So, as if it was something that was really needed, we now have a recent poll that is essentially telling those of us with brain that which we already knew, and have known, for a very long time. You see, we’re now being told that 51 percent of voters believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden will likely not finish his ‘first’ term in office. Well duh? I mean, who among us actually believes that it was ever intended for ‘Creepy Joe’ to finish his ‘first’ term in office? His role was always been one of being a front man, and malleable figurehead that, once elected, would allow the Democrats to proceed with their radical plan to “fundamentally transform” America.  

But anyway, Rasmussen Reports recently asked 1,000 likely voters, “How likely is it that Joe Biden will leave office and be replaced by Kamala Harris before the 2024 election?” And it was 51 percent of those who took part in this poll said it was ‘very” (29 percent) or “somewhat” (22 percent) likely. It was only 14 percent who said it was “not very” (22 percent) or “not at all” (15 percent) likely. And ‘Headboard’ Harris is also losing favor with voters. Only 41 percent view her favorably, while a clear majority of 56 percent view her unfavorably. Keep in mind that it was back in April, her favorability rating was five points higher at 46 percent.

And it’s ‘Headboard’ Harris’ unfavorable rating that was then also five points lower at just 51 percent. As far as whether or not this moron actually qualified to be president, it was only 43 percent who believe so, while 55 percent say she’s not qualified. Confidence in old ‘Headboard’ is also waning. Back in April, 49 percent believed she was qualified, not so today. Those who don’t believe ‘Creepy Joe’ will finish his presidential term include a whopping 32 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of those unaffiliated with either party. More than two-thirds (68 percent) agree. I would argue that that is not good news for ‘Creepy Joe.’

To be honest, President Trump faced these same kind of numbers at one time but it was only because of a constant barrage from the ‘fake news’ media and Deep State who were colluding to fabricate all manner of impeachment-worthy scandals, like the Russia Collusion Hoax and the Ukraine Call Hoax. ‘Creepy Joe’ is facing these numbers because he is so old, and his mental acuity and stability are in obvious decline. In every interview or back and forth with the media, no matter how soft the ball that is thrown at him, ‘Creepy Joe’ is forgetful and expresses bursts of temper that signify the cognitive decline of dementia. Physically, he also appears frail and feeble.

Worst of all is his disastrous decision-making. His withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of history’s greatest blunders and catastrophes; he’s opened the southern border, allowing in illegal aliens who are infected with the coronavirus; his lunatic spending is creating an inflation recession, and he’s openly breaking the law with policies like his eviction moratorium. On top of that was his bizarre disappearing act during the first four days of the Afghanistan catastrophe. With thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines with bloodthirsty jihadists, he not only remained on vacation at Camp David but, other than a short statement, he disappeared entirely.

While a majority may think this illegitimate stooge won’t finish his term it’s many Americans who still believe these criminals that foisted that fool on us and who stole President Trump’s second term. You will never convince me, or millions of others, that ‘Demented Joe’ and ‘Headboard’ Harris won the election with over 81 million votes. That same ticket could barely scrape together more than a dozen people for any of their rallies, while President Trump was filling football stadiums. He won more counties and received more votes than any incumbent president in our history and yet we supposed to believe he lost the election? How is that even physically possible?

If ‘Creepy Joe’ makes it a year I’d be surprised. But regardless, in less than eight months he has done more to destroy this nation than any other president who sat a full term. He may not even be alive in 2024. This guy is a frail, demented old man. Some very misinformed and ignorant Americans voted for ‘Creepy Joe and ‘The Ho,’ but far more dead ones than live ones. Now, our country is being made to die right in front of our eyes. And it’s as more and more evidence comes to light that it’s becoming all the more obvious that ‘Creepy Joe’ is in no way a legitimate *president. The Democrats clearly cheated on a massive scale in order to get their guy into office.

And so I have just one serious question for my fellow Americans. Are we just going to sit around the television or in our local tavern and talk about the attack on our country or, are we going to take matters into our own hands and right this horrible wrong? We already know that voting will not right this wrong, it’s going to take physical resistance and sacrifice to get our country back on track! We cannot, like so many of our supposed conservative politicians, simply sit our hands and do nothing while our country is made to go up in flames. People must rise up and force, by any means necessary, that a full forensic examination of the 2020 election take place.

Too many politicians have lost their fear of the voter. We all know that those on the left have been slowly chipping away at our Republic for decades and the Republicans who we elect to represents us, do absolutely nothing but talk while the Democrats do whatever they need to do in order to advance their radical agenda. This country is now on the precipice and it’s all thanks to those in the Democrat Party who have long been aided by their RINO allies and their many minions in the state controlled, ‘fake news’ media. Politicians must be made to fear the voters again. They need to be reminded that it is they who work for us, it’s not the other way around.

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