And so, it was just this past Sunday that Prissy Chrissy Wallace once again managed to get his panties into a rather serious twist.  And, as is usually the case, it had much to do with, at least in part, with his outright hatred of President Trump.  And what was the cause of this most recent meltdown?  Well, apparently, Chrissy became rather unhinged over the fact that our current HHS Secretary was unwilling to refer to ‘Creepy Joe’ as being our president-elect. And in so doing Chrissy once again made it very clear that he’s less a ‘journalist’ than he is a cheerleader for ‘Creepy Joe.’

It was during the latest episode of “Fox News Sunday” that host ‘Prissy Chrissy’ Wallace actually interrupted Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar after Azar dared to refer to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as “the vice president” rather than “president-elect.”  Chrissy asked, “If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then, back in April, the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t we be in much better shape?  Azar said, “We welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April, the president’s guidelines have called for …”

Prissy Chrissy was quick to interject saying, “He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect.”  Azar apparently chose to ignore Chrissy’s rather juvenile interruption and continued by saying, “The president has called masks patriotic acts. Every one of his top advisors says, wear your mask. We talk about the data. At one meter, if two people whether masks, it can reduce viral transmission by 72%, protecting both the source and the recipient. We’ve got the data, masks work. We encourage people, please wear a mask when you can’t engage in social distancing.”

But old Prissy Chrissie was not about to give up because he said, “First of all, if the President-elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar, and secondly, the fact is the president set on the first day, April 30, that he wasn’t going to wear a mask. He didn’t wear a mask in public for three months until July, and just last night at that rally in Georgia, not only didn’t he wear a mask, but I was watching the rally, thousands of people packed together, none I could see wearing a mask.”  Chrissy has become a joke.  This is exactly way so many people are leaving, or have already left ‘Fox News in droves! 

Being the “pro” that he is he must be unaware that it’s not media projections that elect a president in this country. Nor does the popular vote elect a president in this country. And neither does sunshine, rainbows, wishes, or puppy dog kisses elect a president in this country.  It’s the Electoral College that determines a president in this country and that has not yet occurred, therefore ‘Creepy Joe’ should not yet be considered president-elect.  Chrissy knows this and is just throwing a hissy, because the president has time and time again made him look like the ass that he is.

The ‘NeverTrumpers’ there have now become the face of ‘Fox News’.  Laura Ingraham has referred to ‘Creepy Joe’ as being the president-elect, Hannity shut down Matt Gaetz when condemning Barr for his unwillingness to act in the face of overwhelming evidence of voter fraud and Tucker, while he may honestly report the news, tends to be a bit arrogant.  Fox News is worse than those like CNN and MSDNC because they present themselves as being the peoples’ news source and then do the most damage by calling certain races prematurely, giving the other ‘fake news’ outlets legitimacy.

‘Fox News’ could have played a more supportive role regarding what has become an increasing amount evidence that leaves very little doubt that it was a significant level of blatant election fraud that did take place in this last election, a level that very easily could have altered the outcome of the election.  But instead, they have chosen to betray their millions of viewers by simply poo-pooing all of that evidence.   And in so doing have made themselves appear no different than CNN or MSDNC.  Newsmax, OANN and, for that matter, Epoch Times are far better choices for conservatives.

Make no mistake about it, we no longer have a bona fide ‘news’ media in this country, at least of the type that one imagines a ‘free press.’  What we have today are those who merely pose as being ‘journalists’ but who are, in fact, little more than political activists working for those on the left. Those who are doing all that they can to convince us that 80 million people really did vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ while any notion that massive voter fraud really did occur are nothing more than sour grapes on the part of those who voted for Donald Trump or just a figment of our imagination.  

Nothing any of these people can say is going to alter the fact that there was provable and very widespread voter fraud that took place.  The evidence has simply become too overwhelming to ignore.  And it’s the longer that things go on, that it seems the more evidence comes to light.  Things like the blatant manipulation of voting systems by Dominion, the videos of cheating, the refusal of Smartmatic/Dominion to provide information to the people, the numbers of votes compared to the number of people who could have cast them and on and on.  This election must not be allowed to stand. 

Prissy Chrissy, as well as the rest of the ‘fake news’ media, have convinced themselves of their own narrative, ignoring all data which shows there are many facets of this complex story.  Real journalists report the ALL of the facts, no matter what their personal feelings.  They do NOT interject the hatred they possess for President Trump into every report and interview, and they do not conveniently leave out key facts or skew the facts that remain courtesy of their partisan filters and blinders.  Hatred of President Trump has exposed their lack of fitness for the job.

The traitorous Democrats took advantage of this scam-demic and shoved fake mail-in votes down the throats of the American people.  Software issues remain to be fully exposed, but when you look at the voting irregularities in several key states, the smell of the Democrats is staggering!  And they are going to do it again in the state of Georgia!  After four years of constant attacks on this president, the complicit media and corrupt Democrats may be on the verge of a victory. But it will be short-lived.  Hopefully the Democrat Party will fall under the weight of their own treachery!

Keep in mind here that we will never again have an honestly counted election if we do not fight the electoral fraud we are witnessing in this presidential election. We are at an inflection point in American history. The Democrats have said they will stack the Supreme Court, do away with the Electoral College and open the floodgates for those who wish to come illegally into our country.  It is delusional to not take them at their word.  Future generations will curse us for our laziness and stupidity if we do not fight for our Constitutional Republic now. The fight must be undertaken now.

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