As has been pointed out before, and far more eloquently than myself, if there’s one thing those on the left are very good at, it’s accusing those of differing opinions of being guilty of practicing the very same immoral acts that they themselves routinely     practice.  Take, for instance, Michael Eric Dyson, a supposed ‘professor’ of all things.  Dyson is the perfect example of what nearly all of academia has now become, which is an enterprise, the purpose of which, is to finish the job of indoctrinating our young that is begun in our public schools.  Thus the basis for why it is so often heard from the left that everyone should be able to obtain a ‘free’ college ‘education.’

Dyson is another of those who are frequent guests of those who work to do nothing more than to propagate which, in reality, is nothing but ‘fake news’, aka pure propaganda, and it was this past Thursday that he made yet another of those appearances, this time on MSDNC with fellow racist, Joy Reid, appearing on Ms. Reid’s show, ‘The ReidOut.’  And it was Ms. Reid who started things out by saying, “In your new book you talk about reckoning with race in America. I think about Mitch McConnell’s centrality in the story of race in just the last 10 years. His blanket opposition and filibustering, using that good, old-fashioned Southern technique.”

And it was Reid who went on to say, “This is a man originally from Alabama who used the filibuster prodigiously against President Obama, said, ‘You can’t even put anybody on the federal court. You don’t have the right. You’re not a real president.’ And then to try are tout his deputy becoming attorney general of Kentucky and then for that black man to lie about the grand jury proceedings so he could let white offices off for killing Breonna Taylor. I feel like Mitch McConnell is just as center to the sort of diminution of Black life that we’ve seen over the last 10 years as Trump.”  Yup, spoken like the true ‘journalist’, or at least the type employed by her network.

Dyson said, “There is no question. I talk about in the book fast terror and slow terror. Fast terror is when bombs drop and they lynch black people, when they hurt us very explicitly, by the police, who hurt and harm and kill us. Slow terror is kicking kids out of school, denying them the opportunity to be fed both mentally and physically.”  He said, “If Donald Trump is a fast terrorist, is a fast racist, then McConnell is taking a slower train toward racial revulsion. He is enacting some of the worst practices we have seen in the history of this nation in regard to a senator blocking the coming to fruition of legislation that could relieve the hurt and suffering of Black people.”

Dyson went on to say, “And to proudly stand up and say that he wanted to make Obama a one-term president — this shows us that the real religion in America is whiteness. The real politics in Mitch McConnell’s orbit are whiteness, the worship of whiteness at the altar of whiteness, genuflecting before the god of whiteness. Therefore Donald Trump is a the product of a womb that has generated this disfigured person in terms of politics but Mitch McConnell is part of the womb. Mitch McConnell he gives life and breath to the very denunciation of blackness that Trump has been so vehemently denounced for.”  And this guy is actually a ‘professor?’ 

Look, let’s be honest, racism is all these people know, no matter how ‘educated’ they may become.  Actually, most studies make very clear that it’s Liberals who are actually the most racist, and it’s blacks who come in as being the most racist demographic. Leftists claim to be the protectors of poor blacks, but they are nothing of the sort. They USE them, and nowhere was it more evident than this past summer when blacks were burning businesses in their own neighborhoods because they were angry at whites, and it was called a protest…against whitey.  Meanwhile, the Leftists sat quietly by, smiling to themselves, saying, “these fools will need us forever.”

And I’m thinking this guy is obsessed with both white folks and whiteness. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he cries himself to sleep every night for not being white. Blacks or other non-whites who are comfortable in their skin don’t obsess about white, they just enjoy their life and make the best of it. In fact, blacks who love their blackness don’t worry about white folks and don’t see some white racist hiding behind every tree.  But sadly it’s still too many black Americans who can’t come to terms with the fact that they weren’t born white but are black. Hence, they spend their entire existence wishing to be white while pretending to love being black.

Therefore, countless numbers of blacks are angry, resentful and full of jealousy towards whites just for the mere fact that their skin is white.  It’s a large percentage of black male athletes who have white girlfriends or wives, and who would rather die than to date a woman of their own shade. Yet they go around accusing whites of racism and white supremacy.  Let that sink in a bit!  It’s the black male privilege to be racist towards his own females, and still to be allowed to go around yelling and barking whites are racists. And it’s Caryn Johnson who is the female version of blacks that exclusively date white folks but still hate them. It’s a sign of overcompensating.

And think about this, how many trillions of dollars would have gone unspent if blacks had never been brought to this country in their first place, the majority of which has been spent in just the last 60 years.  Also, the costs of the Civil War, in both dollars and in human life, would never have occurred.  And the trillions spent starting with LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ would never have spent.  Add to all of that, how many trillions have had to be spent to rebuild areas of our cities that have been destroyed by blacks because of some perceived racial injustice?  What would our national debt be today were it not for blacks?  Would we have any kind of a national debt today?  

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about one race somehow being ‘superior’ over others, until racist attacks made by blacks against my race went more than a little over the top.  Anyone familiar with the history of this country, from the very beginning, understands that it was, and continues to be, whites who have been most responsible for making this country into the envy of the world. Blacks have played only a very minor role, much of it the result of certain factors. They were given little choice in society because of slavery and a mindset against their abilities, but those limitations no longer exist except in the minds of far too many modern-day blacks.

And it’s sad that so many blacks continue to use that as a club with which to attack whites. That’s what is holding them back, that and their hatred of all things white. If the time ever comes when they can finally rid themselves of that hatred, it will be then and only then that their positive contributions will finally begin to add up. In the meantime, I hope they follow that course as the rest of us follow ours.  And blacks continue to do themselves a great disservice by listening to those like Mr. Dyson, and others, who spew the same kind of toxic, incendiary racist rhetoric.  And until blacks finally come to grips with how they’ve been used, nothing will change much.

And finally, it’s all rather disgusting, don’t you think, that it’s those in this country who are the least racist among us who are always the very same ones who are not only accused of being the MOST racist but are also accused of actually being white supremacists!  And, oddly enough, by people just like this racist POS, Dyson! IF Mr. Dyson truly is desperate to bring an end to racism in America, then perhaps he should start with himself, and those like him, because that would go very far in eliminating racism not only in America, but across the globe. But will that ever happen?  Not likely, because those like Dyson stand to gain far too much by keeping racism alive!

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