Ya know, the more I hear blacks, especially very wealthy blacks, whine and complain about how it is that this country somehow prevents blacks from being anything other than drug addicts, violent criminals and drunks, the less I really care about any of the problems that they may have, and brought upon themselves through their own behavior. And it’s those who have made something of their lives, through sports or entertainment, who insist upon doing no favors for those blacks less fortunate than themselves. And more often than not do so only to bring more attention to themselves.

Which brings to another of those whose claim to fame comes courtesy of playing a comic book superhero, Anthony Mackie, the star of Disney’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who says taking on the role of ‘Captain America’ was humbling but difficult, whining that it’s because America prevents black men from succeeding. It was in speaking to ‘Variety’ that he said, “I’ve worked so long in this business, and I’ve done so many things that I felt were not appreciated or overlooked or things that were not considered to be worthy of promotion — and this is like my first promotion.”

Apparently, Mackie feels he has been overlooked. Mackie feels it is a societal problem for all black men in America. In the very woke Disney series, Mackie’s ‘Sam Wilson’ frets about taking on the mantle of Captain America left to him when Steve Rogers gave up his shield in the last of the Avengers movies, 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. One of the themes the Disney streaming series explores is whether a black man can be accepted in America as a hero at all, much less Captain America. And Mackie sees his own life and experience as a black man in the question posed onscreen.

Mackie blathered on saying, “The fear of representing a country who doesn’t represent you, you know, was something that’s not only unfathomable but hard to overcome.” And he said, “My dad always used to say greatness is as far as you can see it… There are limitations that we place on ourselves because of our surroundings. And, you know, I did that to myself, and that’s definitely what Sam Wilson goes through.” Mackie also recently admitted that he wanted to put an anti-Trump gibe in his final woke monologue on the state of the world, like that’s an adult thing to do.

In one scene, Mackie’s ‘Sam Wilson’ was turned down for a loan by a bank officer, a scene that the series showrunner, Malcolm Spellman, said was meant to highlight the real-life experiences of blacks in the U.S. today. In another scene, Sam Wilson discovers that the U.S. government lied to him and led him to believe he would take over as the new Captain America. Instead, the government gave the role to a white soldier. Spellman also noted that the producers specifically aimed to hire only black writers for the series to focus on race issues on the Disney show. It’s ALL pure BS!

And I can’t be the only one who feels a bit nauseated upon hearing how Mackie somehow feels oppressed after having made, and continuing to make, millions playing a fictional character that was only created to replace the original white character (i.e. Captain America) for nothing but race-swapping and tokenism. Even when America keeps kissing the progressive morons’ asses they’re still screaming racism and oppression! That’s essentially the reason I have washed my hands of them. As far as I’m concerned they can continue with their whining until the cows come home!

This clown is nothing more than another of those unwilling, likely in order to keep the big paychecks coming, to admit that it’s blacks themselves who keep themselves down. The Democrats are scum but it’s still an individual’s choice to wear oversized pants halfway down their ass, listen to insipidly stupid gangsta-rap at full volume, talk like a three-year-old and make martyr-murals for a violent abusive meth-addict. Blacks of the pre-90s had some impressive cultural achievements. They’ve gotten increasingly dumber since then and blame everyone but themselves. It’s not my fault!

This moron chooses to simply ignore that everyone in America has equal opportunity to become successful. The ultimate outcome is determined by hard work and talent in a particular endeavor. Show up consistently and outwork everyone in the room and success will be yours, guaranteed. But sadly most blacks either don’t get that or have been convinced, by those like Mackie, that that is simply not the case.  And sadly, it’s for the most part that you might as well be talking some foreign language to blacks. Hard work is simply not in their genes. Not all of them, but a Hell of a lot of them.

And I am done playing the “lets name the good black people” game. The good ones are an insignificant minority of blacks. The overwhelming majority are violent, racially tribal, savage monsters who hate whites and want to see them dead. They contribute nothing but problems and do nothing but take. We will never know peace as long as we kid ourselves about diversity being something we need in order to make up for past ‘sins.’ As I have said, blacks are the sole source of their own problems. They would rather take ‘free’ handouts than to think for themselves, it’s just easier.

And I know I’m beating a dead (racist) horse but do these people have the capacity to think for themselves or are they that brainwashed, or braindead, that they continue to see President Trump as racist and refuse to see how much he did for them. He got them more jobs than anyone and gave more money to their colleges. If their cities still suck, it’s because of mayors and local governments who are all Democrats. Ask any of them what President Trump did that was racist and none of them can point to anything that he actually did or actually said that was not taken out of context.

And let’s be clear about something. In America, nothing is given to you, unless of course we’re talking about of the ‘freebies’ the Democrats throw to mental midgets when asking for votes. But it’s on a more personal level that you have to earn success through hard work. You can’t demand respect, you have to command respect. Nobody really cares about whatever problems you may have, not really. And it’s in return for all your hard work that you are then able to become anything or anyone you want to be. America is the ONLY place where the sky is the limit no matter who you are!



  1. The American-Black-Race, Is the biggest cry-baby race on the face of the Earth. Also, And, no other race has had so much $$$$$$$$$$ liquidaty pumped into it and still be this Nations number 1, loser.


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