it was 42 percent who said ‘Creepy Joe’ saw no progress on getting bipartisan support in Congress for economic relief, while 19 percent said he made “only a little” progress on that issue. The figures are similar on other issues as well, such as forgiving student loan debt, increasing the federal minimum wage, and putting the U.S. on track to have a clean energy economy. Obviously ‘Creepy Joe,’ or any Democrat in Congress, has no interest in being bipartisan. They define bipartisanship as being when the Republicans simply cave to Democrat demands.

Look, let’s be honest, America is not merely on the “wrong track,” it’s America that has been made to come off the tracks and ‘Creepy Joe’ is the engineer. Meanwhile, Democrats everywhere are cheering! ‘Creepy Joe,’ and his cadre, have run this “train” right off the tracks and we’re now headed toward a dark ravine, our only hope of survival is to somehow stop the train before it goes over the edge. It’s going to take a lot of heavy lifting, politically speaking, to get this train back on the tracks. All the damage the Democrats have done, was done on purpose.

So ask yourself, why would Americans be so down on ‘Creepy Joe?’ Might it be because he describes people simply returning to work as ‘creating new jobs?’ Or that chose to abandoned hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and generously gifted terrorists with $85 billion of weaponry and equipment, and billions more in military bases. Or, maybe it’s because he opened our borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood into our country who are not required to get the ‘vaccines’ that he’s berating Americans into taking.

Or might Americans already be fed up with ‘Creepy Joe’ because his policies are responsible for a rapidly increasing inflation rate, skyrocketing gas prices, empty store shelves and what is now the worst crime wave in America since the days of that other Democrat, Jimmy Carter. And it’s most in the ‘fake news’ media who don’t even bother to question him about any of it. The only things he’s managed to build back better is the Taliban, Iran and, of course, ‘China.’ ‘Creepy Joe’ has no interest in putting America and Americans first, he’s simply selling us out.

All you have to do is to look at anyplace that is run by Democrats. Any big city, Democrat run states like California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, or any number of others, are all a mess, fiscally, morally and socially. And now Democrats are running the country. Everything they touch turns to sh!t, everything. Yet ‘Creepy Joe’ spent nearly two hours earlier this week telling us all how great, wonderful and impressive he is. You can’t make this stuff up. I wish Republicans would treat ‘Creepy Joe’ with one ounce of the respect that Democrats had for President Trump.

Was it President Trump who abandoned an untold number of Americans and $80+ billion worth of heavy war machinery, guns, ammo, and technology in the hands of our enemy? No. Biden did. And yet the left hates Trump. Fuel and groceries are skyrocketing directly because of polices ‘Creepy Joe’ is putting forth. Yet the left still hates Trump. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a pedophile a pervert and a creep. Yet the left still hates President Trump. We had historic employment across every single demographic just two years ago. Yeah, but at least there’s no mean tweets. Right?

The abuse of the people is not a diplomatic dispute. We now have an angry old man, with a pretty serious case of Dementia, who actually thinks it’s somehow within his purview to throw open our borders with no Covid requirements, for neither ‘vaccine’ or testing, while at the same time mandating that American citizens submit to an experimental injection or lose their freedoms and their livelihoods. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been, and undoubtedly will continue to be, nothing more than a complete disaster, which, after watching this fraud for the last 50 years, was totally predictable

Finally, I recently heard what is likely the best analogy for describing our *president. It was when I heard him described as being a ‘post turtle.’ For those unfamiliar with the term, which I was, it seems that when you’re driving down the country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle.’ You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there, to begin with.



  1. You absolutely nailed it! With this poster!!! 50% Liar 50% Con 100% Full Of Shit!
    You betcha, I’m putting this one on Fascistbook!


    • Our Nation is in so much trouble, so much danger with him as our President. Every person that cast a vote for him, deserves to have there ass beat so bad. So very very bad….


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