So I have a question. Just what is it going to take for America to finally, and forever, wash its hands of she who has still not gotten over the fact that the American people actually chose as their president a complete political novice when they could have so very easily chosen her, the most qualified individual to have ever run for president of the United State, nearly five long years ago. And why is it that there continues to be anyone who cares in the very least what it is that she has to say about anything? Especially when you stop to consider the fact that everything she says is a lie.

And so it was, on this past Wednesday, that we had two time loser at being the Democrat presidential candidate, Hitlery, claiming that Republican-led voter integrity bills in several states represent a “clear attempt to move away from a pluralistic, multi-racial democracy and toward white supremacist authoritarianism.” And it was by way of a recent op-ed that Hitlery penned for something called the ‘Democrat Docket’ that she said, “Each of these proposals disproportionately prevents people of color from casting their ballots, and each is egregious in its own right.”

And then Hitlery went on to say, “Much of the blame for this backsliding rests with the Supreme Court, which, thanks to the election of President Trump, is even more hostile to voting rights today than it was when it gutted a crucial provision of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. But the problem is more insidious.” Hitlery then proceeded to brand the move to pass such bills as being a “concerted attempt to destabilize the democratic process and delegitimize our multi-racial democracy,” before going on to claim that they are “no different from the Jim Crow past.”

Hitlery wrote, “The emboldening of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists during Trump’s campaign and time in the White House along with the international movement against liberal democracy have exacerbated this perfect storm.” And she concluded her little tirade by saying, “When the people make their voices heard in an election, we should respect the results. These aren’t partisan statements; they’re attributes of a functioning democracy.” But Hitlery apparently considers the voices of those on the left as being more worthy of listened to than the voices of others.

So it’s now according to Hitlery, and every other Democrat you care to mention, that free and fair elections are now said to equal and authoritarian threat to our Republic while at the same time oligarchic selections/installations via blatant electoral fraud is now said to equal democracy. Every time Democrats pass ever more stringent regulations and fees regarding the purchasing of firearms and ammunition they only make it that much more expensive and difficult for the poor to protect themselves. Someone really does need to ask the Democrats why is it that they hate minorities.

So here we are nearly five years later and STILL we have Hitlery claiming that Donald Trump, with the help of Russia, stole the election from her and robbed from her that which was hers. And in so doing she has the gall to claim that’s it’s those on the Right don’t who respect election results? Seriously??? Hitlery is the most corrupt of the corrupt Democrats talking about integrity, oh the irony. She is clearly one of the most privileged white women in history who, by the way, makes fun of blacks and hillbilly folks by talking like them whenever it might be deemed necessary.

And let’s be clear, Hitlery is the poster child for elitist white privilege. She has destroyed more minority lives and stolen more wealth directed at the poor, of all colors, than most ‘Tin Horn’ dictators. She should be stripped of all assets, titles, and honors and be forced to subsist in the same manner that she has forced upon so many others. Stripped of her privilege, perhaps she will gain some real humility. Short of that she needs to sit down and shut up. Her frailty, mental volatility, physical infirmity, dementia, violent emotional outbursts started well before 2016.

And it’s courtesy of the Democrats that we have come to a point where to expect blacks to meet any standards of common decency or acceptable behavior whatsoever, no matter how low, is instantly denounced as racism. Among those in the Democrat Party there is little to no expectations for blacks to do much of anything while at the same time being allowed to do pretty much whatever it is that they with no fear of being made to face nothing in the way of actual punishment. Soon it will be called racist for school teachers to insist that black children learn how to read and write.

Folks there are no elections that take place anywhere today that do not conform to some level of structure and standard. Anything done to vet or to insist upon the correct functioning of U.S. elections is instantly derided by the left as racist. Yet the Democrats themselves continue to raise concerns about election integrity and election tampering. Why can we not expect black people to step up and do what 100 million other voters do in order to have their votes cast and counted. There’s usually a very short list of required and easy steps to take. Why can’t they just take them?

And another thing, if you can’t explain in simple, easy to understand language why something is a result of “white supremacy,” then you’re LYING. None of these Democrats can explain why this voting integrity push is in any way rooted in white supremacy. The ONLY thing they can tell us is that blacks are somehow too stupid and incompetent to get IDs or complete an absentee ballot with their ID number. That, to my mind, is a white supremacist mindset. But more than that, it is the mindset of someone who knows these laws will end their ability to easily commit massive fraud.

And finally, we elect those people we feel we can trust to run our country in what we hope will be a responsible manner. But rarely does it turn out that way. And sadly, we have now gotten ourselves to the point where our country is now on the verge of complete collapse, socially, morally, economically and even militarily. And while I will admit that President Trump was far from perfect, I think one would have to be a complete moron not to agree that even on his very worst day as president he was far better than Hitlery could have ever hoped to be on her very best day.

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