So if I understand things correctly, *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden may soon be deploying a small army comprised of thoroughly brainwashed imbeciles to go door to door in what, I can only guess, is some kind of an attempt to ‘coerce’ those of us who have continued to refuse to be used as lab rats by refusing to be ‘vaccinated’ and to convince us that it is something simply for our own good. And you have to ask yourself, who but a Democrat would think such a thing is, in any way, a good idea.

And I certainly don’t need some senile old pervert, like ‘Creepy Joe,’ lecturing me about what’s best for me when it’s neither he, nor his trusty sidekick Tony ‘The Quack,’ who is qualified to do so. The bottom line here is that I have no intention of getting vaccinated, and to be honest having some brainless moron knocking on my door has at least the potential to end rather badly for the one doing the knocking. It’s this kind of crap that must be brought to a screeching halt, and soon!

‘Creepy Joe’ said on Tuesday that he would be sending government officials out to knock on people’s doors all across America with the intent to pressure them to take the ‘Chinese virus’ vaccine. And it was during a speech on the ‘Chinese virus’ that ‘Creepy Joe’Biden said, “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and often times door by door – literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people.” Right, “to get ‘help’ to the remaining people.”

And then it was our White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, who used a similar phrase on Tuesday in which she said coronavirus preventative measures will entail “targeted community by community, door to door outreach to get the remaining Americans vaccinated.” Psaki was asked if “the White House would reimpose” coronavirus “restrictions, as cases tick up, or is it up to the states?” She said, “We certainly support their decisions to implement measures that will make their community safe.”

And she said, “States and local communities will have to make evaluations about what is in their interest.” And she went on to say, “There are much higher rates of vaccination in some parts of the country versus others,” she continued. “We are at almost 70 percent vaccination rate for adults 27 and older but almost for adults 18 and older.” But the source of that 70 percent number is very likely based on a few blue urban centers. The overall national average is more likely in the 50 percent range.

Given that employers, the media, both political parties, and every other institution of note are all pushing this like crack and roughly half the population isn’t interested, I think we can take that as a sign that there are many who have lost faith in institutional America. Democrats are finally starting to realize that their lies have consequences and regaining the trust of those who are on to them will be nearly impossible. Those people will thus be immune from their propaganda.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has dubbed the Delta variant of “concern.” The variant totals roughly 20 percent of infections in the United States and has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to urge fully vaccinated individuals to wear face coverings. Tony Fauci, on July 4, cautioned that individuals will begin to see “almost two types of America” between the vaccinated and unvaccinated as the Delta variant spreads across the nation.

As Team ‘Creepy Joe’ is “rethinking” the ‘Chinese virus’, a July poll indicates 57 percent of Americans believe that they have less personal freedom today than they did before the bogus scamdemic. And I must admit that the harder they push this need to be vaccinated, the less inclined I am to take an experimental drug that I was never planning on taking to begin with. The push is now beyond creepy and more than a bit odd. My body, my choice only applies to leftist that want to abort their babies.

This isn’t about a vaccine, this is about control. Just like our open borders, gun control, voting ‘rights,’ masks and social distancing, the January 6 “insurrection,” BLM/Antifa, bickering about the filibuster, voter ID, corrupt DAs, ‘infrastructure’ spending, and just about every other lie Democrats are pushing. It’s always about control. These people mean to permanently rule us, whether we like it or not. “Consent of the governed” is now a quaint memory. This country is off the rails.

This is one of the dumbest ideas this champion of senility in the White House has yet to come up with. Does anyone remember an effort like this taking place before, ever? Cash incentives, all manner of coercion, social pressures, threats of restrictions on the unvaccinated. I remember the polio, swine flu and bird flu vaccinations nothing like this occurred. What is there about this ‘’vaccine’ that is causing all this pressure. The entire vaccine effort causes the effort to be viewed with much suspicion.

So why reject these vaccines? Well for starters there’s such things as blood clots, sterilization, brain damage, anaphylactic shock, dementia, heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, seizures, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases that can be both fun and exciting. It’s like a box of chocolates. Frankly I’m beginning to wonder if any of these politicians actually did get a shot of this experimental vaccine. Of course, they all had their little photo ops, but was that real or was it staged???

Meanwhile, it’s more than a million illegal and unvaccinated immigrants who continue to stream across our southern border. If the ‘Chinese virus’ truly is that much of a danger, and it’s everyone who needs to be vaccinated, then why is ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. permitting such an invasion to take place? The hoard of illegal border crossers aren’t required to be vaccinated, so can we then surmise that this experimental vaccine is intended only for American citizens? And if so, why might that be the case?

Finally, I will not be cajoled, persuaded, or influenced by some knuckle-dragging volunteers knocking on my door, whether they’re authorized by ‘Creepy Joe’ or not. I’ve posted a rather sizable sign out front that very clearly states “NO SOLICITORS.” Period! As a full-grown adult with a fair amount of commonsense as my guide and a well-functioning brain, I’ll decide what’s best for me and mine, and not be dictated to by some clown who on any given day doesn’t even realize he’s the *president.


  1. If, if they come to my Door, which I highly doubt, but if they do. I’m gonna say,
    “HELL NO I’M NOT TAKING ANY SHOTS!!” Then I’m shutting my door.


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