So, it was just this past Sunday that, in his continuing effort to land yet another Trump-hater he could then bring onto his weekly program, ‘Crybaby Chris’ Wallace went trolling to find a willing RINO, likely one in the employ of Communist China, who would come on his program and there, in front of what I’m quite sure must be his rapidly diminishing number of viewers, proudly declare that the time has now long since passed for President Trump to finally concede the 2020 presidential contest in favor of ‘Creepy joe’ Biden.  And it was in Sen. Pat Toomey, RINO from Pennsylvania, that ‘Crybaby Chris’ found exactly the RINO Judas that he was looking for.  

And it was the stellar Mr. Toomey who said during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” that President Trump should accept the outcome of the 2020 election.  Toomey said, “I think the president should accept the outcome of the election. And he added, “He had every right to challenge these votes, he had every right to recounts and to litigate. He has done all of those things in my state of Pennsylvania. He’s drawn conservative Republican judges who’ve dismissed these cases for a lack of any credible evidence.”  Nearly all of these judges who have simply refused to hear any of the evidence of voting irregularities, have been appointed by Democrats.

What these RINOs are likely to find out, hopefully the hard way, is that it’s not President Trump who will be raising the most Hell when it comes to all of the blatantly obvious voter fraud that we ALL know took place. It’s going to be the American people, the millions of those who went out and voted for this president. And I know these political elites have grown comfy in their positions, but ‘We the People’ are now DONE with them. The cheating could not have been more obvious or universal. Dominion Voting Systems, servers receiving votes in Venezuela, Barcelona and finally Frankfurt. Why did our vote tallies need to leave the country?

Hopefully the will of 74+ Million people will not end up being circumvented by our ‘fake news’ media complex or those in our corrupt political establishment.  Because if it can be, and we allow it to happen, then, I’m afraid, we deserve the outcome. We aren’t the America that I was taught we are.  McConnell continues to trot out more of these gutless RINO cowards every day. They are openly carrying the water for the Biden Crime Family and their stolen election.  The McConnell led Republican Senate never laid a glove on a single corrupt Democrat for their blatant crimes against America. Untrustworthy professional politicians are ripping America to shreds.

Now of course it goes without saying that Democrats think President Trump should concede, and to do it now.  And yet wasn’t it they who protested, in every conceivable way, his 2016 election for four years!  Now, they want him to quit before the Electoral College vote certification process.  We better settle the disputed 2020 election by re-electing Donald Trump!  If Republicans fail to defend Donald Trump, and go along with this Democrat fraud, Democrats will pass amnesty for illegals and add 20-30 million Democrat voters. After amnesty, they won’t have to cheat, they’ll win every national and statewide election in America forever!

Many of the courts the Trump Team has attempted to go before have seemed unable, or unwilling, even to be bothered with reviewing any of the massive amount of evidence.  And that would also include the Supreme Court.  And it was in denying to hear the suit brought by Texas, and those states who joined with it, against the four battleground states who ran illegal and unconstitutional elections, by claiming those states did not have standing, the Supreme Court simply took the easy way out. Those who voted for President Trump DO have standing, and by choosing to simply declare they do not the Court chose to shirk its constitutional responsibility.

President Trump won the hearts, minds and souls of the American people because he was willing to work for THEM. He worked to bring back their manufacturing jobs that so many said would never come back, he worked to protect them from being robbed by building the wall, he worked to stop the ‘endless wars’ that the political establishment, on both sides, is so fond of and his most heinous crime was to refuse to be bribed, bringing an end to the typical way of doing business in DC, that of taking bribes to pass legislation. No wonder the elites’ hate him, but the people love him.  Sadly, the same cannot be said of those like this RINO turncoat, Mr. Toomey.

President Trump clearly won the 2020 Presidential election in what was nothing less than the most spectacular landslide in all of American history, easily eclipsing ‘BO’s election numbers.  President Trump increased on his 2016 vote by more than 10 percent. He won an overwhelming majority of counties in the U.S., it was, quite literally, a sea of red. The American people were, however, defrauded and robbed by a corrupt cabal of Democrats, RINO’s, corrupt judges, the ‘fake news’, those agencies and individuals who comprise the dreaded ‘Deep State,’ and the super-rich.  All of these culprits are captive of the left as a result of Marxist infiltration of education.

And you know, I think you can tell a lot about a man by the level character, or lack of, exhibited by his children. And it’s all of Donald Trump’s children who, in spite of growing up in conspicuous wealth and privilege, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have criminal records and who are all highly successful people in their own right.  Now, contrast that with the loser Hunter Biden, son of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, and the money-laundering drug addict who ended up getting booted out of the Navy. The differences could not be any clearer.  And yet it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who we are constantly being told is the only one capable of safeguarding our American Values.  Seriously?

Rumor now has it that Toomey will not be seeking reelection when he comes due in 2022 which, if true, made him a rather easy mark for old ‘Crybaby Chris.’  He could come on with ‘Crybaby Chris’ and be free to say whatever it might be that ‘Crying Chris’ might want to him to say without fear of any retribution from any of the folks back home. Toomey is a political opportunist and a self-promoting phony!  ANYONE who believes there was no fraud in the November election is either deluded, a liar, or part of the conspiracy. So take your pick of one or more of the many reasons (there are so many more, but dead people can’t talk) he would look the other way!

Clearly this is not the America most of us were taught that it was. When an aspiring dictator can be elected to the Oval Office, not once but twice, can debase that office in almost every possible way for eight long years and can avoid impeachment simply because of the color of his skin, all while still having many declaring that he was the greatest president in our history, America is clearly in trouble.  And then when a man whose only crime is that he wished to “Make America Great Again” can be so vilified by those who hate this country with little or no defense coming from those within his own party, I do wonder how much longer our country can survive.  

This willful blindness that there was somehow no election fraud is beyond myopic. At this point, there are at least 1000 people who have signed sworn affidavits that they witnessed election fraud. The Fulton County, Georgia footage with suitcases of ballots being pulled out from under covered tables, is damning evidence no matter how many excuses the Democrats are able to concoct.  And then there were the truckloads of ballots that were transported across stateliness. No, I’m sorry Mr. Toomey, you seem to suffer from the same disease that many Democrats and a goodly number of RINOs do. You don’t like President Trump and that’s all that seems to matter to you.

Finally, I think it’s fair to say that Donald Trump was elected, at least in part, as a little payback to our Republican Establishment. He was used to show our repudiation of them. And the actions that they are now taking are essentially a repudiation of us. Remember when ‘The Maverick,’ and a good number of other RINOs, disparaged the Tea Party?  They see a lot of unfinished business here.  Toomey shows himself to be another gutless RINO. I don’t see these Republicans, now throwing President Trump under the bus, as doing themselves any favors when it comes to being able to extend their individual political careers.  And that, I think, is a good thing.

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