Not even the loss of roughly half their viewers has convinced those in charge of the ‘news’ network formerly known as being ‘Fair and Balanced’ to reverse course, and to return to what it was that attracted so many of us in the first place. But the network remains determined in its effort to attack President Trump 24/7. And it was in demonstrating that he’s a team player, it was just this past Tuesday that Bret Baier brought fellow ‘NeverTrumper’ Stephen Hayes onto his “Special Report” where Hayes then proceeded to describe President Trump’s demands on the coronavirus stimulus as a “temper tantrum from the president who’s trying to steal an election.”

It was during what was a supposed panel ‘discussion’ regarding increasing the amount of COVID relief checks to $2000 that our esteemed Mr. Hayes said, “This is much more about Republicans having to respond to a temper tantrum from the president who’s trying to steal an election, basically.”  And it was from there that Hayes went on to add, “If you look at what President Trump is saying, this is about Donald Trump, it’s not about the future of the country. It’s not about the future of the Republican party. It’s not even really about COVID relief. If relief were so urgent, one suspects that the president would’ve made this happen months and months ago.”

Hayes claimed that President Trump could have made the stimulus bill happen months ago, but in so doing he ignores completely the fact that Nancy Pelosi deliberately held it up until, as she said, “we now have a new president.”  So was Hayes in favor of President Trump acting like the autocratic dictator that so many have been calling him for the last four years. Someone needs to remind Hayes that the attempted theft of the 2020 Presidential election is not of Donald Trump’s doing.  President Trump is simply working to do all that he can to ‘Stop the Steal.’ This coup d ‘tat must not succeed. Hopefully, the treasonous perpetrators will end up going to prison.    

Mr. Hayes is someone who has long referred to himself as being a conservative, and yet he has been very willing to join in with the Democrats in accusing the Trump administration of being guilty of exactly what it is that the Democrats themselves have been guilty of having done and of continuing to do.  And sadly it’s losers like Hayes who have been only too eager to pitch in wherever and whenever they can. And if there is one thing that those involved in our ‘fake news’ media are all so very good at doing, it’s ignoring, or just flat out denying, any and all evidence of the election shenanigans, especially if doing so advances their preferred political agenda.

One of the rather unexpected benefits resulting from the Trump Presidency has been how most, if not all, of these frauds and journalistic phonies, like Mr. Hayes, have essentially been smoked out from under their rocks and forced out into the open and fully exposed. Look, anyone with a brain now knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, who all of these blatant propagandists are. And, apparently, it’s this idiot Hayes who is somehow under the impression that it’s President Trump, and not ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, who’s trying to “steal” the election that we know he actually won.  Proving that, for whatever the reason, he hasn’t been paying the slightest bit of attention.

Hayes is another of those who seems to be trying his best so sound convincing in his attempt to portray the president as being responsible for what has turned out to be somewhat of a fiasco of the network’s own making.  But I hate to be the one to tell him, it’s just NOT working. ‘Fox News’ now has a rather sizable problem on its hands, in that the management has apparently lost its mind and has now pushed the network so far left as to make it into another CNN and/or MSDNC, which we don’t need. The result has been rather striking in that once reliable viewers are now leaving in droves and as fast as they can locate OAN or NEWSMAX on their cable channel guide.

It has been since Donald Trump defeated Hitlery in rather humiliating fashion back 2016 that ‘Fox News’ has been becoming increasingly anti-Trump, and it was election night 2020 that, at least for me, was the final straw.  They could not have been more obvious in calling the various state races prematurely in order to justify their claim that ‘Creepy Joe’ was actually succeeding in defeating the man they all loathed.  And now they continue to portray the president’s effort to expose what any rational person views as being massive cheating as simply sour grapes, as they advise the president to simply move on. But it’s nothing that could be further from the truth!

What’s worst of all is that there has been mass dereliction of duty by elected, judicial, and other government officials who have refused to investigate blatant cases of election fraud such as non-legislative changes to election law, videos of fraud or obstruction of observers, missing truckloads of ballots, ballot dumps, statistically impossible vote counts and more.  Hayes’ attitude is detrimental to maintaining the integrity and fairness of our nation’s election process. To simply accept the 2020 election results borders in depravity and definitely demonstrates dereliction of duty by those sworn to preserve and protect our institutions and election process.

What kind of moron must you be to watch video evidence of election fraud taking place and still say there was no fraud that actually took place? It’s like watching your house burn down and claiming you don’t need a water hose. What kind of complete dullard do you have to be to see it but to then deny that it happened? Hayes is trying to be intelligent without using his brain or any common sense. Another self-righteous, pseudo intellectual ‘journalist.’  He claims, “If relief were so urgent, one suspects that the president would’ve made this happen months and months ago.” If it was so urgent, Pelosi would have cooperated and worked with President Trump.

Even if what President Trump is doing is a “temper tantrum” I’m okay with it. I’m also okay with him “stealing the election” because he would simply be ‘stealing’ it back. I have no time for Hayes’ temper tantrum or for Fox News’ and the rest of the media’s tantrums. I’ll take a Trump tantrum any day of the week, because the right things get done with him. And I’m curious about how it can be said that President Trump is trying to steal an election by merely complaining about an election that was stolen from him?  I see how the game is played. And no, legitimate anger does not equate to a “temper tantrum,” and to make such a claim is nothing more than moronic.

The election was stolen in states by those changing elections laws outside of the constitutional/legislative process. At a minimum, you’d think that Hayes and his fellow ‘Fox News’ cronies would be ranting and raving about that, but nope.  This fact is undeniable. And their silence on this matter only makes it easier for the left to steal more elections. Stop ranting about President Trump and show some real spine. Without free and fair elections, we have no country. None of this is about Donald Trump. The evidence of massive election fraud is crystal clear, and Hayes is just one more on a long list of many who has been bought off. There’s no other explanation.

And if the Democrats truly believed this election was on the level, does Hayes not think that they would be busy trying to prove to the world just how decisively it was that ‘Creepy Joe’ had defeated President Trump and too, how the Republicans are now trying to steal the election?  But they’re not. They’re continuing to stonewall all attempts to examine even obvious illegalities such as state election boards and courts changing election laws. This election was nasty. It stinks only in swing states. And it’s going to be exposed. Even if ‘Creepy Joe’ is inaugurated, Democrats will spend the next four years trying to explain the corruption away, they must not succeed!

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