And so it is then, according to one of the great political prophets of our time, John Kasich, that the Republican Party will die if it remains the party of Donald Trump. And to that I have but one thing to say: “So let it be written, so let it be done!” But I do hate to have to be the one to break it to old John, but it would seem that HIS beloved Republican Party may already be dead. And it is he and the many like him of whom it can be said were the cause of it’s rather untimely demise, not Donald Trump. And frankly, I’m rather surprised that, as a guy who prides himself as having his finger on the pulse when it comes to all things political, he doesn’t already know that. 

But be that as it may, it was on Wednesday of this week that Kasich, during another of what has become his string of appearances on CNN, this time on the “Situation Room” with Wolf blitzer, stated that the Republican Party will die if it continues to be the party of Donald Trump. While discussing if House Republicans are going to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee appointments, Kasich said, “I was the chairman of the committee that balanced the federal budget. I was the one that was able to do reform inside the federal government. I did so many things down there that were conservative.” For sure, old John loves blowing his own horn!

Anyway, Kasich then went on to say, “And now these guys are off on some — I don’t even know where they are — they’re on some crazy tangent here.” And then it was ‘panelist’ Dana Bash who said, “That’s the point. They are the Republican party now, governor. The House Republicans are very much representative of a very large chunk of the GOP. Until they, you know, unless they do something to say these views are not okay and, yes, they’re speaking out, but take action about it, then talking about conservative fiscal responsibility and all those things, you know, it gets drowned out. Don’t you think?” Kasich boldly responded saying, “I agree with that.”

And he went on to say, “Dana. Here is the thing. The Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell, couldn’t put out a stronger statement. He’s saying that this lady should be disciplined, should lose her committees in the least, and should be isolated. So he’s a pretty big spokesperson. This gets back to what’s going on inside the party. Is it a Trump party, not a Trump party? If it stays a Trump party in the long term, it will not be successful. It will begin to die. Frankly, it’s dying already, because a lot of people have left the party.” Personally, I would argue the fact that those who Kasich references as having already left the party, have actually done a favor for the party. 

And Kasich said, “There is a chance for them to get back on their feet, but if they can’t even make a simple decision about this lady and they can’t decide to support Liz Cheney and her vote of consciousness, what does that tell you about those people? Disgraceful.” Look, the party that Kasich now describes as dying unless changes are made, is a party that has essentially degenerated into what is nothing more than an odd assortment of ‘dead subservient-deep-state-actors walking’ but they just haven’t woke up and realized it yet because they are still receiving a paycheck unlike the millions of their fellow citizens who they are supposed to be there to serve.

I do look at things a bit differently than does Mr. Kasich. You see, I see it as being the other way around, that the party will most assuredly die out if it DOES NOT remain the party of Trump. This should have been painfully obvious after the enormous show of Trump support that appeared in the capital on 6 January. And if 80% of Republicans do truly believe that Donald Trump was elected and ‘Creepy Joe’ was not, that too should tell you something. There is no longer much support for the likes of Kasich. Hence the reason he continues to show up with increasing regularity on CNN and MSDNC as those are the ONLY places he can find someone willing to listen to him.

Kasich was one of the very first haters of Donald Trump and it’s rather odd that we now find him trying to restore his credibility by appearing at America’s ‘fake news’ headquarters, CNN, continuing to sound the alarm that the Republican Party will die if it does not abandon Donald Trump, and soon. Poor Kasich seems to be unable to understand reality. He seems to think he can convince CNN viewers to hate President Trump, which they already do and have ever since the famed escalator ride. So he’s doing little more than to beat the proverbial dead horse and assist those whom he claims to hate as we all those who are busy expediting the demise of his own party.  

And it’s those who are the haters of Donald Trump, and the RINOs like Kasich, who should be considered as being most responsible for Republican losses in the House, but more so in the Senate. And it was the same band of political losers who, by aiding and abetting the Democrat Party in promoting fabricated investigations, fabricated ballots, election fraud, corrupt law enforcement/intelligence agencies, and now the Democrat Party’s new age Confederacy that is implementing censorship, social credit discrimination, and political segregation, are also most responsible for how it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who is now sitting in the Oval Office and not Donald Trump.  

Kasich is another of those who insist upon pointing figures at everyone but themselves as being responsible for the premature demise of the Republican Party. These people seem totally unwilling to accept any level of blame, choosing to instead to blame Donald Trump, his millions of supporters, the Tea Party, and the entire ‘Make America Great Again’ movement. But it’s the death of the party that could have been so easily averted. Saving the party was literally within the grasp of those who claim to want to save it. Yet when they had the guy in the White House who could have accomplished just that, what is it that they chose to do? They chose to stab him in the back.

Donald Trump received 11 Million more votes than any previous Republican presidential candidate, including a higher percentage of all minorities. Yet the CNN/MSNBC dwelling RINOs insist upon pretending that he will somehow bring about the death of the party. This has nothing to do with electoral success and everything to do with their own image and their own grasp on power within the badly dysfunctional Republican Establishment. If the Republican Party remains the party of Trump, then these people will come to have no role to play and possess little influence. All the status, the influence and wealth that goes with being GOP aristocracy evaporates.

Without the Trumpers, the Republican Party will have a rapidly decreasing number of victories as we head into the future. As usual, this back stabber has it all backwards. He really doesn’t get it, it’s not about Trump, it’s about the voters who believe in American greatness and being ‘America First’ supporters. That is the real reason Republicans are in trouble, because they have zero understanding of the base of their own party. They seem to think we’re all a bunch of limp-wristed, latte sipping, pajama people who only want free stuff and more and bigger government. The establishment has no core principles that appeal to conservative voters.

Kasich, as well as all the others, are all very well aware that the only way he, and they, will ever have any hope of regaining any amount of relevance is by torpedoing the populist revolution occurring within the Republican Party base. And in attempting to do so we can rest assured that they will leave no accusation unmade in their effort to tarnish the former president and to turn his supporters against him. And knowing that that is their game plan we can not, we must not, allow them to succeed in such an unsavory, and unseemly, plan of attack. They care nothing about us, only about the level of power and influence they are able to gain for themselves. End of story!

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