If there is one thing we can count on when it comes to our band of stellar RINOs, it’s how they love to go on CNN and to allow themselves to be used in that network’s continuing attacks on Donald Trump. And it is one of those same RINOs, Adam Kinzinger, of whom it can be said is the official ‘Poster Boy’ for ALL that is wrong with today’s Republican Party. Actually, to refer to people like him as ‘Republicans In Name Only’ is a bit of a misnomer, for the very simple reason that what we continue to see and hear from these RINOs is really what can now be considered as typical behavior for those continuing to operate under the banner of the Republican Party.

And so, if we’re going to be accurate in our labelling of them then we really should start referring to those like Kinzinger as what they really are, which would be as a ‘CINO, or a ‘Conservative In Name Only.’ Because while those like Kinzinger continue to claim to be conservatives, in truth it’s becoming increasingly clear that they are nothing of the sort. For one thing there is very little, these days, that they do which I, as a conservative, am actually able to support. And there is nothing that proves that point better than their eagerness to continue in their attacks on President Trump who was arguably the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan.

So anyway, it was during a Thursday interview with CNN’s “New Day,” hosted by John Berman, that Kinzinger called into question his Republican colleagues after votes to remove Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney from their committee assignments. Kinzinger, who supported Cheney amid a failed effort to oust her from her position chair of the House Republican Conference for voting to impeach former President Trump, said his colleagues like Rep. Matt Gaetz should be “embarrassed.” He then asked if the Republican Party is so “broken” that it cannot even come together to remove Cheney after standing up for Greene.

Kinzinger told Berman, “I think that having the vote was important because people like Matt Gaetz and some in the freedom club had this idea that they, you know, had the votes to overtake her, and she crushed it.” He went on to say, “And I’ll tell you she never apologized for her vote. She defended herself, but on the Marjorie Taylor Greene stuff … I won’t go into a lot of details, but she did address the issue, and I didn’t hear an apology personally. Maybe she did say it, but the bottom line is I think until she publicly disavows all her comments from the past and says, you know, everything going forward, you know, I don’t take it too seriously.”

He continued, “Liz committed no sin except to vote her conscience. You know, who’s the one that put everybody in our party in an awkward position on impeachment? It wasn’t Liz Cheney. It wasn’t me. It was Donald Trump. The people that claim they had the votes to remove her are embarrassed today, your Matt Gaetzes and stuff like that. But, you know, to have stood up and defended Marjorie Taylor Greene, I thought for sure she’d lose her committees. And I’m kind of still bewildered about why there was no change whatsoever. I mean, are we really that broken as a party that we can’t even take a stand on something like that? I don’t know.”

Kinzinger then urged House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to do a better job leading the GOP and move on from President Trump. He declared, “Look, Kevin needs to stand for truth in this party.” He said, “He needs to stand for truth, and he needs to recognize that this party, the future is not going down to Mar-a-Lago and being with Donald Trump.” Adding, “Look, I mean, he’s going to be our leader. I’ll support him as a leader. But I think, you know, if they’re going to go after Liz Cheney, I think … Kevin McCarthy has to really think about leadership and how to lead this caucus going forward, especially because she got defended last night by 145 of us.”

What morons like Kinzinger seem to be oblivious to, for whatever reason, is the fact that Donald Trump didn’t create his supporters/voters, his supporter/voters created him. And why exactly did they do that? Well, the main reason was because they were sick and tired of phonies like Kinzinger. And as much as both the Democrats and the RINOs will continue their effort to forever remove Donald Trump from politics, I hate to be the one to tell them, but that ship has sailed. Because, in speaking for myself, it will be when voting in EVERY presidential election from now until the time finally comes when he leaves this Earth, I will be writing in the name of Donald J. Trump.

In truth 85-90% of Republican voters agree that the Republican Establishment, colluded with the Democrats in an effort to manipulate what was so very clearly a fraudulent election. And yet it’s Matt Gaetz who this boob claims should be embarrassed? For what? So who is it that is actually being delusional? Trump’s base knows the truth, and that truth is, he won in a bona fide landslide. The Republican Party is now beyond merely being broken. It’s a ship without a rudder, comprised of those who, again like Kinzinger, seem to prefer it that way. Why else assist Democrats in trying to banish Donald Trump (the rudder) from ever again running for president?

Kinzinger sounds like every other anti-Trumper in the Republican Party who continues to choose to sit on their hands as our government is slowly but surely taken over by the Communist Chinese. And as our government goes, so goes our country. The real heroes in the party are being beat down and pushed to the side. And it will be from this point on that both my money and my votes will go only to those who chose to stand with Donald Trump. I am through voting for anyone simply because they have an (R) after their name, those days are long gone. I’m through with their deceit and their treachery. I will either vote third party or I will simply stay home on Election Day.

Kinzinger is yet another of those who appears to be of a rather ambitious sort, and someone in a desperate search of notoriety. Both are qualities which I personally despise in politicians because it’s just such characteristics that make it very difficult, if not impossible, to trust them. Kinzinger has basically been paid by taxpayers his entire adult life! He started out in local politics from where he went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard before becoming a member of the U.S. House! He’s from an area near Chicago, so his conservative credentials should be considered to be highly suspect! He should now be made to become self-supporting!

And finally, Liz Cheney would have never survived if it hadn’t been for the fact that her buddy, and fellow RINO, Kevin McCarthy ordered the vote on whether she would maintain her position be conducted by secret ballot. Every House Republican needs to tell their constituents how they voted and why at their very next town hall. And if they refuse to answer then they should expect to be primaried. Voters need to be much more proactive, and a little less lazy, in deciding who it is that they want to have representing them in Washington. Because deciding to simply let things ride is how we ended up with scumbags like Kinzinger, and every other loser RINO/CINO.

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