Okay, so now for the $64,000 question, have the Democrats themselves finally grown sufficiently tired of Hitlery to the point where the rest of us will never again have to worry about her ever crawling her way back into the White House? Well, if the latest rumors regarding a rematch of the 2016 presidential contest, it would seem that Hitlery has yet to convince herself that most Democrats don’t love her as much as we all know she loves herself. But if recent polling date is anywhere near accurate, it’s according to a McLaughlin poll, released this past Friday, that Donald Trump would crush Hitlery by double digits in a potential 2024 presidential rematch.  

Meanwhile, at the same time it’s many of those in the ‘fake news,’ along with a great many of those described as Democrat insiders, who seem rather “excited by the prospects” of Hitlery returning to political life. But if we can believe this most recent poll, it was the failed presidential candidate who again lost to Donald Trump in a 2024 hypothetical matchup. this time by ten points. And it’s among Independents that President Trump leads Hitlery by 15 percentage points. And even more bad news for the old girl is the fact that only 80 percent of Democrats favor Hitlery in the head-to-head matchup, while 90 percent of Republicans favor President Trump.

On a list of potential Democrat primary contenders, Hitlery ranked tied for the fourth most likely to win the 2024 Democrat primary if that election were held today. Other primary contenders included ‘Creepy Joe,’ ‘Headboard’ Harris and Moochelle Obama. And apparently Hitlery is not the only potential candidate President Trump handily trounced. Both ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘Headboard’ also had their asses handed to them by President Trump. It was also according to this poll that President Trump leads ‘Creepy Joe’ by five percentage points and ‘Headboard’ by nine percentage points. Again, that, of course, would be it the election were held today.

This polling comes as the Comedy News Network (CNN) and the Wall Street Journal both published op-eds written by Democrat ‘insiders’ who encouraged Hitlery to run in 2024. “What’s behind the Hillary Clinton ’24 talk,” Michael D’Antonio titled the CNN article, hyping the chatter about Hitlery’s potential comeback. D’Antonio wrote, “Among her supporters, there must be millions who have recovered from the heartbreak of 2016 and are ready to back her again.” And he went on to write, “Among those who oppose her, the chance to resume battle against the woman they love to hate must surely send hearts racing.” Wishful thinking, perhaps?

And it was the Journal’s article, written by two Democrat insiders, entitled, “Hillary Clinton’s 2024 Election Comeback” that called Hitlery an “experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking.” You’ll remember that back in 2016, Hitlery lost to Donald Trump by a sweeping 77 electoral college votes. And so once again we have those hard at work trying to portray Hitlery as being something she most definitely is not. She is not the “smartest woman on the planet,” she is a corrupt, money-grubbing psychopath who must NEVER be president.

But this far out from the next presidential election I think it’s more than a little risky for anyone, on either end of the political spectrum, to ponder such hypothetical matchups. For one thing I have no doubt that the Democrats have got something planned. They’ve painted themselves into corner, and that’s when they’re the most dangerous. I suspect there will be all kinds of terrorist events like those we saw in the run up to the 2020 election, and they’ll demand mail-in voting so people don’t have to be harm’s way standing lines. We’ll see manufactured threats to polling places and more. And Republicans are too inept to anticipate these things, or to take action now.

Just remember, Hitlery was who the Democrats wanted to run the country in 2016. Thank God Donald Trump won the presidency. And his victory rescued the nation from what was sure to be a fate far worse than we knew at the time. She is the despised, incredibly incompetent, contemptible, arrogant globalist whose every accomplishment has been a complete disaster. The dishonest, unindicted traitor and criminal. The delusional, self-absorbed, two-time sore loser of presidential contests who feels no shame or guilt about the damage she has already done to our country. The despicable power-hungry, political profiteer and constant complainer.

She is an ill-tempered, discourteous, deluded, shameless, uncharismatic, manhating shrew. The corrupt, condescending, disapproving, commie who does not have a conscience, a code of ethics or any sense of morality. The antisocial, ruthless, vile, obnoxious grandstander and nasty, doddering old crone who lacks values and has contempt for anything traditionally American and lies about everything. The ruthless, greedy, sociopathic harpy who was and is eager to spend the next eight years telling us all how we are failing to measure up to her exacting standards. The mentally unstable individual, distinguished for her failures with an inability to accept reality.

And it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media would likely work to make such a contest appear as a neck and neck horse-race. And as reliable shills for the Democrat Party, they would work to make such a race appear much closer as Election Day approached. And Hitlery, with the same corrupt system we saw in 2020, could certainly be made to prevail in such a ‘close’ election. Suitcases of ballots, voting deadline extensions, ballot harvesting, premature network calls for her, some new manufactured crisis that allows Democrats to change election rules and more. Do I really need to recount for you people the many ways Democrats can win close elections?

All I can say at this time is, “Bring it on.” If the Democrats do choose to run Hitlery against President Trump, they are truly desperate. It would be such a runaway for President Trump, one that even massive voter fraud would not be able to make an apparent contest of. The Democrats, at this point, appear to have completely blown their wad, blown their opportunity, over-reached, mis-interpreted the winds of change and American culture, underestimated parents and Independents, took minorities for granted, allowed the far left push them to the extreme edge, and are likely toast for both 2022 and 2024. With luck that will prove to be the case.

And finally, if we who love this country truly want things to change in America then we must band together in order to defeat the current political establishment. And that would include not only the Democrats but also the many RINOs in the Republican Party. Both collude with each other to do the bidding of billionaires to the detriment of the American people. So let the Democrats continue to self-destruct. And do not allow the RINOs to provide them cover courtesy of RINO led majorities in Congress. If the Democrats are no longer viable and the RINO Republicans are exposed as the frauds that they are, there may finally be room for something positive to happen.


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