Does anyone, other than myself, ever wonder if any of our politicians, especially Republican politicians, actually give a shit about what is now being made to take place in this country? I mean we all know, or should by now, that Democrats want nothing more than destroy this country, but they also seem to be getting a great deal of help in that endeavor from what appears to be a growing number of RINOs. And if not the RINOs in Congress, damned if it’s not our RINO governors who continue to stab us in the back. Because, you see, we now have another gang of RINO turncoats who are doing their very best to prove what good little Democrats they really are.

But perhaps the better, more important, question to ask, would be ask whether or not enough of us actually care that it’s so many of these very same politicians who seem to be on no one’s side but their own and could care less if the country is destroyed, as long as it’s they who are the ones to come out on top of whatever it is that’s left of the country once all of the smoke clears. And you have to wonder, do they not care that what they are doing will likely result in our leaving behind a legacy that will consist of nothing more than stories about what America used to be like and what it was like to live in freedom. Apparently they couldn’t care less.  

All of which bring us to the ‘Gang of 10’ RINO governors who have actually requested *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s administration to resettle Afghans in their states as the State Department plans to bring thousands to the United States for permanent resettlement. As U.S. Special Forces withdraw from Afghanistan, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden & Co. who has vowed to bring to the U.S. at least 22,000 Afghans via the refugee resettlement program. But it was as recently as this past Thursday that refugee contractors stated the number of Afghans said be looking to resettle in the U.S. is actually somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000. And that’s not acceptable.

Without a clear total bound for resettlement and a detailed vetting process, these ten RINOs have already asked ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. to resettle Afghans in their states. And these RINOs, most of whom many will be quite familiar with, include: South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Utah’s Spencer Cox, Georgia’s Brian Kemp, Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson, Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitts and Vermont’s Phil Scott. RINOs ALL! And it’s all of us who should be angry that we’re being forced to accept these foreigners who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in becoming Americans.

It was Cox who said, “We are eager to continue that practice and assist with the resettlement of individuals and families fleeing Afghanistan, especially those who valiantly helped U.S. troops, diplomats, and other civilians over the past 20 years,” And Kemp suggested that he is open to resettling Afghans in Georgia, stating, “it is vitally important to keep those who partnered with American armed forces over the last 20 years safe from harm.” And Hogan said more refugee resettlement in Maryland “is the least we can do” to help Afghans, while Baker said that Massachusetts is looking to resettle refugees “seeking safety and peace in America.”

And it was on Thursday that Hutchinson said during a press conference Arkansas “would welcome” Afghans “as part of the other states that are welcoming those that need a place of refuge.” And it was Reynolds, joined by Sen. Joni Ernst, who told local media that she would “work with [the Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services] to … make sure we have a process in place and we have families and homes for them to go.” And it was Reynolds who also said, “We want to be a partner. We want them here, and we want them to know that. And we’ll work through those processes whatever they may be, but definitely we can handle that.”

These ten RINO governors seem quite eager to join Democrats like Gavin Newsom, Jared Polis, J.B. Pritzker, and Ralph Northam, among other Democrat governors, in asking ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. to resettle Afghans in their states. And as has been reported, states, counties, and local communities no longer have veto power over refugee resettlement. President Trump had signed an executive order in 2019 granting states and local jurisdictions the power to refuse refugees, but ‘Creepy Joe,’ in February, rescinded the order. These RINO governors are willing accomplices to the recklessly throwing open of the gates, allowing anyone who wants in, to come in.

Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 Billion every five years, according to research, and each refugee costs taxpayers about $133,000 over the course of their lifetime. Within five years, an estimated 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers. So, first comes the chaos, then comes the offer of ‘safety’ provided, of course, one is willing to give up a few rights. You know like private property rights, the right to bear arms and, of course and any say-so regarding exactly what it is that your government might be up to. Gee, what a deal! Where do I sign? All of this is nothing short of insane.

Look, the only thing that makes any amount of sense here is to resettle these Afghans in another country in the same region, so they are close enough to go back and to possibly fight to retake their own country. If there is one thing that we don’t need more of in this country, it’s people who will NEVER assimilate. They bring with them their own customs, way of life, religion and beliefs, which almost always never aligns with what our country was founded upon. America is already a quagmire of foreign and cultural parasites. Commonsense would seem to say that it would be insane to import more, when they can more easily stay right there in the same region.

Politicians love to grandstand, and the latest form of that comes in two flavors, white guilt and self-hatred, and empty virtue-signaling. These 10 RINOs are indulging themselves in both by making themselves champions of these thousands of unvetted Afghan refugees and showing how ready they are to forget all about putting America and American citizens first. They think they are outsmarting the Democrats who have their own favored ‘refugees’ pouring over the southern border right now when they are only mindlessly copying them. They also expect the MSM to praise them for being anti-Trump humanitarians, since RINOs will do almost anything to get MSM approval.

So I can only assume that these ten RINOs don’t particularly care for the current lower crime stats in their states. Perhaps the number of rapes not high enough or perhaps they’re not spending enough on welfare and food stamps or perhaps they currently have an excess of ‘affordable’ housing. And maybe they see begging ‘Creepy Joe’ to send them a few thousand illiterate tribal feudal-minded indigents as a way of solving all of these ‘problems.’  These RINOs are worse than the Democrats and are doing nothing more than to bring death into their states, courtesy of these 6th century troglodytes. Moslems don’t assimilate, they are an infestation.

These governors do not own ‘their’ states. These states belong to the people who live in them in a representative democracy. If these ‘governors’ cared at all about their constituents, they would first check with them before allowing any of these refugees from a terrorist country to settle within ‘their’ states. It’s become abundantly clear that it no longer matters what “We the People” think. The ideology of the Middle east and the West are not compatible. Why not take a what’s best-for-everyone approach and simply relocate them to Moslem nations who extend them friendship? This is a Christian Judeo nation and we are under attack. Did 9/11 teach us nothing?

These RINOs make clear they are clueless. Most of these ‘refugees’ are future terrorists. Notice I said “most.” This ordeal will create fanaticism in many of them and in many already here. The first biggest migration mistake the U.S. ever made was bringing in slaves around 300 years ago. The second is allowing ‘any’ Moslem into the U.S., period. The future looks pretty bleak, my friends, and the sad truth is that we are now being led by morons and politicians who have no soul. If you think I’m overreacting, or exaggerating, just look around you at what both groups have already done and continue to do. And there will be more terrorist attacks to come.

And finally, to say that I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with these RINOs would be an understatement. They seem far more interested in assisting the Democrats than they are in doing what it is that those who voted for them and elected them to do. With the senile old fart that we now have in the White House, it’s the Republican Party that is our last line of defense again this rabidly leftwing Democrat lunacy. But yet again we have a bunch of RINOs who have made it crystal clear that they have no interest in taking a stand against that which is nothing more than a blatant act of tyranny to the point where we might as well have elected Democrats.


  1. Just look at Western Europe. It’s a shit show disaster after letting in up to 2 million mostly young black degenerate North African males. Rape is the number crime in all, all Western European Cities. Try like, TRIPLE!! Rape has TRIPLED!! Murder has TRIPLED!! All crimes from physical to property, has tripled. In Sweden, police stations are now being bombed by these same pieces of shit that Sweden let in!!

    Like Tucker Carlson said Friday night our southern border has collapsed just as much is Afghanistan has collapsed.

    The month of June the border patrol let the number out of 180,000 and then in July the number they released for publishing was 212,000. A helluva jump of sorry-ass-pieces of shit illegal aliens. All because of Biden & Co!!!


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